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Best Job Combinations in Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler 2’s job system can help create unique and powerful parties if characters are paired with the right secondary jobs. Between the eight standard jobs and four secret jobs, there are a lot of combinations players can create. However, some characters are much better suited for some jobs over others. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at all the best job combinations for each character in Octopath Traveler 2 and breaking down the ideal strategy for putting them to use.

Best Secondary Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

Let’s get right into our breakdown of the best secondary jobs for each character in Octopath Traveler 2!

Ochette — Thief, Warrior

Octopath Traveler 2 Ochette Warrior Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

First on the list is Octopath Traveler 2’s Hunter, Ochette. As a Hunter, Ochette primarily focuses on dealing physical damage and her best secondary jobs support that role. Thief makes a great secondary job for her because it gives her access to a wide range of damage types, and is great for boosting her speed and weakening enemy defenses. The combination of the Hunter’s Leghold Trap skill and the Thief’s Swift Step skill can help Ochette outspeed the enemy. 

Another solid choice for Ochette’s secondary job is the Warrior. As the other job that focuses on physical damage, the Warrior’s skills naturally compliment the Hunter’s. This secondary job also gives Ochette access to a wide range of damage types. Plus, skills like Abide and Enervating Slash can help support the Hunter’s most powerful skills, like Cleaving Blow.

Castti — Cleric, Merchant

Castti Merchant Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

As a character that plays primarily a support role within the party, Castti’s Apothecary job meshes best with other supporting secondary jobs. Cleric is the best secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 for Castti since it gives her further options for healing allies. The Cleric job lets Castti lean into her elemental damage stats while giving her the range to use light-based skills like Holy Light and Luminescence. Between Concocting potions for buffing allies and casting skills like Heal Wounds and Revive, the Apothecary/Cleric job combination in Octopath Traveler 2 is one of the best for providing support. 

While it doesn’t offer the traditional form of support, giving Castti the Merchant secondary job can also be quite beneficial. The Merchant’s skills Sidestep and Donate BP can help support other allies by allowing them to dodge attacks or filling their BP gauge to unleash powerful attacks of their own. Castti’s role as a supporter usually means she is able to accumulate BP, which can be donated to more offensive-oriented characters.

Temenos — Scholar, Apothecary, Conjurer

Octopath Traveler 2 Temenos Scholar Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

Like Castti, Temenos is ideal in a support role. However, his high elemental damage stat makes him a good candidate for the Scholar job as well. Having Temenos act as an all-around magic user with access to light, fire, ice, and lightning damage makes him quite versatile. He can also offer great support with his healing abilities as a Cleric.

Leaning into the support role, Temenos can make the most of the Apothecary secondary job. While he can’t Concoct potions like Castti, Healing Touch and Replenish Health are great skills to add to the healer’s arsenal. The Support Skills Inspiriting Break and Hale and Hearty can also help keep his SP and HP topped off.

Temenos is also a great candidate for the Conjurer secret job, since it further enhances the Cleric’s support role. Granting buffs to allies when not healing puts Temenos in a solid supporting position. Since the Conjurer’s skills come with a high SP cost, having access to the Cleric’s Inner Strength Support Skill to increase his max SP alongside the Conjurer’s SP Saver allows Temenos to utilize the Conjurer job to its fullest. 

Osvald — Cleric, Arcanist

Osvald Cleric Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

Osvald also has the aptitude to be a powerful Cleric/Scholar hybrid, thanks to his similarly high elemental damage stats. With Osvald’s reliance on elemental magic, having the Cleric’s Inner Strength Support Skill is invaluable for preserving his SP. Adding light damage to his arsenal increases his versatility on offense. Plus, having another party member with access to healing skills is always useful. 

The Arcanist secret job with Osvald’s Scholar job is one of the best job combinations in Octopath Traveler 2. Arcanist is essentially a more robust version of the Cleric. It offers access to both light and dark magic while also granting healing abilities. The Price of Power Support Skill can make Osvald’s magic attacks even more potent. Additionally, Of Equal Might can bring his physical attack stat up to the level of his elemental attack, making him a well-rounded threat on all fronts.

Partitio — Apothecary, Arcanist

Octopath Traveler 2 Partitio Apothecary Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

As Octopath Traveler 2’s Merchant, Paritio is in somewhat of a unique position. He can be a versatile character offering great support alongside flexible offense. This makes Apothecary the best secondary job for him, since it allows him to play into his strengths as a supporter while also having solid offensive options. Having Paritio heal with the Apothecary’s Healing Touch and Replenish Health skills pairs nicely with the Merchant’s Donate BP skill. This allows him to keep allies’ HP and BP meters topped off.

Paritio is also a great choice for the Arcanist class. Aside from providing more offensive and healing options, the Arcanist can help the rest of the party make use of some of the Merchant’s best skills. Using the Arcanist’s Seal of Diffusion skill allows Partitio to grant all allies the effects of his Rest and Sidestep skills. This combo can really help keep your entire party alive for longer.

Agnea — Cleric, Hunter, Inventor

Agnea Cleric Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

The Dancer Agnea has a hard time standing out on her own, but can really shine in the party with the right secondary job. Given her support-oriented nature as a Dancer, Cleric makes a great secondary job for her. This combination lets her buff allies with the Dancer skills Lion Dance and Peacock Strut while also offering the healing capabilities of the Cleric. Together, these jobs put her in a versatile support role.

Agnea’s Dance Session talent helps her get more out of the NPCs she has Allured. This ability allows the Allured character to perform an additional skill when Agnea uses one of her dance skills. Depending on which skills the Allured NPC has, this makes Agnea well suited for the Hunter class, since many of its skills mesh well with Dance Session. While Agnea isn’t usually the best physical attacker, combining Dance Session with the Hunter’s skills Cleaving Blow and Take Aim can quickly stack buffs for the party.

Agnea is also a great candidate for the Inventor secret job due to her surprisingly high physical attack stat. The Inventor job further boosts her offensive capabilities and gives her access to a wider range of damage types than the Dancer job affords her. Many of the skills the Inventor offers also fit in with her role as support character. Tin Horn, Critical Scope, and Springy Boots all offer useful buffs to allies and pair nicely with her Dancer skills.

Throné — Dancer, Hunter

Octopath Traveler 2 Throne Dancer Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

The Thief Throné offers one of the best job combinations in Octopath Traveler 2 when given the secondary job of Dancer. As a character already proficient in daggers, having access to the Dancer’s Dagger Dance skill is a natural fit for her. Her Support Skills as a Thief, like Armor Corrosive and Shackle Foe can debuff enemies, while Dancer skills can buff allies. Debuffing foes and then using skills like Lion Dance and Peacock Strut can help get the most out of your party’s offensive potential.

Throné can inflict even more debuffs on enemies with the Hunter secondary job. The Hunter skill Abating Orb nullifies one foe’s positive augmenting effects, which can be replaced with a negative one using one of the Thief’s debuff skills. The Thief Support Skill Ensnare can also be helpful in this build since it has the chance to inflict a debuff on an enemy whenever the equipped character takes damage.

Hikari — Hunter, Thief, Armsmaster

Hikari Armsmaster Secondary Job
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Drew Swanson

Hikari excels as the primary physical attacker of your party, and makes best use of secondary jobs that support this role. As such, the Hunter is a great choice for Hikari’s secondary job, since it gives him access to the additional weapons of axes and bows his Warrior job can’t normally use. The Hunter’s Take Aim skill is also useful for a physical attacker like Hikari, as it helps boost his accuracy and critical hit chance. Additionally, he can gain buffs while dealing solid damage with the Cleaving Bow skill the Hunter affords.

As a master swordsman with high physical attack, Hikari can also make great use of the Thief secondary job. He can reach some crazy damage levels with the Thief’s Surprise Attack skill if he acts first during a turn. Additionally, equipping him with the Ensnare Support Skill pairs well when using the Warrior’s Incite skill to force enemies to target him. Doing so will cause the enemy to debuff themselves while being locked into attacking Hikari.

Hikari is also the ideal character for the Armsmaster secret job. This secondary job gives the character access to all weapon types, which is perfect for a physical attacker like Hikari. In addition to its wide coverage options, the Armsmaster offers a focus on maximizing offensive power with its Support Skills. The downside to this secondary job is the requirement to find all rusted weapons necessary to unlock every skill. While it may be a bit of an investment, it’s well worth it to make Hikari one of the most powerful offensive threats in Octopath Traveler 2.

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