RDR2 Online Guide: Blood Money Missions and How to Get Capitale

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RDR2 Online Guide: Blood Money Missions and How to Get Capitale

The last major update that RDR2 Online received at the time of this article is the Blood Money DLC. This batch of content introduced players to new types of missions, as well as a brand new currency known as capitale. Both of these things may be a bit confusing to the newer players.

If you are one of those players, then you are in luck. In today’s guide, we are going to be going over how to start the missions introduced with the Blood Money DLC, as well as what the new currency is used for in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

RDR2: Blood Money Missions & Capitale Explained

Without any more interruptions, let’s jump right into this guide.

Blood Money Missions (Crimes)

Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first and most important thing we’d like to cover in this guide is how to start the new Blood Money missions in RDR2.

In order to begin, you’ll first need to travel to the city of Saint Denis. On the map, you should see a yellow icon of a blood drop with a circle surrounding it. Go to this exact spot, and you’ll trigger a cutscene with an NPC named Guido Martelli. He will briefly explain new money-making opportunities for you and mention capitale. Hopefully, you like the sound of the word, because you’ll be hearing it a lot.

Before telling you what you need to do next, first I should explain to you stranger missions, in case you are not already familiar with them. Throughout your map, you will see orange markers with little black icons inside them. If you go to these locations, you can talk with NPCs there who will give you jobs called stranger missions. There are both high-honor NPCs and low-honor NPCs.

In order to start doing Blood Money missions, you will need to head to any one of the low-honor strangers on the map. You can tell which ones are low honor by the icons shown on the map, as they will have map icons of blood drops. Go to the location of one of these NPCs. Then talk to them, navigate to the Crimes tab, and select a mission from the list of crimes available to begin a mission.

There are several different missions available to you, allowing you to do things like rob homesteads and do various other illegal deeds. There are also several multipart missions that have a little story for you to follow. These story missions are pretty enjoyable, and I recommend you play them at least once. Completing any of these missions will reward you with some cash. There is a second mission type besides Crimes that are called Opportunities, but we’ll talk more about them later.

How to Get Capitale in RDR2

Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

As previously mentioned, capitale is the brand-new currency you get in RDR2 with the Blood Money DLC. The primary way to obtain it is by playing through Blood Money missions and looting them off of NPCs. When doing these missions, be sure to loot as many dead enemies as you can in order to get a decent amount of capitale.

Another way to get capitale in RDR2 is by purchasing it with gold. You can buy it from NPCs that operate fences. These are illegal operations that will buy and sell stolen goods, including capitale. You can find one by looking at your map for the icon of a sign with an X crossed on it. Go there and talk to the NPC, and he will have capitale for sale.

What To Do With & Where to Spend Capitale in RDR2

How to Spend Capitale rdr2 blood money
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now it’s onto the most important question… what can you do with capitale and where can you spend it in RDR2? Well, not much. You cannot buy any special cosmetics or unlocks with them.

What you can do is start special missions that are somewhat like heists in GTA Online, but without any prep missions. To begin one of these missions, head back to one of the low-honor NPCs mentioned earlier. When you interact with them, head to the other tab besides Crimes to look at the “Opportunities” missions.

Select the one you want to start, and then choose the difficulty. This will start up the Opportunity mission, which takes longer to complete and pays higher than the other Crime missions you just saw a second ago.

Essentially, all capitale is good for is earning you more cash in RDR2 Online by allowing you to start one of these Opportunity missions. It’s a missed opportunity (no pun intended), but we should be used to Rockstar doing this by now.

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We hope that you found this article explaining Blood Money missions and capitale in RDR2 Online informative!

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