The Best Arrows in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Ranked

Let them fly straight and true.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has many arrows to choose from if you use a bow build. Today, I will review the various arrow options and rank them based on their damage. Whether you want to craft your arrows or just purchase them from a vendor, our guide will explain how to get all of the ranked arrows!

#1 Dragonbone Arrows

  • Base Damage: 25
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Dragonbone + 1x Firewood ) = 24 Dragonbone arrows

The Dragonbone arrows are ranked #1 because they have the highest base damage out of all the arrows available in Skyrim. They are efficient and will take your enemies down quickly. To craft your Dragonbone arrows, you will have to be Smithing level 100. If you look under your Smithing skill tree accessible from your menu, you will find the Dragon Armor perk needed for crafting your Dragonbone arrows. If your character is level 45 or a higher level, the 3 keepers in the Soul Cairn sometimes carry Dragonbone arrows and you can get them from looting their bodies.

#2 Daedric Arrows

  • Base Damage: 24
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Firewood + 1x Ebony Ingot + 1x Daedra Heart) = 24 Daedric Arrows

Next on our list, we have Daedric arrows. These are the next best arrows in Skyrim because they have the second-highest base damage of all the arrows. These are great to use if you do not have your Dragon Armor crafting perk and will still help get the job done. To craft Daedric arrows you will need to have the Dawnguard DLC. You can either craft or purchase Daedric arrows in the game. Dwarven Centurians can drop these arrows occasionally but crafting the arrows yourself or purchasing them is a much quicker way of acquiring them. The Dremora Black Market merchant has them for sale but you can also purchase them from The Fletcher in Solitude near Castle Dour after you reach Archery Level 30.

#3 Ebony Arrows

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Firewood + 1x Ebony Ingot) = 24 Ebony Arrows

Ebony arrows are next on our list! Ebony arrows are great to use because they do a good amount of damage and can be acquired relatively easily. You can craft them yourself at a forge or purchase them. The Fletcher in Solitude has Ebony arrows for sale, if you are below Level 40 the arrows can still appear for sale from Fletcher. You can also loot these arrows from Draugr Death Lords or Dwarven Centurions sometimes.

#4 Stalhrim Arrows

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Stalhrim Ingot + 1x Firewood) = 24 Stalhrim Arrows

Stalhrim arrows are ranked #4 on our list of best arrows to use in Skyrim! These arrows are a great option for players who have reached Smithing Level 80 and want to use stronger arrows. Stalhrim arrows can be crafted at a blacksmithing forge once you have completed the quest ” A New Source of Stalhrim”. The quest can be picked up from Deor Woodcutter in Skaal Village on the island of Solstheim. You can also occasionally purchase Stalhrim arrows from the blacksmith Glover Mallory in Raven Rock. Solstheim is accessible by boat from the docks of Windhelm or if you have already been there, you can Fast Travel there.

#5 Glass Arrows

  • Base Damage: 18
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Refined Malachite + 1x Firewood) = 24 Glass Arrows

Glass arrows are a good choice for players still leveling up their Smithing and may not have access to other arrows. Glass arrows can do a good amount of damage and are relatively accessible for all players. You will need the Dawnguard DLC and the necessary materials to craft Glass arrows. Blacksmiths sell materials but you can also mine for them yourself and chop your wood. Some blacksmith vendors like Adrienne Avenicci in Whiterun or Eorland Gray-Mane can sell Glass arrows sometimes.

#6 Sunhallowed Eleven Arrows

  • Base Damage: 16
  • Crafting Recipe: N/A

Sunhallowed Elven arrows are another cool option for players to use in Skyrim. These arrows are unique because they apply an additional effect that causes Sunburst damage to nearby targets when you use Auriel’s Bow. Auriel’s Bow is an ancient weapon you can get for completing the quest “Touching the Sky”. Knight Paladin Gelebor can give you Sunhallowed arrows and he can turn regular Elven arrows into Sunhallowed arrows. Gelebor can be found caring for Auriel’s Shrine in Darkfall Cave, located North of Markarth. Sorine Jurard, a merchant inside Fort Dawnguard can sometimes sell Sunhallowed Elven Arrows if you side with the Dawnguard. If you choose to side with the Volkihar Clan you can purchase Sunhallowed arrows from the Castle Volkihar blacksmith, Hestla.

#7 Elven Arrows

  • Base Damage: 16
  • Crafting Recipe: ( 1x Refined Moonstone + 1x Firewood) = 24 Elven Arrows

Elven arrows are another nice choice for players wanting to use good arrows but may not be able to craft the best ones. Elven arrows do the same amount of damage as Sunhallowed Arrows but do not have the additional Sunburst damage. Purchasing or crafting your own Elven arrows is the fastest way to acquire them in Skyrim. I like to purchase mine from vendors like Sorine Jurard or Hestla depending on who you sided with but other vendors in cities may have some available for sale occasionally. You can sometimes find Elven arrows by looting enemies like Dwarven Centurions and Thalmor soldiers.

#8 Dwarven Arrows

  • Base Damage: 14
  • Crafting Recipe: ( 1x Dwarven Metal Ingot + 1x Firewood) = 24 Dwarven arrows

Up next, we have Dwarven arrows. Dwarven arrows are a good choice if you want to make your arrows and your character is at a lower Smithing level. The arrows still do a decent amount of damage and are a good mid-level option for players. Dwarven arrows can be found in Dwarven ruins, purchased from merchants in cities in Skyrim, and, crafted. To craft Dwarven arrows, you will need the Dwarven Smithing Perk which you can unlock at Level 30 Smithing. Crafting your own arrows is also a great way to level up your Smithing so you can unlock better crafting perks.

#9 Nordic Arrows

  • Base Damage: 14
  • Crafting recipe: ( 1x Steel Ingot + 1x Firewood + 1x Quicksilver Ingot) = 24 Nordic arrows

Nordic arrows are another good choice for beginners looking to use a Bow build in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Nordic arrows can be crafted once you unlock the Advanced Armors perk and I prefer crafting them because it helps level up your Smithing skill. You can visit The Fletcher in Solitude if you need to stock up on arrows, they usually have a good amount for sale. Nordic arrows are available for purchase from most merchants across Skyrim.

#10 Orcish Arrows

  • Base Damage: 12
  • Crafting Recipe: (1x Orichalcum Ingot + 1x Firewood) = 24 Orcish arrows

Last on our list, we have Orchish arrows. These arrows are easy to acquire but do more damage than some of the more basic arrows available such as the Ancient Nord arrows and Iron arrows. They are a great option for beginners and those looking to start working on Smithing as well. Orchish arrows can be crafted at a blacksmithing forge or purchased from most blacksmiths and vendors around Skyrim.

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