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The 8 Best Games Like Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is the newest entry in the legendary post-apocalyptic world of Bethesda’s Fallout series. This multiplayer RPG is set in the mountains of Appalachia after a nuclear war destroys human civilization as we know it and ushers in a dark era of monstrous creatures and wasteland raiders. While Fallout 76 is still being updated, there are always other games waiting to be played.

If you can’t get enough of the ponderous pace of the Fallout 76 power armor and you’ve already found all the best Scorched locations, you and your wasteland crew can start a big migration to one of these other games with many of the same elements you already enjoy.

8 Games Like Fallout 76

Our list is in no particular order, and each entry incorporates an aspect of Fallout 76 that’ll hopefully scratch your wasteland wanderer’s itch.

Elder Scrolls Online

The popular Elder Scrolls series of games has culminated in Elder Scrolls Online, a MMORPG set in the fantasy realm of Tamriel. Much like Fallout 76, ESO has adapted one of the most beloved settings in gaming history to the huge, clan-based multiplayer format that’s best exemplified by World of Warcraft.

Adapting most of the features that players enjoy out of Elder Scrolls, players are thrust into a world-spanning conflict with the forces of Daedric Lord Molag Bal. Six classes are available for players right off the bat. You can even become a vampire or werewolf later in the game, just like in many of the single-player titles from the same series.

A group of heroes fighting a masked figure in ESO.
(Image: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Crafting, adventuring, and massive dungeons are all still a part of ESO. You can also pick up numerous DLC that will enhance your experience and let you visit the locales of games like Morrowind and Skyrim, along with some never-before-seen places in the world of Tamriel.

When it was first released, the game came with a monthly subscription. But that has been removed since then, improving the reviews of the game by a wide margin.

Dont Starve Together

Beloved by players for its cute and gothic Tim-Burton stylized artwork, Don’t Starve Together is an excellent co-op game if you enjoy the survivalist elements of Fallout 76. You and a group of friends can wander a wide world full of dangerous and interesting monsters, items to harvest, and base parts to craft. As its name would suggest, the game mostly revolves around keeping the forces of hunger and insanity at bay.

Players tending to their farm in Don't Starve Together.
(Image: Klei Entertainment)

You’ll make tools, harvest various kinds of goods, and ultimately take on massive creatures that will approach you over time. Taking down the boss creatures can grant you powerful items that can help you survive through the next season.

The game is best played in a PvE setup, but you can set server rules to make it so its every survivor for themselves. You can pick up Don’t Starve Together on all major consoles and PC.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark was released back in 2017 and has undergone a huge number of changes over the years. This game places you as a washed-up survivor on a mysterious island covered in mythological and ancient creatures like dragons and dinosaurs. You can tame animals, build a base, run a farm, and gradually advance your technology levels as you attempt to escape the island.

Taming creatures in particular is a Pokemon-esque system where you must wound the creatures sufficiently first, then nurse them back to health. They’ll help you with combat, and hauling items, and they can even be used as mounts!

Attempting to spear a dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved.
(Image: Studio Wildcard)

The survival elements of this game are a little tougher than Fallout 76 because of the perma-death system and the persistence of the world you’re trying to survive in. Any time you log out of the game, your character will fall asleep where they stand, leaving you vulnerable to the machinations of other, more devious players that might kidnap you to harvest your blood.

Sons of the Forest

A follow-up to the acclaimed early-access game The Forest, this survival horror entry is an excellent modern take on the crafting and survival genres. You’ll become stranded on an island in search of a lost billionaire, where you’ll encounter vicious cannibals and even worse threats. All while you try to harvest enough food to survive the harsh winters of the forest.

Intimidate the cannibals in Sons of the Forest with the severed head of one of their own.
(Image: Endnight Games LTD)

Up to eight players can work together to try to survive the harsh and terrifying wilds of the island. If you don’t know anyone interested in the masochistic nature of this game, a highly advanced NPC AI system allows various kinds of companions to assist you in your work while remaining purely subservient to you and your commands.

This game is still in early access, so it’s bound to only expand and improve as time goes on!


Rust is an acclaimed game about survival, bargaining, and the darkness that greed can inspire. Like many other survival-centric games, Rust has you washing up on a beach on an apocalyptically-themed island full of various randomly-generated biomes.

With some areas cold and others running very hot, you’ll need to find clothing, harvest wood, stone, and metal, and refine your weapons to survive. Other players are incredibly likely to be very hostile, forcing you to depend on voice chat to negotiate with locals or threaten new players into submission.

If you like PVP, Rust is the best game like Fallout 76 for it.
(Image: Facepunch Studios)

Players form huge clans in Rust in order to protect each other’s items while other players are offline, since this game features a persistent world for as long as each individual server is active.

The setting of Rust has a lot more in common with Fallout 76 than any of the other games on this list, evident in the abandoned and crumbling buildings that litter its massive environment.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you love the feeling of being in an MMO world with a familiar atmosphere, Star Wars fans will love Star Wars: The Old Republic. This free-to-play Star Wars game is all about exploration across the familiar setting of Lucasfilm’s greatest cultural contribution.

You can play as Jedi, Bounty Hunters, or the dreaded Sith as you attempt to bring order, or freedom, to the galaxy. The economy of this game is highly advanced, making life as a trader or smuggler a worthwhile and enjoyable time.

Players of various classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
(Image: Bioware)

Eight completely unique storylines are available for your character to follow, allowing access to sixteen different styles of combat. Characters are highly customizable, letting you live the Star Wars story of your dreams. Every character in the game, even player characters, is fully voice-acted, making the world much more immersive than competing MMO games.

7 Days To Die

If you love fighting ghouls across the irradiated wasteland of Fallout 76, you’ll have a fantastic time with 7 Days To Die. This sandbox FPS game places you in a brutal, shattered world full of the undead. It forms an exciting mix of survival horror, shooting, crafting, and tower-defense genres.

You’ll have, you guessed it, seven days to build the perfect defensible structure for you and your companions. Player characters can level up various attributes, learn new skills, and craft brand-new items.

Scavenge, kill, survive in 7 Days to Die - games like Fallout 76.
(Image: The Fun Pimps)

While the game has a main campaign map you can explore, it’s also accessible as an open-world game where you can wander across five distinct biomes and into many, many unique locations. One of the most notable features of this early-access game is that structures obey a simulation of real gravity, collapsing under their own weight if the base of their structure is sufficiently damaged.

No Man’s Sky

Lastly, we have the beloved modern classic No Man’s Sky. This is a game about exploring a procedurally-generated galaxy that expands infinitely into the depths of virtual space. You begin the game stranded on a planet with no memories. You’ll gradually piece together what happened to you while exploring planets and trading with strange, friendly aliens, and learning their languages.

Compared to the other games on this list, the tone is significantly brighter and less horror-themed. However, some quests in the main storyline still take on a dark, foreboding tone.

If exploring Fallout 76 was your favorite part, this game will satiate you.
(Image: Hello Games)

This game is perhaps the most open of all open-world games. With no loading screens, you can get in your starship and fly right out of the atmosphere of any planet you’re on, and land on any other planet in the same system with no loading whatsoever. The galaxy is boundless and you can explore it all with your allies.

Like Fallout 76, there are many different ways to play, with trading, fighting, and exploration all equally viable ways to enjoy the game.

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