OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review

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OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Chair review. I am going to relate my experience with the gaming chair over a two week period. Below you’ll find the unboxing, followed by how the chair measures up.

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But first, before I introduce you to the Grandmaster Series Chair, I find it important to let ya’ll know just a bit about me and how I feel about quality seats. I am a 20-something short, active, female, and I have arthritis that sometimes impacts my back and neck.

Because of this having a comfortable chair is important to me. It’s crucial that be able to spend considerable time in it and not feel repercussions later at the gym or when I try to sleep at night. So, that being said, I was excited to take this for a spin. Sometimes literally.

Zoom In: Specs

  • 51″ – 53″ H x 30″ W | 51 lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Color Options: 11
  • PU Leather Upholstery
  • Metal Frame
  • Color Accent Stitching
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base
  • Fully Reclining Back Up to 135 Degrees
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests


OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 4
Box Unpacked
  1. Seat Back
  2. Seat Base
  3. Star Wheel Base
  4. Arm Rests
  5. Tilt Mechanism + Gas Lift
  6. Nylon Wheels
  7. Side Covers
  8. Interchangeable Wheel Base Tips
  9. Hardware
  10. Pillows
  11. Assembly Instructions

Once I got everything unpacked I did notice some loose threads on the seat. This probably occurred during the packing or shipping process. A couple quick snips with the scissors and things were set right again.

OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 3
Stitching Flaw on the Seat

Putting together the Grandmaster Series chair took about 30 minutes. I think the most cumbersome part of the whole setup was getting all the components out of the box and packaging materials. Upon completing that, there’s 5 simple steps to follow.

The only difficult part is getting the backrest properly aligned with the seat. If things aren’t lined up, it is impossible to get the screws in on either side. The backrest and seat are pretty bulky and grabbing a partner to stabilize things will make your life much easier. Once I was able to get 1 screw part way in on both sides, screwing the rest of them in was a piece of cake.

A Solid Grasp on Ergonomics

The Grandmaster Series Chair is built with a solid steel frame. Altogether the chair weighs 51 pounds. The cold molded foam is very supportive. The seat is firm, with just enough give that I don’t get stiff or that rear-end soreness by the end of a long day. I also have to give props to OPSEAT for advertising ergonomic pillows and actually delivering.

OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 9
Stitching Close Up

Some of the recent gaming chairs we’ve reviewed recently have actually had their scores impacted by providing what can only be described as flat and wimpy pillows. Lumbar support is a huge thing if you’re sitting for long periods of time, and the back pillow that attaches through the seat eyelets actually provides me support.

I have to start with one of my pet peeves about gaming chairs and other office chairs in general. Being a shorter person, I’m also shorter limbed. This means that sometimes I can’t comfortably rest my elbows on my armrests whilst continuing to work.

The armrests on the OPSEAT Grandmaster Series chair are 4-Dimensional. They can be adjusted front to back, side to side, up and down, and rotate the direction of the pads. This means that they come in enough for me to even be able to type comfortably with my elbows on the pads instead of resting on my desk.

OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 7
Perforated PU Leather

I also previously mentioned the ergonomic lumbar pillows, which are a great bonus. The other nice thing is the 12 degree multi-tilt mechanism. This can help prevent you from hunching over at your desk and keep you parallel to your work environment.

Oh, and did I mention, at 5’3” tall my feet comfortably rest on the ground with my legs able to extend in a more ergonomic position? My fellow short people will fully understand and appreciate this feature.

Grandmaster of Style

I’m not a person that’s too crazy about having a gaming chair with a flashier personality than I have. However, I was excited by the color detail offered by the OPSEAT Grandmaster Series chair. The interchangeable color tips and color accent stitching really take the quality of this chair to the next level. The color details of this chair are done extremely well.

OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 5
Popping Out Black Wheelbase Tips to Replace with Purple Tips

The only thing I could do without are the plastic eyelets being colored purple. I’m picky about colored plastics and the purple plastic on the eyelets is a different shade/texture than the purple plastic color tips on the wheel base.

The PU leather is breathable and a high quality. The perforated panel of the backrest and seat is a quality touch. Overall the assembly of it looks very clean and professional. However, there are a few flaws where the mesh-style back is sewed on but it’s nothing glaringly obvious. You have to be looking for it, but hey, that’s what we do.

OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair Review 8
Fully Assembled

OPSEAT prices their Grandmaster Series gaming chairs at $250. That’s a fair buy. You’re getting a couple things that usually come at the $300 price point: 4D armrests and full 130 degree reclining backrest. The quality and sharp looking perforated PU leather is a nice grab too.

But if you’re on the hunt for a gaming chair in the budget range of $200-$300, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are a multitude of models that have comparable features. I think the deciding point for most gamers is their personal style preference. In that arena the Grandmaster Series outperforms. With 11 color to choose from, interchangeable matching wheelbase tips, and matching head/lumbar pillows OPSEAT is providing a good number of customization options.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Assembly - 7/10
  • Build - 8.5/10
  • Comfort & Ergonomics - 8/10
  • Appearance - 8.5/10
  • Value - 7/10


It may not instantaneously make you a Grandmaster Starcraft 2 player, but this chair will help you climb the ladder in comfort. The chair doesn’t overwhelm in any one category, but does it all pretty darn well.


  • 4D Armrests
  • Good for short people
  • Ergonomic head and lumbar pillows


  • High cost
  • Setup process
  • Some of the plastic parts look cheap

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