Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gardening Guide: Plants and Locations

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor expanded on its first game in nearly every way. From the enemy variety to the perks you could unlock, from the size of the planets you explore to the ways you can interact with the world, nearly everything has been improved in some way. Even collecting plants is now more meaningful.

This is because you now have access to your very own personal garden! From this garden, you can plant various different seeds you’ve gathered on your journey. But just how do you use this garden? Can you expand it? And what are the best seeds to plant? We’ll be answering that and more in this guide.

Gardening Guide

Let’s kick off this article with our gardening guide. In this section, we will be giving you a basic rundown of how gardening works. And we will explain what you need to do to expand your garden to fit more plants and seeds.

Garden Overview

Garden Overview message screen in Jedi Survivor
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The garden can be found on the roof of Pyloon’s Saloon. Greez has established a basic rooftop garden, but he has been neglecting it. Now it’s your job to take over for him and turn it into a green oasis. To get there, simply head up the stairs and to the room with the giant fish tank. From there, continue heading up the stairs and you will soon reach the roof of the building, where the garden is.

Upon first visiting the garden, you will find a place that is completely devoid of life. There will be several patches of dirt for you to plant your seeds, but only one will be available to use. The rest will have been completely overgrown with vines and weeds, rendering them useless. Don’t be disempowered by this sight. Pretty soon you’ll have a thriving oasis of greenery!

Plants Overview

Your seed collection message screen in Jedi Survivor
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

When it comes to what plants you can put in the dirt, there are ten of them in total. The plants that you can use in your garden are as follows:

  • Bluebell Squish
  • Cactus Ball
  • Crimson Jelly Spire
  • Fire Pineapple
  • Goldenlight Moss
  • Koboh Spiker
  • Palm Fruit Shell
  • Pine Fern
  • Spine Fluff
  • Tuber Maw

Each one of the plants can come in several different colors as well. There are a total of five different colors that are available for each and every plant. They are as follows:

  • Nabooian Green
  • Felucian Yellow
  • Alderanian Blue
  • Dathomirian Red
  • Rare/Purple

In Jedi: Fallen Order, you would need to find the plant out in the wild, already growing, and dig it up to plant it in your ship later. This time it’s a little bit different. You will need to grow the plant from scratch using seeds you have found on Koboh. Throughout the map, there will be trees/bushes that have green particle effects floating off of them. You can slice them with your lightsaber and they will give you one seed that you can plant in your garden later.

How to Unlock & Expand

Phil the Gardener in Jedi Survivor
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The garden will be available to you right from the start of the game. As long as you have seeds available, you will be able to plant them in one free space. But to expand the garden and unlock the other places to plant your seeds, there are two things that you will need to do. The first is to find a gardener to tend to your plants and trim away the weeds.

You can find a gardener named Pili Walde on Jedha. You will most likely encounter her naturally simply by playing through the story. The second time you visit the planet, you will be tasked with hiking through the Blustery Mesa to reach an old temple. She will be found in this region. You can watch a video guide made by YouTuber LunarGaming Guides by clicking on the link posted here.

After you have found and recruited her, she will head back to Pyloon’s Saloon. Once she is there, you will now be able to expand the garden by finding and planting new seeds in your plots. Every time you plant a new seed, a new garden plot will open up to you. So make sure you get out there and find lots and lots of seeds. You are going to need them to get the most out of your garden. But once you find them, how do you plant them…?

How to Plant Seeds

Easy! All you need to do is approach one of the garden plots that you have unlocked and press the button prompt displayed on the screen. This will open up the menu that allows you to plant your seeds. From here, you can view all of the different seeds that you currently have. Plants are divided into different categories based on size. Choose one of the plants that you like and want to plant.

Planting spine fluff in Jedi Survivor
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

From there, you can change the color of your plant if you happen to have the right seed. Follow the button prompts on the screen to select from the available colors. Once you’ve chosen the plant and which color you want, then you can continue to the next step. Selecting your plant will cause the camera will pan to an overhead view of the garden plot. From here, you can move the plant around the garden.

Now just move the plant to a spot that you want, and you can follow the button shown on the screen to plant it. Make sure to be careful with where you place your plants. Some of them take up quite a bit of space. It’s a good idea to plan ahead before placing down any of your seeds. After you have placed down your plant, give it some time to grow. Now, go complete a mission or explore a bit. By the time you come back, your plant should be fully grown!

Cool-Looking Plants, Ranked Good to Best + Their Locations

Now it’s time for us to discuss what some of the BEST plants in Jedi Survivor are, and where you can find them. I’ll be giving you a ranking of some of my personal favorite plants, and I’ll be sharing with you where you can find each one in-game. Be sure to take notes, there’s quite a bit to go over.

#7 Pine Fern

Pine Ferns are another small plant that will only take up a measly 3 spaces in your garden plot. They are an arid-climate plant that has a dry appearance to it. It’s definitely not the flashiest or most vibrant plant available in the game, but it is a really great species for you to plant toward the front of your garden plots. They are a good way to complement your large plants, which should be behind them.

You can find this plant by going to Hunter’s Quarry. There is a large area of space and the seed can be found somewhere around the middle of the big clearing. The plant which drops the seed is located to the left of a dirt path that you can take from Rambler’s Reach outpost.

#6 Cactus Ball

Cactus Balls are a short and small plant with a circular shape to it. The Cactus Ball reminds me of succulent plants a little bit, except this one is bigger. It is a plant that you would expect to find on arid, desert planets that feature little to no rain. It’s a great plant to use if you want one of your plots to have a desert/tropical theme to it. The plant is small in size, only taking up three spaces in a plot.

You can find one of these Cactus Ball plants very easily by going to the Derelict Dam medication Point. After you fast-travel to this spot, you will need to head to your right. There is a cliff with some vines that you can climb down to get to the plant. Look for the one that is emitting green particles and destroy it. This will deposit one Cactus Ball seed into your inventory.

#5 Tuber Maw

Tuber Maws are a desert plant that appears to be a small, colorful cactus with what looks like vines growing out of the side of it, with a series of petals branching out of the top of the plant. It takes up a total of 3 spaces in your garden, making it a relatively small plant. It’s a great thing to plant in front of Fire Pineappls, as the two plants look like they go very well together.

You can find a seed for one in the region of Southern Reach on Koboh. To head to this location, first fast travel to the Riverbed Watch area. After you spawn in, you will want to look for a barn with a silo next to it. If you go to the silo you should find the seed right next to it.

#4 Koboh Spiker

A Koboh Spiker is a plant that is moderate in height, with a big fleshy bulb on top of a series of what looks like roots and vines growing out underneath it to the ground. This big bulb is brightly colored and comes in a huge variety of different variations. The plant takes up three spaces in your garden. Since it’s a bit taller than some of the other small plants, I recommend you don’t plant this in the front row.

As for its location, you can find it by fast traveling to the meditation point in Summit Ridge. You should see an orange balloon floating in the sky near the place where you spawned. A Koboh Spiker seed can be found in the area you go to after taking the orange balloon.

#3 Palm Fruit Shell

Palm Fruit Shells is a really weird, alien-looking plant that reminds me of something from the Avatar movies. They have giant white bodies with strange wart-looking parts coming out of them. Atop the body are a bunch of green leaves branching off from the top. The plant is not that big, only taking up 3 spaces in the garden plot.

To find a seed for this plant very easily, you can go to an area of the planet Koboh that is called the Untamed Downs. The seed is located in a shaded area underneath one of the area’s many cliffs. You can get to the spot by walking up the sloped area and heading to the edge of a short cliff. The seed is located among the underbrush.

#2 Bluebell Squish

Bluebell Squish is a very unique-looking plant that has an oval appearance for its body, with a cute flower growing out the top of it. The body has a fuzzy texture to it. The plant does not look too odd or alien-like compared to most of the other plants in the game. Some people may not like this, but I actually prefer the plants that look a bit more grounded and like something you’d find on Earth. This plant is very small, and only takes up one slot of space in your garden plot.

Players will be able to find a Bluebell Squish seed very easily. One can be found literally right next to the stable that holds the Nekkos. This stable is located very close to Plyoon’s Saloon, a short walk in front of the landing space where the Mantis is always parked on Koboh. Go around the back of the stable and look for the plant with green particle effects on it. Chop it down and you’ll have gotten the seed!

#1 Fire Pineapple

Fire Pineapples are spiky plants that look like they were pulled from a tropical jungle. They are a pretty big plants that will take up a total of seven spaces in your garden. It is a tall plant that I recommend you plant towards the back of your garden, with some smaller plants taking up space in front of it.

You can find a Fire Pineapple seed pretty easily by fast traveling to the meditation point that is located in Derelict Dam. After you arrive here, you will want to go forwards from the meditation point and to the Bedlam Raider that is carrying a giant hammer. Near him, you will find a small raggedy bush that you can slice up with your lightsaber to collect one Fire Pineapple seed.

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