Splitgate Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

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Splitgate Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

Splitgate has finally emerged as a full-fledged shooter after years in pre-release. It now has its first showcase of seasonal content which will likely become a mainstay in the increasingly popular Halo meets Portal FPS. However, with the game being so young, it’s hard to say what’s to come next after “Season 0.” That’s why we’ve put together everything we know so far about what’s coming in Splitgate Season 1. 

Splitgate Season 0 Recap

Before we dive into the specifics of the next season, let’s take a look at how Season 0 has reshaped Splitgate so far. Season 0 launched on August 25, 2021, and is still ongoing. It included one new map with Karman Station, which is a reimagining of the Outpost layout from the original Alpha. 

Splitgate Season 0
Image: 1047 Games

While Splitgate Version 1.0 had a barebones battle pass, Season 0 introduces a paid system for the first time. The limited leveling and so-so free items have now been replaced by a 100 Tier system that includes weapon and armor skins, in-game currency, resources, XP boosts, and various other collectibles. It costs 900 Splitcoins which can be purchased in bundles of 1,000 for $10.

This season also revealed two new game modes — Contamination and Casual Team Rumble. Contamination is your standard Humans vs. Zombies mode, which has you facing off against the undead with Shotguns until time runs out. If you die, you’ll come back as a Contaminated player aiming to infect all the humans. Casual Team Rumble is sort of like Halo’s Action Sack, which combines a bunch of crazier game modes into a playlist.

Lastly, this update came with a bunch of initial updates, including some quality of life changes:

  • Aim Assist Slider — Ability to scale up or down the amount of aim assist.
  • Overtime — King of the Hill, VIP, and Oddball now have Overtime.
  • Doing all Daily Challenges gives a drop.
  • Custom Games Browser — added searching and filtering.
  • You can now shoot portals through the bodies of allies.
  • Killcam is enabled in all modes.
  • Team switching — custom games option for switching teams during the match.

When Does Season 1 of Splitgate Start?

Season 0 has been running for just under a month now, but of course, we’re all looking ahead to what Season 1 will bring. Unfortunately, there is no official release date announced for the next season at this time. Based on the seasonal timelines for other live service games like Destiny 2 and Fortnite, it may be safe to assume that Splitgate’s seasons will run for 3–4 months. So, we’re likely looking at a seasonal update in November or December.

Keep in mind, Season 0 is the first official season for Splitgate. It’s a smaller team working on the game and based on patch notes and the initial announcement, this is almost serving as a suped-up Beta. Don’t be surprised if there’s a bit more time between Season 0 and Season 1 as they continue to refine the game and get their roadmap on track.

Splitgate Map Updates for Season 1

Since Season 0 included a reimagined version of the Outpost map with Karman Station, there’s a good chance they’ll continue this map revision trend throughout the next few seasons. It’s hard to say what maps they may pull from earlier game builds but it seems like the 1047 dev team is focused on improvements over nostalgia. 

That may mean they decide to revise maps currently available, like Highwind, to make the navigation a bit less convoluted. Or maybe they’ll surprise us and add a fully new map into the queue. Right now there’s no official announcement, but we’ll likely see at least one new or revised map.

Splitgate Gamemodes in Season 1

Season 0 came with a variety of new gamemodes that were mainly party-based. However, there’s a good chance that we could see more eSports-friendly gamemodes released in the next season. This idea mainly stems from the additional round of funding that 1047 Games just acquired accompanied by statements from the devs saying they hope to be the next Riot Games.

Splitgate eSports Ambitions
Image: 1047 Games

There is definitely an interest to crack into the eSports market and Splitgate is already closer than most early games to do it successfully. Don’t be surprised if we see more team-based objective or limited kill modes next season. Additionally, there may be a Forge Mode sometime soon, at least before Halo Infinite, but that may be past the release of Season 1.

Splitgate Season 1 Battle Pass

No news on what exactly will be included in the Season 1 Battle Pass at this time. More than likely you can expect similar rewards, with some light adjustments and maybe a Tier expansion if players max out too quickly. It likely won’t happen in Season 1, but more than likely we’ll see a more unique theme for Battle Pass rewards at some point.

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While we don’t know everything about Splitgate Season 1 just yet, we’ll continue to update this guide as new information is released. Be sure to share this article on your favorite social platforms to help your squad prepare for the upcoming season. For the latest on Splitgate and what’s to come in Season 1, sign up for our newsletter for regular updates. 

Happy gaming!


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