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How to Triple Portal in Splitgate

Splitgate may only be a month into its first official season, but there are already plenty of high-level tricks you should be using to up your game. Keeping track of your portals, learning the map layouts, and switching weapons regularly make up the basics. However, the most advanced and complex method currently in Splitgate is Triple Portaling.

That sounds a little daunting right? Well, it’s actually much easier to implement than it may sound, and it’s well worth perfecting. Here’s everything you need to know about Splitgate Triple Portaling.

What is Triple Portaling?

Triple Portaling is exactly what it sounds like — setting up three different portals at once to move quickly across the map. The setup is somewhat simple and requires you to place two portals and stand inside just enough so that you’re present on both sides. Look for another spot on either side and fire a new portal. Step back through and you’re now in a new location. 

Why is Triple Portaling So Useful?

Triple Portaling is basically quick-fire teleportation. When done successfully, it can make it easier to move across the map, scope out a new area, and even evade or get the jump on the enemy team. The difficult thing about getting the most from this technique is that you have to learn to do it fast and efficiently. 

If you’re standing around trying to land portals, you leave yourself wide open to attacks. If you shoot the wrong portal, you may end up pushing yourself out of the portal or end up in a location you didn’t plan on. It’s truly a technique based on risk and reward, especially early on when you’re first trying to learn how to execute it. That’s why you need to start with the basics.

How to Triple Portal in Splitgate: 5 Steps

For new players, let’s start with how to create your portals. Console players using a standard controller will use the left and right bumpers, while PC/keyboard users will press Q (purple) and E (orange). The reason we’re starting here is that keeping track of which button shoots which portal will be vital if you start chaining Triple Portals.

1. Create a Portal at Ground Level

Step 1 Create a Portal at Ground Level
Image Credit: 1047 Games via HGG

Now, to kick things off, it’s time to create your first portal. The key to making sure this works is to place the portal at ground level so that it’s accessible. You want to be sure that you can walk through the portal without having to jump or hurdle in any way.

2. Place Your Second Portal

Step 2 Place Your Second Portal
Image Credit: 1047 Games via HGG

Now, place your second portal wherever you would like to scope out the map. There’s no real requirement here like the first one. However, it may be wise to place it up higher or in an area that can help you scope out corners or look past barriers.

3. Stand in the Middle of the Portal

Step 3 Stand in the Middle of the Portal
Image Credit: 1047 Games via HGG

Once you have your portals in place, walk halfway inside. You’ll know that you’re in the right place when the portal color switches. Once this happens, stop and don’t move forward or backward.

4. Place Your Third Portal

Step 4 Place Your Third Portal
Image Credit: 1047 Games via HGG

Without stepping out of the portal, begin to look around for where you want to place your next portal. Once you have a spot, create a portal that is the same color as your first one. If you accidentally replace the second portal, you’ll lose your access point and have to restart.

5. Step Back and Scope Out Your Next Portal

Step 5 Step Back and Scope Out Your Next Portal
Image Credit: 1047 Games via HGG

To finish the Triple Portal, step back inside your portal until the color changes. You’ve now effectively created a Triple Portal! At this point, you can decide to either walk through or scope out another spot to place a new portal and maintain the chain.

Tips for Consistent Triple Portaling

You now know everything you need to create a Triple Portal. While the execution is pretty basic, getting it right every time — especially in a firefight — is another story. So here are a few tips to make sure you land the Triple Portal every time.

Track Your Portals

This is a good practice for basic portal creation, but you need to keep track of your portal colors. Create the wrong one, and suddenly your whole chain falls apart and leaves you wide open. 

Don’t Rush

Yes, this technique is designed to help you move around quickly. Unfortunately, if you move too quickly, you’ll just end up on the other side of your portal. So, try to work on quick movements leading into your portal and then slow down when trying to hit the middle.

Keep Your Portals Accessible

It may be tempting to place portals anywhere, but you need to keep at least your first portal accessible. So, be sure that you’re placing some portals in areas that are at or close to ground level.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, take the time to practice this technique. Workshop it in less competitive modes and even spend time alone or with your squad in the practice mode. Whatever works best for you, just take the time to practice it until it’s second nature.

Become a High Grounder

Triple Portaling is just the first high-level Splitgate technique and it’s sure to take a while before most players start using it. Be sure to share this article on your favorite social channels to help your squad get ahead of the competition. For the latest on Splitgate, sign up for our newsletter for regular updates. 

Happy gaming!


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