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Best Splitgate Settings for Season 0 (PC and Controller)

Since Splitgate is a shooter and every shred of performance counts in PvP, you want to make sure your settings are dialed in 100%. From visual graphics to sensitivity, we’ll go over all the best Splitgate settings available to you and give some insight on them. Keep in mind that everyone has their own personal preferences (and gaming computer specs if you’re playing on PC), so we always recommend experimenting a bit to find what works best for you. That said, we aim to give you a head start to help you compete in this new and exciting arena shooter from 1047 Games.

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Splitgate Minimum System Requirements

Splitgate only lists its minimum requirements on Steam, so we’ll use that here. It’s not at all a difficult game to run. Pretty much any gaming PC made within the last six or seven years should be able to run this game. Some even older ones might even be able to.

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Processor: Any dual core CPU
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15GB (as of September 2021)

Splitgate Best Video Settings

Splitgate Video Settings
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Brett Moss

🖥️ Display Mode: Fullscreen, Borderless Windowed, or Windowed

You can choose between fullscreen or borderless here, but definitely not windowed. If you only have one monitor and don’t plan on tabbing out a lot, then fullscreen is your best bet. If you have multiple monitors and/or plan on tabbing out, then borderless is great. 

🖥️ Resolution

This depends entirely on your monitor, but the average person will be using 1920×1080. Depending on your graphics card, you may want to opt for using a 1080p resolution, even if your monitor is capable of 1440p+, just to make sure you’re not sacrificing frame rate and performance.

🖥️ Resolution Scale

This really depends on two things: your monitor and how good your PC is. You don’t want to try boosting your resolution scale up a ton if your monitor and PC can’t handle it. This is another setting that is hard to make a recommendation for without knowing your setup, so I’d suggest playing around with it to figure out what’s best for you.

🖥️ FOV (Field of View)

The larger your field of view, the smaller things on screen become. If you want to be able to see more while losing some of your focus, then I’d recommend a FOV somewhere around 105. If you prefer a tighter FOV while still being able to see what’s going on, I’d go with around 90. 

🖥️ Frame Rate Limit

This also depends on your monitor. I’d recommend you find out what your monitor’s refresh rate is and base your frame rate limit on that. 

🖥️ VSync

Always off. VSync essentially attempts to synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate with the frame rate your game is running at, which sounds like a good idea. But the problem is that it often causes your game to lag. In some cases VSync is useful (mostly in single player, non-FPS games), but I say just always leave it off.

Splitgate Graphics Quality Settings

Splitgate Graphics Quality Settings
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Brett Moss

🖥️ View Distance

As high as your PC can handle. View distance is essential for being able to see enemies from far away, so when you’re using a sniper or carbine, you’ll definitely benefit from this. Having your view distance at the max setting can potentially cause performance issues, but ultimately it’s worth it. At least put this on the second highest setting if you can’t handle the highest.

🖥️ Post Process

You’ll want this turned down low — there’s no reason to waste performance on this. Post processing improves the quality of images, graphics, and 3D models, which is unnecessary in terms of doing well in-game. Any time a setting’s only purpose is improving the appearance of a game, it isn’t worth having on if your goal is winning. Sure, it looks nice, but it’ll make you perform worse more often than it will help you.

🖥️ Shadows

Always keep shadows low in shooter games. They’re unnecessary and do nothing other than lower your performance. Shadows should only be up high if you’re playing single player games where it enhances the experience.

🖥️ Textures

Again, you want these low as well. Having good textures isn’t necessary for doing well, so there’s no need to have them on high.

🖥️ Effects

Low. “Effects” makes up most of the least essential elements of the game — things like blood splatter and fire effects. You don’t need to see every smoke and fire particle every time you shoot a rocket launcher. Having them on low will do nothing but help your performance.

🖥️ Anti-Aliasing

Low. Anti-aliasing is what makes images and models in games appear smooth and realistic, which we don’t really need in competitive shooters. Having this turned down low won’t make your game look “blocky,” it’ll just make it a little less smooth.

🖥️ Portal Quality

I recommend low here. I won’t lie to you, I’ve tried this setting on each level and I haven’t been able to tell much of a difference regardless. So since it doesn’t really seem to matter, turn it down all the way.

🖥️ Portal Frame Rate

Medium or higher. When it comes to frame rates you don’t want to sacrifice much if you don’t have to.

Splitgate Mouse and Keyboard Settings

Splitgate Mouse & Keyboard Settings
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Brett Moss

🖱️ Horizontal Sensitivity

3–6. There is a lower sensitivity is better trend among professional players of FPS titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and CS:GO. You’ll find a lot of pros going with lower in-game sensitivity and a DPI range of around 400–1600 DPI. Ultimately, this setting still comes down to personal preference and I like mine around 10. It’s a little fast, but its what works for me.

🖱️ Vertical Sensitivity

3–6. Vertical sensitivity is also a personal preference, but I’ve found success with having this lower than my horizontal sensitivity. In shooter games, you’ll usually find yourself moving your sights vertically in less drastic ways and this is one way I compensate so I can both react quickly to action horizontally without sacrificing all of my aiming precision.

🖱️ Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier

This multiplier affects your sensitivity when zoomed in. If you want your scoped in movement to feel the same as everything else, set this to 1. If you want it to be faster, put it above 1; if you want it slower, put it below 1. Personally I put mine at 1 so it all feels the same.

🖱️ Invert Look

It probably goes without saying, but most people prefer standard look controls. Some players have picked up the habit of using inverted controls from flight sims like Microsoft Flight Simulator, but if you’re not in that camp, don’t flip this on unless you love an extra challenge.

🖱️ Mouse Smoothing

Off. It’s unnecessary. Mouse smoothing tries to make your mouse movements “smoother,” but it just doesn’t do anything most of the time. Unless you have a really bad mouse that doesn’t perform smooth movement already, you don’t need this. And if you do need it, you should probably just get a new mouse.

⌨️ Autosprint

I leave this off, but it’s ultimately up to you. Some players do not want to be worried about stopping your sprint at the right time and having it on auto can be an annoyance. Other players feel its a natural fit for the fast paced nature of Splitgate, and there’s little downside since you can switch from sprinting to shooting instantly.

⌨️ Toggle Crouch

Off. Turning on this setting lets you push your crouch button once and then you’ll stayed crouched versus off where you have to hold the button down to stay crouched. Most players leave this off, but think about your playstyle and whether it makes sense for you.

⌨️ Toggle Sprint

Off. Same idea but this time for sprinting — if you like toggling, leave it on. I personally think toggle sprint is a bad idea because you have to focus on when to stop it instead of just naturally doing so. It feels a bit more intuitive for crouch or zoom, but we imagine nearly all players leave this setting off.

⌨️ Toggle Zoom

Playstyle dependent. I leave this off but if you want it on, I respect that. If you plan on doing a lot of sniping or you primarily use ranged weapons, it might be a good idea to have it on. But in more fast-paced situations like close-range SMG or Assault Rifle fights, you definitely don’t want it.

Splitgate Best Controller Settings


Splitgate Controller Settings 1
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Kody Wirth


Splitgate Controller Settings 2
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Kody Wirth

🎮 Invert look

Off. Obviously, you don’t want this on unless you’ve got some sort of bet going on with your friends that you can get more skills inverted than they can. Some gamers have picked up a habit of inverted look through playing games like flight sims and there are a select few who’s brains just work better that way.

🎮 Autosprint

Off. This is a little harder to control on a controller than with a keyboard and even so, we recommend Off for autosprint on PC too. Worrying about when to toggle sprint off and come to a stop at the right moment can lead to a lot of timing issues. This timing can be mastered however, and if your playstyle calls for a lot of sprinting, you may want to experiment with turning this setting on.

🎮 Vibration

On. Not only does this make your game more immersive, its a helpful feedback cue that isn’t visual–meaning it won’t clutter up your UI with another notification.

🎮 Horizontal Sensitivity

6. Not too fast, not too slow. This is a great middle ground setting that’ll work for both close range weapons and sniper rifles. If you deviate from putting this at 6, we recommend a lower rather than higher number. Looking to eSports FPS pros, you’ll see the majority using lower sensitivities for a reason–precision is everything especially at greater distances.

🎮 Vertical Sensitivity

6. Most gamers opt not to complicate things and match this to their horizontal sensitivity. As we mentioned in the PC settings, some players have found success in setting their controller vertical sensitivity a little lower than their horizontal sensitivity. The reason for this is that reacting to enemy movement and aggression usually takes place on the horizontal plane, comparatively, aiming vertically requires less drastic movements.

🎮 Acceleration Sensitivity

3. What is acceleration sensitivity anyway? This will speed your camera “look” speed the longer you hold your stick down in the same direction. If its set to 0 you will be moving your screen at the same speed forever, no matter how long you hold that stick to the side. It’s an interesting setting for sure, and you can ramp it up to 5 at the maximum if you really want to see the impact. The general consensus is that a little acceleration sensitivity goes a long way and it can be helpful for quickly reacting to aggression and advancing enemies–which can happen pretty quick with the whole portal mechanic in Splitgate by the way!

🎮 Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier

0.8. This is a great setting for long distance weapons. Think of this like the sniper rifle setting. Do you want faster, slower, or the same aim speed when peering down the scope? If you want it the same, set it to 1. Most players prefer it to be a tad slower since long distance targeting is tricky, so a value of <1 makes a lot of sense here.

🎮 Inner Deadzone

0.12. Another interesting setting for console players, inner deadzone controls how far you have to move your controller’s stick before the camera starts moving.

🎮 Outer Deadzone

0.1. An outer deadzone value of 0.1 means that when the player moves their stick [inputs] 90%, it’ll [output] 100% of your turn speed. This works in tandem with acceleration sensitivity and outer deadzone will determine when acceleration triggers and starts to take effect. Basically, if you don’t want to ram the controller stick all the way to the physical edge of the controller, you can set a virtual edge so with outer deadzone so your input is noticed faster. It’ll feel more responsive, but it may take some time to get used to if you set this higher rather than lower.

🎮 Aim Assist Strength

100%. This setting doesn’t exist on PC and the fact that console players can turn off crossplay and PC players can’t has some PC players miffed that they don’t get this little aim assist bonus. There has also been some complaints that aim assist is too OP in close range gunfights. But hey if its something you can turn on to make life easier for the time being, why not max it out? Your opponents probably are.

Splitgate UI Settings – HUD

Splitgate UI Settings - HUD
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Brett Moss
  • Show FPS: If you want to know when your PC performance is dropping, leave this on. It can be helpful to know how badly your frames are dropping. I recommend turning them off because I don’t want my HUD cluttered by extra numbers and taking away from my focus on the game.
  • Show Subtitles: Off. There’s really no time when you’ll need subtitles in this game.
  • Show Damage Numbers: Leave this on. It helps you to know how much health enemies have left, so there’s no reason to turn it off.
  • Show Low Ammo Warning: Leave this on, too. It can be a helpful reminder prompt and the cue is worth the small bit of screen real estate it takes up.

Splitgate Crosshairs

Splitgate Crosshairs
Image: 1047 Games via HGG / Brett Moss

🎯 Show Sprint Crosshair

On. It helps you reorient yourself when you stop sprinting.

🎯 Crosshair Color

This is up to you, but I prefer mine to stay white. Some people prefer a different color, which is completely understandable, and there are also benefits here for colorblind people.

🎯 Enemy Crosshair Color

This is the color your crosshair will change to once you get an enemy in your sights. This is also up to you, but the default red works great for me. Some players prefer other bright colors like yellow and pink.

🎯 Individual Weapon Customization

I wouldn’t recommend messing with this too much. Though some players make a case for unique crosshairs for longer or shorter ranged weapons, for example one for Shotgun, fists, and BFB and one for all the other weapons. Its certainly worth trying it out and seeing if that works for your brain. If that crosshair change is a helpful signal that its time to get up close and personal (in the previously-mentioned case) it may very well be the optimal setting for you. I’ve found a crosshair that pops and works for me and decided to stick with that across the board.


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Hopefully our best Splitgate settings guide will help you maximize your performance in Splitgate. Feel free to experiment with what works for you, and as always, have fun. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Good luck portal hopping!


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