Splitgate Season 2 Content Overview

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Splitgate Season 2 Content Overview

Splitgate is well-known throughout the gaming community for its fast-paced arena gameplay, diverse set of maps and modes, and its unique gimmick — the ability to place portals on the fly. This game quickly garnered loads of attention when it first launched, and has only gotten better over time. So what’s the deal with Splitgate Season 2?

And with all of its success, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Splitgate recently received its second season! This new season adds loads of new content for fans to enjoy, including a new Battle Pass, new game modes, and more! Today, we’ll be going over each of these new major additions.

Season 2 Content Overview

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this content overview for Splitgate season 2!

Brand New Battle Pass

Splitgate Season 2 Brand New Battle Pass
Image: 1047 games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

First and foremost on our content overview for Splitgate Season 2 is the brand new Battle Pass! For those unaware, a battle pass is a collection of cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked by earning experience points and playing the game. There is a free and a premium version of the Battle Pass that can both be purchased with Splitcoins, an in-game currency that can be bought with real money.

Purchasing the premium version of the Battle Pass will cost you 900 Splitcoins, or exactly $9 USD. There is also a second version that costs 2,000 Splitcoins, or $20 USD. Buying this second version will immediately give you twenty levels worth of rewards! If you need Splitcoins, you can buy packs of them in the following bundles:

  • 100 Splitcoins: $0.99
  • 500 Splitcoins: $4.99
  • 1,000 Splitcoins: $9.99
  • 2,800 Splitcoins: $24.99
  • 7,500 Splitcoins: $59.99
  • 13,500 Splitcoins: $99.99

Once you unlock the Battle Pass, you’ll gain access to over a hundred new rewards! These rewards include a wide variety of different cosmetic items, such as weapon skills, character skins, XP boosts, and randomized loot boxes. As you unlock more rewards, you will also earn back the Splitcoins you spent, which incentivizes you to play more often to earn your money back.

While this Battle Pass is nice, I really only recommend buying it if you’re a big fan of Splitgate and play it often. There isn’t anything worth dying over in this pack, and considering how much you need to play to unlock the higher tier rewards, you may not have the time to unlock everything if you’re a casual fan of the game.

Map Remaster: Abyss

Map Remaster: Abyss
Image: 1047 games via HGG

The Abyss map received a complete visual overhaul for Season 2! This includes new lighting and designs for the architecture, as well as some tweaks to the existing structures and objects on the map.

The developers also tweaked some of the ways you can use portals on the map. Walls for placing portals have been added throughout the area. This allows for more opportunities to outplay your opponents and maneuver around the map. There are even a few sneaky new places for you to shoot portals, such as a small gap on the bridge that you can fire portals through!

According to the devs, “Above Red Room, we added a keyhole for you to momentum-jump through.” which they said rewards mobility and gives you more options for moving around the map fast. If you’d like to read the developer’s full patch notes, you can find them by following the link here.

Three New Game Modes

Three New Game Modes
Image: 1047 games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of the most exciting additions this season is the release of three brand new game modes! There are two new variations of existing game modes, as well as one new distinct mode. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before in other FPS titles, but they’re still exciting add-ons nonetheless.

1. Lockdown

This first new game mode is a twist on King of The Hill. Instead of just one hill, there are several that spawn all across the map. You and your team are tasked with capturing all three of these zones. Your team will score one point once you and the squad capture and hold all of them at once. This new game mode isn’t that exciting, but it is still interesting to see a different take on a classic game mode.

2. Hotzones

If you’ve played the game mode Domination before, then you should be familiar with this new variant. For this game mode, you and your team need to clash with the other team over a neutral area found in one location on the map. Hold this area for thirty seconds and defend it against the enemy team, and you will earn a point! It’s an enjoyable game mode that encourages you to work with your team.

3. Juggernaught

Last but certainly not least, we have the new game mode Juggernaught! In this asymmetrical, 1-vs.-All game mode, one player is randomly selected to be a juggernaught. They’re given several advantages over the other players, which makes them much harder to take down. The longer the juggernaught stays alive, the more points they earn towards winning the game!

If you’re interested in reading more about these special new game modes, you can read the developer notes on them from their official website here.

Overhauled Matchmaking

Splitgate Season 2 Overhauled Matchmaking
Image: 1047 games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s ignore all of the new content that they added to the game for a second. In Season 2, there are also several improvements made to the game’s matchmaking system! The game has struggled in the past with long loading times when queuing up with other players. Additionally, there’s been a lack of balance when facing enemy teams. The system we had before worked, but it was nowhere near perfect.

Next time you jump into a multiplayer match in Splitgate, you can expect to join a game faster and you can expect fewer bots than in Season 1. If you’re interested in reading more details on what matchmaking improvements have come to the game, you can follow the link here.

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What do you think of all the new content added alongside Splitgate Season 2? Do you think this will be a good season? Let us know down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more content! We offer regular features on all the latest shooters, including Splitgate and much, much more!

Happy gaming!

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