Don’t Starve Together: The 7 Best Solo Characters, Ranked

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Don’t Starve Together: The 7 Best Solo Characters, Ranked

The game may be called Don’t Starve Together, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will always want to play with other people. Sometimes you’re just in the mood to go it alone. Or maybe you DO want to play with other people, just not cooperatively. But whatever the reason, if you want to go solo in Don’t Starve Together, you’re going to want to know which character to play.

But out of the many different characters in Don’t Starve Together, which ones are the best to play? Which ones should you pick out for your single-player world? And which ones should you do when doing a solo play-through on a multiplayer world? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this article!

Best Solo Characters in DST, Ranked Good to Best

So without further ado, let’s get right into this article ranking the top 7 best solo characters in Don’t Starve Together! We’ll be ranking them from good to best.


Wurt - Best Solo Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Wurt is a friendly merm-folk that loves to read fairy tails and eat candy. Not only is she the most adorable character in the game, but she is also one of the best for solo players in Don’t Starve Together. Her special abilities are centered around building merm buildings that will spawn friendly merms. These NPCs can then be fed food like pigs, and they will follow her around for a short period of time.


  • You can build merm buildings at your camp and they will protect you from harm. This includes hostile mobs and hostile players (assuming you don’t have a merm king set up, otherwise they will be friendly to other players by default).
  • Merm followers are great aids in combat. Wurt is arguably the best character in the game for attacking bosses thanks to the effectiveness of her followers. They deal a good amount of damage, have decent health, and you can get a lot of them very quickly.
  • Can easily gather resources with the help of her merms. In addition to them aiding you in combat, they’ll help you with mining boulders and chopping trees. This is a great thing to have as a solo player, since you don’t have anyone to help you.

When you play as Wurt, try to get at least one merm building up and running early game. Place it near your camp so you can get some protection from hostile mobs. When you get the chance, craft a royal tapestry and summon a merm king. He will buff your stats as well as the stats of any other merms on the map (such as your followers).


Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The default character in Don’t Starve Together, Wilson is a scientist that has found himself trapped in The Constant after being tricked by Maxwell. Wilson does not have any significant benefits or significant drawbacks. The only real unique thing about him is the fact that he can grow a beard, which can help keep you warm during the Winter.


  • Perfect character for beginners. Does not require any special knowledge about the game in order to use it properly.
  • Jack-of-all-trades. Does not suffer from significant drawbacks. Most characters that do would need the assistance of another character to negate them, but not Wilson.

Focus on gathering food by crafting rabbit traps and setting them up. Then make a crockpot and use the meat from the rabbits to make Meatballs. Let Wilson’s beard grow out so you can stay insulated during the winter.


WX-78 - Best Solo Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The soulless automation, also known as WX-78, is next on this list. He is one of the best characters in Don’t Starve Together, and one of the best for a solo playthrough. WX-78 has the unique ability to craft a Bio Scanalyizer. This device lets him scan common mobs to gather data points to craft unique buff-granting Circuits. Said Circuits can turn WX-78 into a one-man self-sustaining army.


  • WX-78 can consume gears, which refill hunger by +75, sanity by +50, and health by +60.
  • Can craft and equip Circuits to increase health, sanity, movement speed, and other stats.

Scan common mobs as often as you can. Once you scan a specific mob type (such as a rabbit) once, don’t scan it again until tomorrow, as you’ll get fewer data points for scanning the same type in one day.

After you have a base setup, craft a shovel and go looking for a graveyard. Dig up the graves for a chance at getting some gears. Start crafting upgrade modules if you haven’t already, preferably ones for more health and movement speed.


Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Woodie is a Canadian lumberjack suffering from a not-so-terrible curse. He begins the game with a special axe named Lucy that has unlimited durability and can chop down trees significantly faster than a regular axe. In addition to this special axe, Woodie also has the ability to transform himself into one of three different creatures for a short period of time, giving him special benefits. He can trigger this by crafting and eating Kitschy Idols.


  • Great at gathering lots of resources. Can use his special axe to quickly chop down trees. While in his werebeaver form, he can also quickly destroy boulders and destroy various structures, in addition to gnawing trees. This makes him very good at getting lots and lots of resources, especially for solo players as you won’t have anyone to help you out.
  • Good at combat when in his weremoose form. This mighty beast will do increased damage to all targets and will take less damage. This negates the downside of having no other players around to help you in combat.
  • The weregoose form lets him move much faster. He can use this to very quickly get around the map. Additionally, this special form will let him move across water without the need of a boat.

Transforming uses up a lot of your hunger and sanity meter, so you should prioritize getting farms and lots of rabbit traps set up. Make a crockpot and use your resources to craft plenty of restoration food.

Whenever you need to transform, go crazy with chopping down trees. Afterwards, use your abundance of stockpiled food to refill your stomach. Also, be sure to go hunting spiders when in the weremoose form. You can use the silk to craft tents, which is great for refilling sanity.


Wolfgang - Best Solo Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Wolfgang is an Eastern-European character with a love for working out and bulking up. He has a unique mechanic called a “mightiness meter.” This meter will fill up the more that Wolfgang works out at his personal gym or with dumbbells. When the meter is high enough, Wolfgang will transform into his mighty form and gain a bunch of major bonuses. However, this meter will slowly go down over time, and his appearance will change. Make sure to start working out


  • When he’s in his Mighty form, he can deal double damage to all enemies, have a higher health pool, and can run at full speed while wearing heavy armor.
  • He also mines and chops faster when in his Mighty form and can even instantly finish the task in one blow. This makes him fantastic for gathering resources, even by himself.

Prioritize gathering resources that can be used to craft dumbbells. Gold is a good resource to go for that isn’t too rare early game. Using dumbbells often will keep your mightiness meter up, allowing you to be ready for anything. You can then use his strength to quickly farm mobs, such as spiders and pigs. This will allow you to easily gain resources early game that will help you survive and thrive.

Wolfgang does need more food than the other characters, so because of that, you will want to hunt regularly. You could kill some pigs and then use their hides to craft pig houses to set up an infinite supply of them. That way you’ll have a source of food as well as extra protection from hostile mobs.


Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Wendy is a depressed, lonely girl who happens to have a twin sister named Abigail. Wendy’s special abilities are centered around her. With a special flower, she can summon Abigail to aid her in combat. Abigail has a ton of health and deals a large chunk of AoE damage to nearby enemies, making her great at taking on groups. If you’re looking for a way to safely kill enemies, Wendy is one of the best.


  • Easy character to learn that does not require you to have a lot of experience in the game in order to survive effectively.
  • Abigail can be used to deal lots of splash damage to groups of enemies. This makes it easy to gather resources from spiders, merms, pigs, and other mobs in the game.
  • In most PvE situations, you do not need to be directly involved in combat at all, as Abigail will safely handle all the danger for you.

Here is my recommended strategy for playing her. First, gather lots of resources to craft rabbit traps. Craft several of them and place them on top of rabbit burrows to catch lots of rabbits. In order to summon Abigail, you will need to kill a creature within range of Abigail’s flower. Once you have a lot of live rabbits, you can sacrifice one to summon Abigail just about whenever you want.

Use Abigail to kill lots of spiders, so you can get lots of spider glands and silk. Spider glands are needed to craft healing salves to keep yourself healthy, and silk is needed to make tents to keep you sane. Continue using Abigail to gather lots of resources, and make sure to summon her once you hear the sound of barking dogs. Abigail can protect you from hound attacks, allowing you to stay safe.


Webber - Best Solo Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

A hybrid between a spider and a child, Webber is the result of dark magic gone wrong. After his transformation, Webber gained several unique abilities all centered around befriending spiders. Spiders will not attack him on sight, and Webber has access to several special crafting recipes that allow him to take advantage of his relationship with spider-kind.


  • Does not need other players to protect him. He can set up spider dens at his base, which will spawn spiders. They will keep him safe from any enemy trying to attack him.
  • Can befriend spiders by feeding them monster meat. They will follow him around and aid him in combat. You can amass an army of spiders very easily who will help you fight hostile mobs, bosses, other players, etc.
  • Due to his ease of access to spiders, you can easily farm monster meat, silk, and spider glands by killing the spiders. This means Webber has a good source of food and healing items and can make structures to restore his sanity easier, all without the help of another player.

Find a place to set up camp and then place down the spider eggs in your inventory. Farm the spiders that spawn from this nest and use their silk to make more dens. Run to the dens for protection when needed.

All nearby spiders will turn hostile when you attack them, but this isn’t a huge issue as long as you don’t have a tier 2 den or higher, which can spawn the more dangerous Warrior Spiders. Luckily, you can trim a den down to level one by using a razor on it.

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