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10 Best Skyrim Quests, Ranked

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an enormous game with no shortage of quests, side missions, and more. It’s hard to do everything in a single playthrough, and you might miss out on interesting parts of the game if you stick to one single path!

This list of the best Skyrim quests will include the best plotlines, interactions, and rewards the game has to offer. Whether you’re looking for your next big adventure or just want to kill some time, consider giving these quests a shot.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Skyrim Quests, Ranked and Detailed

Here are our picks for the ten best Skyrim quests. We’ve got them ranked from good to our favorite overall!



During the “Repentance” quest, you’ll meet a powerful mage named Illia at the scene of a crime. Illia explains that her mother is a powerful mage who wishes to become a Hagraven, and needs a human sacrifice. If you choose to help, you’ll travel with Illia to the top of Darklight Tower to kill her mother.

“Repentance” is one of the best quests to do in Skyrim because it has one of the most unique storylines with interesting dialogue and a great reward. You’ll receive the Staff of Hag’s Wrath as a reward for helping Illia complete the mission. 

To begin this quest, travel to Darklight Tower (located southwest of Riften), and locate Illia.


Rise in the East

The quest “Rise in the East” asks you to investigate why the East Empire Company is having issues maintaining a strong presence in Windhelm. You’ll have to use your sneaking and lockpicking skills to obtain a logbook that contains the answers needed. You’ll then discover that pirates have been hired to disrupt the East Empire Company’s business in Windhelm, and will have to get to the bottom of the disturbance.

The East Empire Company first became part of the Elder Scrolls lore in Morrowind. It’s been controlled by the Empire for centuries and serves as Tamriel’s trading company. This quest is one of the best to do in Skyrim not only because of the lore, but because it contains a fun adventure full of mystery and pirate combat.

To begin this quest, speak to Orthus Endario. They are located in the East Empire Company Office in Windhelm by the docks. 


The Mind of Madness  

Upon accepting this quest, you’ll get teleported to the mind of Pelagius Septimus III. Pelagius was one of the former emperors of Tamriel and the Jarl of Solitude. He was also known as the Mad King.

In this quest, you’ll get to explore the abandoned Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace in Solitude, teleport to the mind of Pelagius, and attend a tea party with him and the Daedric Prince of Madness. You will have to help cure Pelagius’ mind, which is plagued by paranoia and nightmares, to be able to leave it. To do so, players will have to perform a number of interesting tasks to help.

“The Mind of Madness” is one of the best quests because it sends you on a bizarre, exciting adventure. You’ll also receive a Daedric weapon/artifact called the Wabbajack, which has unpredictable effects when used against enemies.

This quest starts by locating Dervenin. You can find him wandering around Solitude, where he’ll ask you to help him locate “his master” once you begin a conversation. 


The House of Horrors

“The House of Horrors” quest takes you on an investigation of a haunted house in Markarth. You’ll have to help a priest from Vigilant of Stendarr, an order that protects mortals from the Daedra and their worshippers. He will ask you to assist him in finding any signs of Daedra in the home.

This is one of the spookiest quests in Skyrim, and it will make you feel trapped in a haunted house — literally! While completing “The House of Horrors,” you’ll meet the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, who’s in charge of creating vampires. You have to follow his instructions in order to continue with the quest. If you choose to listen, you’ll receive a weapon called the Mace of Molag Bal.

“The House of Horrors” quest can be started by traveling to Markarth and speaking to Tyranus, who will ask you to investigate the home with him. 


The Affairs of Hagravens

“The Affairs of Hagravens” is a quest that takes you to Blind Cliff Bastion cave. There, a Hagraven can be found trapped inside a cage. If you choose to free the Hagraven Melka, you’ll hear all about her ordeal and can help her defeat her captor.

“The Affairs of Hagravens” is one of the best quests in Skyrim. You get to converse with Melka, who has some of the most interesting and humorous dialogue in the game. You’ll also earn a staff called The Eye of Melka as a reward for completing the quest.

To start the quest and locate Melka, travel to Blind Cliff Cave. It’s a large dungeon located east of Markarth. 


Ill Met by Moonlight

The quest “Ill Met By Moonlight” takes place in Falkreath, where you’ll find a family mourning the loss of their daughter, who was brutally murdered by a man named Sinding. You can then speak to other members of the town and the culprit himself in Falkreath jail to learn more about what truly happened. You can choose to help him and then side with Hircine, a Daedric prince he angered.

This quest has everything from a Daedric prince to werewolves, making it one of the best quests to do in Skyrim.Players will also receive a reward if they choose to help Hircine and finish the quest.

The “Ill met by Moonlight” quest will begin when you speak to Mathies, the father of the girl that was murdered. He can be found in Falkreath working on Corpselight Farm, and when once you speak to him, the quest will begin.


The Silver Hand Quest 

In “The Silver Hand,” you’ll undergo a ritual and be blessed with the gift of Hircine, turning you into a werewolf. If you complete a “radiant quest” for the Companions in Whiterun, Aela the Huntress will ask you to speak with Skjor at night. A radiant quest is essentially a repeatable quest that you can complete for factions like the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold, and the Companions.

If you have done any quests for the Companions, you will be familiar with some of the key characters in “The Silver Hand.” It’s one of the best quests in Skyrim because you’ll get to turn into a werewolf, receive a promotion in the Companions, and help fight werewolf hunters. 

You can interact with Skjor at the Skyforge, where he will show you into a secret door leading to the Underforge. Skjor will explain that he hopes to make you a part of the Companions and make you stronger.


Laid to Rest

Set in Morthal, the quest “Laid to Rest” follows the story of a house that burned down, killing the wife and daughter of a local man named Hroggar. However, things are not as they seem — there are multiple odd facts players will learn about this tragedy.

During your investigation of the Hroggar’s home, you will come across the ghost of his daughter. She will be able to help you further your investigation. You’ll discover a deeper plot concerning the safety of the people of Morthal and the mystery behind Hroggar’s house fire.

This quest is one of the best for players who like solving mysteries and helping others. Another benefit of completing this quest is being able to purchase land that allows you to build Windstad Manor.

To start this quest, speak to Jarl Idgrod Ravencore in Highmoon Hall about the tragic event. She’ll ask you to investigate.


A Daedra’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a quest with a dog, “A Daedra’s Best Friend” will be a great choice for you. Note that you’ll need to be Level 10 to unlock this quest.

In Falkreath, speak to a guard who will mention a stray dog that has been wandering the surrounding areas of the town. He’ll direct you to a local blacksmith named Lod, who asks you to retrieve the dog for him. Once you locate Barbas the talking dog wandering outside of Falkreath, follow him and help him try to return to his old master. You’ll get to explore a Daedric Shrine, fight vampires, and travel Skyrim.

Now you have a new furry friend as a follower, and you can aid him on his journey. If you’re looking for an unusual follower and questline, “A Daedra’s Best Friend” is one of the best quests for you. 


Blood on the Ice

“Blood on the Ice” is one of the most riveting questlines in Skyrim. You get to play Sherlock Holmes investigating the gruesome murders of several local women in Windhelm.

If you enjoy investigation and solving crimes, this is one of the best quests for you. You’ll be able to search for clues, speak to witnesses, and even question the person conducting the autopsy in the Hall of the Dead in Windhelm.

Start this quest by speaking to the guards at the scene of the crime between the hours of 7pm–7am in Windhelm. You’ll come across a crowd of locals observing the crime scene and a guard. Upon asking them about what happened, the quest will commence. 

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