All New Game Modes in Splitgate Season 2 Explained

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All New Game Modes in Splitgate Season 2 Explained

Fans of Splitgate rejoice! A brand new season has just been released, and with this new season comes a brand new batch of content for us to enjoy! The update added loads of new stuff to the game, including a new battle pass, an overhauled map, updates to the progression system, and some new game modes!

But just what are these new game modes? How many new ones were added to the game? How do they compare to the ones we already have? And are they worth playing? We’ll be addressing each of these questions and more in today’s article for all new game modes in Splitgate Season 2 explained!

All 3 New Game Modes in Splitgate Season 2

Video: 1047 Games, IGN via HGG

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

1. Lockdown

Lockdown - new game modes splitgate
Image: 1047 Games via HGG

The first new game mode I want to go over is known simply as Lockdown. It is a new twist on the classic King of The Hill game mode that we all know and love. In this game type, there are three different hills scattered around the map. You will need to fight over and capture each of these three hills. Once you control all of them, you’ll score a single point.

The hills will reset and move to a new location once you capture all three of them and score. This is an interesting new game mode that doesn’t do that much to stand out from the regular King of The Hill mode. Regardless, it is a nice new addition that shakes up the gameplay a bit and gives you something new to enjoy.

2. Hotzone

Image: 1047 Games via HGG

Up next on our article for the three all new game modes in Splitgate Season 2 explained, we have the brand new take on domination, known as Hotzone! In Hotzone, you are tasked with taking over a natural zone that spawns in one part of the map. You’ll need to capture and hold this neutral zone for 30 seconds in order to score one point for you and your team.

Much like the mode Lockdown, this one really isn’t all that special or unique. I enjoyed playing it, for the most part, this game mode is very similar to what we already have in the game. At the end of the day, any new content is (usually) good content. And I still recommend you try this game mode out for yourself to see if you like it.

3. Juggernaught

Image: 1047 Games via HGG

Now for my personal favorite new game mode added with this season: Juggernaught! This is a variant of the regular Free For All mode, but with an interesting twist. This time around, one random person at the start of the game will be chosen as the Juggernaught.

This Juggernaught is much more challenging to kill than a regular player. The Juggernaught will need to survive against every other player in the game, all of which are on the same team. If you manage to stay alive you’ll be able to score points in order to win the match.

While this game mode isn’t original by any means, it is still a great new way to play deathmatch. Playing as the Juggernaught is always intense, and the game mode is a blast to play on either side. Out of the three new game modes released this season, I would say that Juggernaught is the best one. It’s a must-play if you enjoy playing Splitgate.

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And with that, our article covering the three all new game modes in Splitgate Season 2 has come to an end. What do you think of the new game modes? Let us know!

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