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OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair Review

The OPSEAT Master, a title given to a chair to declare its superiority above all other chairs. Is this gaming chair worthy of such a title? Let’s dig into the details and find the answer.

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As the OPSEAT Master arrived at the office, I had some initial concerns regarding the well being of the contents within. There were two relatively finger-sized puncture holes in the cardboard. As I dove within the box, preparing for the assembly, I discovered the source of the damage.

The tilting mechanism shifted during transit and punctured through the cardboard and into other compartments within. Thankfully nothing was damaged, but appearance of the packaging did put me on edge for what my experience would soon be. My hope was that the damage was just the fine work of a careless delivery driver and not a lack of thoughtfulness placed in the packaging process by the manufacturer.

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The assembly itself was straightforward. With the small but easy to navigate instruction pamphlet, I was able to construct the chair in a little over 20 minutes without any real issue.

As I built the chair from the wheels up, there were some notable differences between the OPSEAT Master and the Secretlab’s Titan. The most obvious being the level of manufacturing. The Titan was comprised of metals, high-quality PU leather, and stitching that tied it all together. In contrast, the OPSEAT does share the high-quality leather feel, but matte and reflective plastics replace the smooth aesthetic of the metal.

My initial response to the chair was that of surprise. The OPSEAT Master provided me with what I personally always look for in chairs: support, comfort, and some rigidity. The OPSEAT Master uses a metal frame within the base of the chair to help provide users with a solid foundation of comfort. The seat of the chair offers a very defined bowl-like shape further accentuated by the hard metal set sides.

OPSeat Master Logo Image
High Ground Gaming / Aaron Scoble

OPSEAT is aware of the chair’s width limitations and has an alternative chair, the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is about 6 inches wider at the seat which is ideal for larger gamers. After some long-term use though, I will say that the frame hasn’t become much of an obstacle. Personally, the structure provides me a reference point for where I should be sitting and helps to improve my posture by preventing me from leaning more to one side than the other.

The OPSEAT came with two memory foam pillows as well, which, when in use, certainly can help add some comfort to the backrest. I’m still on the lookout for other chairs using the lumbar support adjustment knob, as the pillow can be very hit or miss for some. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category.

Hands-On Experience

After having the OPSEAT Master for nearly two months, I haven’t yet found any signs of deterioration. Instead, the chair has exceeded my expectations, especially considering my negative first impression from the damaged packaging.

OPSeat Master Full Image
High Ground Gaming / Aaron Scoble

The backrest quickly found itself among the most comfortable that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out. It competes quite fairly to the Anda Seat Wizard that I use in the office, with a slight upper hand still going to the Anda Seat. The only issue with the backrest was the quality of the materials at times felt rough. Without the back pillows, there are two plastic windows towards the nape of the chair. On occasion, when I would adjust my posture, I would get a jab from the edge of said plastic and be disgruntled.

I asked that my roommate to spend a day or two in the chair to get an outside opinion, and they stated the chair was at the top of their personal list of favorite chairs. They previously had no experience with the racing type chair but felt that it helped with their posture as well.

Gaming Chair Mastery?

My final verdict comes down to a few aspects. The OPSEAT Master is easily among the most affordable high quality gaming chairs on the market today at roughly $229, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

OPSeat Master Back
High Ground Gaming / Aaron Scoble

Secondly, there’s the aesthetic. With 11 color options, the OPSEAT Master can easily fit in among even the most creatively colored RGB-laden bunkers. However, the look is noticeably more classic than the likes of more modern looking Secretlab chairs.

Outside of the metal frame, the chair provides comfort in all the right areas. The lumbar support could be better to help correct posture more and alleviate back pain, but the PU leather, foam padding, and back pillow makes the chair as supportive as I need.

With now three full-backed chairs to compare against the OPSEAT Master, I’d say it falls squarely within the middle of the pack. For me, the hard frame and supportive padding was what I was looking for in a gaming chair. I’d place the OPSEAT Master slightly above the Titan due to the degree of back support I get from the OPSEAT Master. Still reigning supreme, however, would be the Anda Seat Dark Wizard Chair (but it is $100+ more than the Master chair).

At the end of the day, for the price point of the OPSEAT Master, I would absolutely recommend the chair if you’re someone who enjoys firmer and more rigid seating.

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  • Comfort - 8/10
  • Features - 7/10
  • Appearance - 6.5/10


How does the highly affordable OPSEAT Master rank among the pantheons of the industry? For this reviewer, the OPSEAT Master manages to out-perform the likes of the industry leaders while maintaining a very attractive sub $250 price-point. This chair is a legitimate contender for the title of best gaming chair for the money.


  • Under $250
  • Facilitates good posture
  • Medium-firm padding


  • No lumbar support adjustment
  • Plastic pieces in headrest uncomfortable

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