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Skyrim: Best Weather Mods for PC

The Elder Scrolls VI may be under development, but it’s still a long way away from being released. That’s why many people are still playing Skyrim to scratch that Elder Scrolls itch. One of the best ways to keep a game alive and kicking is through the use of player-made mods that enhance the vanilla experience. One such type of mod for Skyrim is weather mods. These game-changing add-ons don’t do much to overhaul the entire game, but they do add some nice touches to the game to make it more immersive and beautiful. That’s why in today’s article, we are going to be covering the three best Skyrim weather mods for PC!

Skyrim: Best Weather Mods, Ranked from Good to Best

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get right into the mods!


True Storms

Skyrim Best Weather Mods True Storms
Image: fadingsignal via Nexus Mods
  • Mod Author: fadingsignal
  • Editions: 2012 Skyrim, Special Edition
  • Tags: Lore-Friendly, Immersive, Sound Effects
  • Nexus Link: Here

The first mod on our list is called True Storms, a weather overhaul mod that stays true to the vanilla feel of Skyrim.

The mod provides a, “…complete overhaul of the storm systems in Skyrim,” and it makes the weather effects in the game much more exciting and interesting in a number of different ways.

Many new textures and assets have been added to the game which completely overhauls the look and feel of your game. Rain and snow in particular received a nice upgrade over their vanilla counterparts. These new textures are done with the vanilla game’s art style in mind, keeping everything looking nice and lore-friendly!

The author has also included new types of weather for certain parts of the map, including, “Heavy dust storms, burning ash fall, rain, and harbor fogs.”

To keep things extra immersive, the mod also adds in new sound effects and ambient noises–both inside and outside–which really does a lot for the game.


Cathedral Weathers And Seasons

Cathedral Weathers And Seasons
Image: The Community, DrJacopo via Nexus Mods
  • Mod Author: DrJacopo
  • Editions: 2012 Skyrim, Special Edition
  • Tags: Sky, Lighting, Terrain
  • Nexus Link: Here

Up next, we have the mod Cathedral Weathers And Seasons! This mod does quite a few different things to enhance your graphical experience in Skyrim in addition to improving the game’s weather. This is a pretty popular mod that is included in a lot of mod lists for overhauling your game, and it’s not hard to see why.

So what are these graphical improvements? For one thing, there are brand new sunset textures that make the sky look like a painting at the right time of day. Volumetric lighting has been added for all the weather, which really adds a lot to the atmosphere.

The way fog works in the game have been changed too. From far distances it will blend in with the sky more, making the border of the world look more natural and pleasing to the eye.

One of the best things about this mod is how much customization there is! You can change and tweak nearly everything about the mod, from the saturation, to seasonal colors, to the probability of certain weathers occurring.


Climates of Tamriel

Climates of Tamriel
Image: JJC71 via Nexus Mods
  • Mod Author: JJC71
  • Editions: 2012 Skyrim, Special Edition
  • Tags: Lore-Friendly, Performance Optimization, Companion/Follower Friendly
  • Nexus Link: Here

This last one on our list for the best Skyrim weather mods for PC is none other than Climates of Tamriel! Climates of Tamriel is one of the most popular Skyrim weather mods out there, and it’s one I consider a must-have if you are looking to completely overhaul your game. But just why is this mod so good?

The mod features brand new textures and a complete overhaul of the lighting to bring you a beautiful and immersive experience. Clouds look much more realistic, most notably. There is a variety of overhauled weather types that make adventuring in Skyrim feel better than ever.

In addition to these new features, there are also new audio sounds for both indoors and outdoors. This makes the mod much more immersive, and it really adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game.

Overall, this is a great mod if you are looking to re-re-master Skyrim and add some much appreciated new features to enhance your experience.

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And so concludes our article for the best Skyrim weather mods for PC! What did you think of our list? Did we leave your favorite mod out? Let us know!

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