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Top 7 Best Skyrim House Mods, Ranked

Despite its age, Skyrim is still one of the best games out there. One of the reasons it remains so popular to this day is the abundance of player-made mods that breathe new life into the game. Some of the best Skyrim mods are those involving player homes. Whether they overhaul pre-existing homes or add brand new ones, these mods add new things to the open world and provide you with more ways to roleplay your characters.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over the best Skyrim house mods. We’ll be ranking our picks from worst to best based on location, aesthetic, and overall gameplay experience.

Best Skyrim House Mods, Ranked Worst to Best

Let’s get right into our list of the best house mods in Skyrim.


Winter Cove

Winter Cove House Mod
Image: 1xmiha via HGG
  • Mod Author: 1xmiha
  • File Size: 1.4 MB
  • Link: Nexus

First up on our list of the best Skyrim house mods is “Winter Cover” by 1xmiha. This small, simple player home is found in the area around Southfringe Sanctum. You can acquire it very easily by finding the key just outside the house, right by where the firewood is stored.

The house’s cozy, rustic interior features plenty of gorgeous furniture with full animations. I especially love the lanterns scattered throughout. It features all the crafting stations in the game, and even comes with a secret room for storing armor and gear!

This is a great house mod if you want a little vacation spot away from the civil war in Skyrim. It’s great for roleplaying a rugged mountain Nord, or maybe an outlaw hiding from civilization. It can hold up to three of your followers, as well! Personally, I might have one of my characters retire here after I’ve finished the campaign.


Elysium Estate

Image: thejadeshadow via HGG
  • Mod Author: thejadeshadow
  • File Size: 51 MB
  • Link: Nexus

Next up, we have “Elysium Estate” by thejadeshadow! This is a moderately-sized home located fairly close to Whiterun, making it a good mod to get if you’re just starting a new playthrough.

The architecture for this one is probably my favorite of any player home mod I’ve seen. It fits right in with Skyrim’s countryside, and is heavily decorated with plenty of potted plants, Nordic furniture, and water fountains! It feels very lore-friendly and looks detailed without overdoing it.

Elysium Estate is good if you are playing as a Bosmer elf, as all the foliage goes very well with their lore. It doesn’t really have much of a “theme,” per se, at least not compared to the others. I still recommend this house regardless of your race or build, as it’s very practical to have.


Breezehome Fully Upgradable

Breezehome Fully Upgradable
Image: Sku11M0nkey via HGG
  • Mod Author: Sku11M0nkey
  • File Size: 28.8 MB – 46.8 MB
  • Link: Nexus

This next mod doesn’t add a new player home, but it does update one from the vanilla game. Whiterun’s Breezehome gets completely overhauled with brand-new upgrades you can purchase. It’s a perfect mod if you want something vanilla-friendly that still feels like an upgrade from the base game.

There’s an upgrade available for every room. You can add fully-functioning bookshelves and more places to store your weapons and armor in your living room, an alchemy lab and sharpening stone to your basement, and more! My favorite upgrade is the outdoor garden, which can be filled to the brim with a huge variety of plants.

Since it’s so similar to the base game, there isn’t much room for additional roleplay appeal. It still fits the game’s overall aesthetic, though, so I’m certainly not complaining.


The Asteria Dwemer Airship

The Asteria Dwemer Airship
Image: JohnnyQuest101 via HGG
  • Mod Author: MATTCM919 / JohnnyQuest101
  • File Size: 48.5 MB
  • Link: Nexus

Have you ever wanted to own your very own floating airship? Well, now you can! With the “Asteria Dwemer Airship” mod (originally made by MATTCM919 for Skyrim and ported to Skyrim SE by JohnnyQuest101), you can travel down to the area around Falkreath Hold and acquire this very unique player home.

The ship is beautifully made, and there’s plenty of detail on the model both inside and out. It comes with your very own captain’s quarters, a kitchen and dining room, a deck you can use as a veranda, and so much more!

There’s a lot of roleplay potential with this mod. Maybe you’re a traveling adventurer visiting Skyrim for the first time, or a rogue playing finders-keepers with an amazing new ship. You could even be a pirate using the ship as their home base. The possibilities are endless!


Winterstone Castle

Winterstone Castle
Image: Lazz via HGG
  • Mod Author: Lazz
  • File Size: 65.1 MB
  • Link: Nexus

Up next on our ranking for the best Skyrim house mods, we have “Winterstone Castle.” This creation by mod author Lazz adds a dark and menacing castle to the list of player homes. It’s located near Riverwood, making it a good place to stop by at the start of the game.

The interior is dark and spooky, with dimly-lit rooms and gothic architecture. It comes with a throne room, a library with plenty of crafting stations, and even a crypt! The exterior is still menacing, and just as cool. It sports many lit torches to light the area up at night, as well as pools and several other water features.

If you are planning on starting a dark mage playthrough, be sure to pick up this player home mod first. Its spooky atmosphere perfectly fits a necromancer or any other kind of dark wizard. I would also recommend this mod if your character is a member of the Dark Brotherhood (or any other evil faction, for that matter).


Pineford Creek

Pineford Creek
Image: Stuges via HGG
  • Mod Author: Stuges
  • File Size: 774 KB
  • Link: Nexus

Taking home the silver medal for the best Skyrim home mods, we have the “Pineford Creek” mod by Stuges! This is a lovely nature-themed home found by traveling to the location shown below:

Old Mountain Footpath Map Screenshot
Image: Stuges via HGG

As a nature-themed house mod, there’s plenty of flora found both inside and out. This gives it a natural and overgrown feel, and it’s a nice contrast to the icy wilderness of the rest of Skyrim. The house features many storage spaces and mannequins for all your storage needs, as well as several standing stones and shrines for you to use.

The house is great for elf characters and anyone who wants to roleplay as a beastmaster or similar type of character. Personally, I just really love plants, so I downloaded this mod for my main character anyway.


LC Citadel

LC Citadel
Image: Locaster via HGG
  • Mod Author: Locaster
  • File Size: 460.6 MB
  • Link: Nexus

And now for our final and best Skyrim house mod, we have the “LC Citadel” mod, made by Locaster! This is a very impressive mod that lets you own not only a castle, but an entire citadel! It features its own quests, plenty of NPCs to interact with, and a huge variety of other things to do as you rise through the ranks and become the king or queen of your very own city.

The castle itself features a mirror that allows you to change your appearance, a large basement in the castle for displaying all of your gear, as well as many new NPC merchants for you to trade with. There is honestly so much here it’s hard to describe it all: you should really just download it and check it out for yourself.

This mod is great for those looking to role-play as a powerful commander or a charismatic leader. It’s a great mod to get after you’ve finished the game and are looking for a DLC-like expansion to have fun with.

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Happy gaming!

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