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15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One, Series X and S

In this article, we’re going to rank the best zombie games for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. These games are available on either or both the third generation of Xbox (Xbox One) or the 4th generation of Xbox (Xbox Series X and S). Below, you’ll find some fun, hair-raising games to enjoy solo or with friends!

Best Zombie Games for Xbox, Ranked From Good to Best

Let’s get into our list of the best zombie games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Z!


Strange Brigade 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Strange Brigade
Image Credit: Rebellion Developments
  • Mature content
  • Frequent Violence or Gore
  • Up to 4 players

Putting an Egyptian-mummy twist on the zombie formula, Strange Brigade is up first in our ranking of the best zombie games for Xbox and XBox X|S. In this action-adventure shooter, the year is 1930. The ancient resting place of Seteki the Witch Queen and her Strange Brigade has been disturbed. Up to 2–4 players in co-op mode must fight the queen and her undead brigade through dig sites and pyramids, among other locations.

In addition to the undead queen and her army, there are armor-plated minotaurs, giant scorpions, and other mythological creatures, with traps and puzzles to solve along the way. Yes, it’s zombie-like mummies rather than true zombies, but feedback says there’s very little difference in terms of gameplay.

Great in both single and multi-player, Strange Brigade has gun-based action, problem solving, and good character design, reports tell us. Some found it overall a bit too easy and added that gameplay grew repetitive over time. The character progression is also a bit shallow, we found out.


Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
Image Credit: Wideload Games
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood And Gore, Crude Humor
  • Intense Violence, Language, Suggestive Themes

The next pick in our list of the best zombie games for Xbox turns the tables. In Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, you’re not fighting zombies, you are a zombie. You’re named Stubbs, or while still alive, Edward “Stubbs” Stubblefield. In this third-person action game, the setting is retro-futuristic. Styles of the 1950s blend with hover cars, among other sci-fi aspects. The objective is otherwise simple: your job as Stubbs is to eat brains — the more you eat, the more powerful you become — and build a zombie army all your own. 

The enemy in this case are local humans banded together to stop the zombie threat, which (given the 1950s references) are assumed to be Communist. Whether or not you find Stubbs fun depends on how much you like eating brains, as there’s not much else to do, based on feedback. That said, this classic game now on Xbox is an old school zombie game with a good mix of humor and action.


The Walking Dead 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: The Walking Dead
Image Credit: Telltale Games
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood and Gore
  • Intense Violence, Strong Language

Based on the massive zombie-themed graphic novel series and TV juggernaut, any The Walking Dead video game deserves recognition in a best zombie game ranking. This action/adventure game picks-up pre the Rick Grimes storyline that Walking Dead fans know so well. You’ll play Rick Everett, a convicted criminal. As society falls apart, Everett’s offered a second chance at the outside — unfortunately, the world he returns to is now crawling with the undead. Further obstacles arise as Everett does all he can to protect a young girl named Clementine. 

Fans appreciate that every decision you make has real consequences. The storyline is strong and immersive and you just might cry at the conclusion, based on feedback. Expect instead point-and-click adventure gaming with some quick-time events and choice-driven dialogue. The writing and voice-acting are strong, reports tell us — as tough and gritty as anyone would expect from The Walking Dead franchise. 


Dead Rising 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Dead Rising
Image Credit: Capcom
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood and Gore, Intense Violence
  • Language, Use of Alcohol

Up next on our list of the best zombie games is Dead Rising. In the game, you’ll play Frank West, a freelance photojournalist. While on assignment, West visits a generic suburban town, only to find it overrun by zombies. From there, he takes refuge in the local mall to plan a counteroffensive using only what’s available to him in that setting. Notably, zombies in this universe retain some faint glimmer of who they once were. There’s also a real-time system, meaning time passes even when you’re not playing. 

Some who remember Dead Rising from the XBox 360 call this version a fantastic remaster of a classic game. We like the swarm technology to create the illusion you’re truly surrounded by the undead. What’s more, a lot of the old school charm is preserved. It’s optimized well for HD, and hands down one of the best zombie survival games ever made. It’s just a bit too dated for some, though.


Death Road to Canada 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Death Road to Canada
Image Credit: Rocketcat Games
  • Teen
  • Violence, Blood, Crude Humor
  • Action, Indie, RPG

Sure, it’s a zombie game. Does that mean it can’t also be cute, though? That’s the case in the next zombie game we reviewed, Death Road to Canada. In this randomly generated road trip simulator, you’re on the journey of a lifetime with friends and family. The character creator even lets you customize the characters just how you like them! Only problem is, all paths are blocked by the undead. Fight, dodge, and duck your way through them. Along the way, you’ll collect weapons and gain and practice new skills. Meanwhile, interactive fiction events make gameplay different each time. 

For a zombie game, Death Road to Canada is fun and lighthearted, based on feedback. It’s easy to get into, but in-depth enough to reward prolonged gameplay. The custom character creator is an especially popular feature, we found out — build characters that look like you, your friends, and your family. For up to four players in local co-op, the game is more fun with friends, rather than solo.



15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Dysmantle
Image Credit: 10tons Ltd.
  • Teen
  • Violence, Blood
  • Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Dysmantle picks up just as the main character emerges from his bunker. He finds the island he once called home overrun with zombie-like mutants. Gameplay involves fighting for survival, discovering the true cause of the apocalypse, and finding a way off the island. There are puzzles to solve, skills to perfect, and a wide variety of weapons and tools to collect. Fans call the game fun and addictive, with the primary objectives being obtaining items and experience, upgrading gear and skills, and of course, killing all the fast-moving zombie creatures in sight. 

Some who played the game found it grew repetitive over time. There’s good attention to detail throughout, though, and the game is well-optimized, based on feedback. If you’re expecting a survival game, this leans more toward RPG, and some called it a cookie-clicker disguised as a zombie game, which they didn’t like. There was also a bit too much “grind” for some players. 


Zombie Army 4: Dead War 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Zombie Army 4: Dead War
Image Credit: Rebellion Developments
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood and Gore, Language, Intense Violence
  • Rebellion, Action, Adventure, Shooter

Any one of the Zombie Army games would be a good choice for those who seeks to battle zombies, but we like the Zombie Army 4: Dead War, in particular. At the end of the last game, Hitler seemed banished to hell, but that’s not the case — or so we learn in the fourth installment. The storyline retells the final few days of World War II, but this time, undead Nazis have risen, including Hitler himself in zombie form. In this game, up to four players will collect and upgrade weapons to fight zombies and win the war for the Allies all over again.

Otherwise, this is a great game and an even better game to play with friends, based on feedback. The progression systems and combo-based abilities are also both improved from earlier versions. Given the steep price of the game, some players didn’t like that many weapons are locked behind paywalls, though.



15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Unturned
Image Credit: Smartly Dressed Games
  • Teen
  • Violence, Blood
  • Open-World Survival Sandbox

In Unturned, the next zombie game for XBox and XBox X|S we reviewed, you’re the only one left alive after the zombie apocalypse — or so it seems. In the open-world sandbox game, developed on Linux back in 2017, your job is to simply survive, whether you choose to attack or to hide. The more you explore, the more skills you’ll gain in three main categories: offense, defense, and support. Notably, the undead in this universe have special abilities like invisibility and fire breathing.

With an Xbox subscription, gameplay is available online for up to twenty-four friends, or at home in split-screen mode. Check out arena mode for battle royale encounters. Reports on the game say it’s unique in the overdone zombie genre. The art-style is Minecraft-like — like Minecraft, modifications are available, and updates come regularly, we found out. Overall, it’s become too much like Roblox for some players, based on feedback, though.


World War Z 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: World War Z
Image Credit: Saber Interactive
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Intense Violence
  • 12 Supported Languages

From one of the most well-known zombie franchises across all media, World War Z is up next in our ranking. Based on the popular book and subsequent movie adaption, this co-op third person shooter takes place in a global zombie apocalypse. If graphic zombie battles are what you’re after, World War Z could be your best choice. The ceaseless stream of the undead is rendered with Swarm Engine technology for extra realism. Gameplay takes place in every part of the world, and combat occurs between you and the zombie hordes. You’ll also fight other players. 

In the game, there are powerful weapons to unlock and sixteen character classes to explore. On-line co-op is for up to four players, with online multiplayer up to eight. The skill tree is an especially popular aspect. This version lacks local co-op, though, to the dismay of some players. Those who’ve tried the game call it amazing. You can play it for hours without getting bored, according to some reports. 


Dead Island Definitive Edition 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Dead Island Definitive Edition
Image Credit: Techland
  • Mature 17+
  • Use of Drugs, Strong Language, Intense Violence
  • Use of Alcohol, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes

In Dead Island Definitive Edition, the next game we reviewed, the zombie apocalypse has arrived on Banoi Island, based on a real-life place near Australia. You’ll be one of four players urged to evacuate a hotel resort with the outbreak of a zombie plague. What makes this open world, four player co-op worth it is the vicious melee combat. There’s also a beautiful-but-deserted island paradise to explore, with areas both untouched and developed for tourism. We also like the exciting progression tree, quests to complete, and upgradeable weapons to collect. 

Most importantly, what is the mysterious “voice” from nearby loudspeakers, and from where does it originate?  Could it hold the answer to your survival? This fully remastered version is best played with friends, we found out. Don’t expect too much from the storyline, but there’s a lot to explore and the zombie killing earns high marks all around.


Back 4 Blood 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Back 4 Blood
Image Credit: Turtle Rock Studios
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood, Gore, Drug Reference
  • Strong Language, Intense Violence

Cracking the top five in our list of best zombie games for Xbox One, X Box X|S is Back 4 Blood. The extinction of the whole human race is on the line with a zombie outbreak caused by a parasite. In this four-player co-op game, you’ll choose from one of eight customizable “cleaners,” who are immune to infection. There are weapons to collect and missions to complete. Unlike other zombie games, where killing is the primary objective, a good deal of strategy is required to be successful. We also like how you can go solo, lead a team, or choose PVP instead. 

Fans of the game call it fun and thrilling, with “over-the-top violence.” It’s the perfect game for a zombie fanatic, according to reports. If you’re a fan of the Left 4 Dead franchise from the same creators as Back 4 Blood, you won’t be disappointed. This is an addictive and fun game to “grind” with friends, both online and in person. 



15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: DayZ
Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood, Strong Language, Violence
  • Online Co-op/Multiplayer (2-60)

Looking for a hardcore, massively multi-player zombie game experience? If so, DayZ could be the best Xbox zombie game for you. With survival game mechanics, you start with nothing more than the clothes on your back and a few simple supplies. Set in Russia, you’ll battle, scavenge for weapons and gear, and also explore. With no saves or check points, the stakes are high. and like any good zombie story, there are other survivors to contend with. The game is available for up to sixty players, both online and local, so menace lurks around every corner. 

Zombie or not, this is among the most realistic survival experiences out there, with heart-pounding action, feedback reports. You’ll face elements, starvations, sickness, and animals. We’d feel a bit better if reported bugs were addressed. That said, though, some say they wish they could start fresh with DayZ and experience it for the first time again.


7 Days to Die 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: 7 Days to Die
Image Credit: The Fun Pimps
  • Mature 17+
  • Action & Adventure
  • Blood, Gore, Strong Language, Violence

Closing in on the top spot in our list of best zombie games for Xbox and Xbox X|S, 7 Days to Die is up next in our ranking. There’s a zombie outbreak, and it’s your job to survive. There’s otherwise a little bit of everything in this game: survival, tower defense, and RPG, among other genres. You’ll hunt, scavenge, and fight, both multiplayer and solo. The in-game world is either randomly generated, or instead, pick the preset option — the fictional Navezgane, Arizona. 

Notably, the in-game terrain is voxel-based, we found out, something like Minecraft but smoother. Most importantly, it gives an added level of realism to the physics required to build shelters, among other examples. Fans call 7 Days to Die amazing, commenting on the map generator, setting, and mood. You’ll loot, kill zombies, build bases, and craft in what some call the only true survival-based zombie RPG out there. 


State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition
Image Credit: Undead Labs
  • Mature 17+
  • Blood, Gore, Drug Reference
  • Intense Violence, Strong Language

Second to last in our list is State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. In the open-world survival fantasy game, you’re one of a few survivors after a zombie apocalypse. From there, it’s your job to rebuild society (or at least, the tiny corner you and your fellow survivors maintain). You’ll hunt, scavenge, build, and defend your base. As the area you occupy gets developed, online co-op mode allows you to visit the homebase of other players. Overall, there’s ten hours of narrative to explore, or in siege defense mode, four hours of pure zombie-killing action.

The overall game mechanics are simple and easy to get used to, we found out. Appearance and outfit customization are also popular features. Also notable, you have some freedom in how you’d like to play your character — as a good-hearted leader, for example, or as a devious self-interested tyrant. If you loved State of Decay 1, you’ll definitely love the sequel, according to reports. 


Dying Light 2: Stay Human 

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox: Dying Light 2: Staying Human
Image Credit: Techland
  • Mature 17+
  • Intense Violence, Blood, Gore
  • Suggestive Themes, Strong Language

And finally, top spot in our ranking of the best zombie games for Xbox and Xbox X|S is Dying Light 2: Stay Human. As fans of the first edition of the game will remember, a zombie outbreak threatened the world. With the world still in ruins in a kind of dark age, you play a survivor haunted by trauma. In addition to zombie combat, you’ll decide which side to align with — those in positions of power, or survivors just like you. 

All throughout, the mystery deepens, not just in terms of what happened to you, but also the world itself as it reels from the zombie infestation. Available in both solo play and co-op for 2–4 players, get past the slow start filled with tutorials. Once you do, you’ll find the gameplay is great with much of what you may remember from the first version of the game.

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