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How to Get Stone in Rust: Stone Farming Gathering Guide

Rust is all about survival. If you’re just jumping back in after wipe, it’s a mad scramble to build yourself back up before a more elite player finds you. At this stage, certain choices can have long-term positive or negative consequences — one of the most important of these is if you’ll try to collect stone. But how to get stone in Rust fast? That is the question.

This vital resource not only helps you build a furnace, but it serves as a component for most tool options. Getting it early on can help speed up your progress, fortify your base and equipment, and generally put you on par with more seasoned players. However, actually finding stone and earning a lot of it is easier said than done. Which is why we’ve put together this guide on how to quickly and efficiently collect stone to help get you started on the right foot.

Why is Stone Important in Rust?

Stone serves as the foundation for virtually every component that goes into building a secure base. Whether it’s foundations, walls, or ceilings if you’re able to use stone you ensure that your base is fireproof and generally more secure. This is especially crucial when developing a base for end-game play, and the earlier you’re able to do it, the easier it will be to survive long-term.

How to Get Stone in Rust: Top 6 Ways

There are several methods for finding stone in Rust. Virtually all of them are equally viable and somewhat depend on your current game instance. Depending on your wipe state, some simpler options will be more viable earlier than later. Here are the current methods you can use to get stone in Rust.

1. Search for Loose Stone

If you’re starting with a new spawn, this is your best option. Search along the ground for any stone rocks and try to grab as many as possible. Each rock will provide 50 stones. You’ll want at least a couple hundred in order to craft several stone pickaxes before moving onto mining.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

While these loose stones are generated randomly, you can still narrow down your search to make finding them easier. If you want to be sure that the stones are easy to see, then head down to the beach or other open areas that have little to no barriers to your vision. If you want an area with potential stockpiles of rock or want to get a head start on finding nodes, then head up to the mountains and hills. Other than that, just keep your eyes out and grab any rock you see.

2. Mine Stone Nodes

There’s a reason that this is the second option. While it may provide more rock when you mine it, you won’t gain the maximum amount without the right tools. For example, if you just decide to hit a node with a rock, you’ll only earn 300 stone. To actually make mining worth it, you’ll want to at least have a stone pickaxe. This will give you around 700 pieces of stone.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

However, if you want to get the full 1,000 stone for mining a stone node, you’ll want something a bit beefier. If you can, try to create a metal pickaxe, icepick, or jackhammer (the latter being the fastest tool for mining). In order to maximize your output, be sure to aim for the highlighted section of the node. You’ll hear a particular noise with each successful hit, making it a bit easier to know if you’re nailing your mark.

To increase your chances of finding stone nodes, be sure to explore mountainous regions and cliffsides. Be on the lookout for light grey colored boulders with highlighted points to find them.

3. Recycle Items

To earn stone with this method, you first have to acquire items that you don’t care about. Be sure that you’re checking crates and barrels as you travel and don’t be afraid to grab everything, even if it’s not immediately useful. Then start looking for a Recycler.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

You’ll typically find Recyclers located around different Monuments. Some larger areas, like the Airfield, will have two, while more compact locations like the Small Harbor only have one. Once found, you can input up to six different items to be recycled and stack any number of the same item in a single slot.

This is a great method for both early and late game. If you find a barrier you don’t need at the start of a game, you can easily net 1,500 stone. Or, if you’ve moved on to metal equipment, you can just recycle any old stone items and net the material. Just keep in mind that this method is also inherently risky. You’ll need to be on the lookout for enemies camping out these areas waiting for users like yourself to make a recycle run.

4. Purchase From the Outpost

Similar to earning stone with the Recycler, to make an Outpost trip worth it, you’ll need to collect a lot of material. In this case, you’ll be looking to stock up on wood and scraps. You get 1,500 stone for 50 scrap and 150 stone for 500 wood from the Outpost Vending Machine.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

This will also work in the reverse if you have an excess amount of stone lying around and need more of the other materials. Again, just like the Recycler method, this will be incredibly dangerous to do. You’ll be running around with a large number of materials, making a wipe much more painful and you potentially more of a target.

So, be sure to wait to do this until you’ve stocked up on enough weapons and armor to defend yourself. If you have a group, try to coordinate and travel together and even try to claim a vehicle beforehand. The faster you can get in and out, the more likely you’ll succeed in using the Vending Machine.

5. Run the Excavator

Using the Excavator requires you to be a dominant presence on the map. You’re either on an incredibly long run, you’ve acquired a ridiculous amount of resources, or you’ve simply been rolling over other players you come across. If any of this rings true, take a trip to the Excavator equipped with at least 30 Diesel.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

This alone will net you 100,000+ stone in a little under an hour! You can collect Diesel from the Outpost or as a pickup from any of the Oil Monuments. But once you’ve activated the Excavator, you better be prepared to defend it.

Once it’s running, the Excavator will be incredibly loud and slow in its production. Yes, you get a ridiculous amount of stone, but it comes in hefty batches stretched out over time. People will be aware that it’s active and may immediately head your way to either steal your stone or take you out. So, similar to the Outpost method, it may be best to have a team with you, a mode of transportation, or at least enough firepower to handle any enemies.

6. Claim a Mining Quarry

Mining Quarries were once buildable structures that are now static Monuments that you can come across and try to claim. Just like the Excavator, it’s all about coming prepared with materials and being ready to defend your location. However, this can passively net you almost 10,000 stone in under an hour with more common resources as fuel.

Image: Facepunch Studios via HGG

All you need to do to start running the quarry is fill the blue fuel barrels with 360 low-grade fuel. Then head up to the top of the quarry and activate the control panel. Once it’s activated, be prepared to start defending your location. If you can, try to build some barriers or walls around the Quarry. Or, if you get there early enough and have the right materials, start constructing your base around it. It may make you more of a target, but it also gives you access to consistent material.

What is Stone Used For in Rust?

As we mentioned before, stone is the basis for some of the most important craftable items in Rust. Here is what you can make with stone in-game.

  • Rock
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Spear
  • Wooden Arrow
  • High-Velocity Arrow
  • Handmade Shell
  • Appliances & Furniture
  • Stone Furnace
  • Structures & Building Material
  • High External Stone Wall
  • High External Stone Gate
  • Stone Barricade
  • Sandbag Barricade
  • Concrete Barricade

Just remember that while stone is vital for creating a sturdy base, it’s not strong enough to actually destroy those same barriers and walls. To do that, you’ll need to upgrade to stronger materials. So, be sure that before you start building that you have some explosives handy, or be prepared to wait for things to decay when you make a mistake.


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