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Don’t Starve Together – Best Character Combos, Ranked

Don’t Starve Together takes everything we love about Don’t Starve and puts it in an online, multiplayer environment, allowing you to survive and thrive with your friends. This aspect is greatly enhanced by the fact that you and your friends can coordinate which characters you pick to combine their abilities together. But that raises the question – what are the best character combos in Don’t Starve Together?

That’s why we’ll be going over some of our favorite picks in this guide for the best character combos in Don’t Starve Together!

7 Best Character Combos in Don’t Starve Together, Ranked

We’ll be ranking the best character combos from good to best.

Wormwood + Wortox

Wormwood and Wortox
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Wormwood and Wortox are the first of many combinations on this list. This is one of the most classic character combos in Don’t Starve Together that players have been using since Wortox was added to the game. They make a great pair for getting a specific valuable resource. While they don’t have as many benefits as other character combos, they’re still an incredibly useful team

Wormwood has the ability to harvest living logs from his body in exchange for 20 HP. This makes him a great source of living logs for crafting all sorts of useful items, such as the Dark Sword. Meanwhile, Wortox has the ability to heal his teammates using souls. With these two things in mind, you can essentially have unlimited living logs! They are a valuable resource that can make any playthrough easier.

As previously mentioned, there are not that many other synergies between these two characters. Despite this, they are both great characters on their own and are still worth playing as. As a plus, Wormwood is really great for getting food, as he can plant seeds into the ground with no need of a Gardening Hoe. Since Wortox’s diet consists mostly of souls, that leaves more food available for Wormwood to eat!

Wigfrid + Wurt

Wigfrid and Wurt
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For our next character combo, it’s Wigfrid and Wurt! Many people don’t play Wurt, which is a shame as she’s incredibly good late-game, even if she has a slow start. Wigfrid is still somewhat uncommon, but less so than Wurt. This is a great combat-focused character combo for the PvE lovers of Don’t Starve Together. If you want to take on some of the bosses in the game (or have taken them on and failed miserably), then this is one of the best duos for that sort of situation.

Wurt has the unique ability to create houses and barracks for Merms and Merm soldiers, respectively. These swampy dudes are some of the best friendly mobs in the game. You can feed them some food and they will follow you around, helping you harvest resources and killing any hostile creatures. They work just like pig followers do, but since you can build barracks (called “Merm Flort-ifications“), you can get a stronger, more combat-focused follower that’s even better at killing enemies.

Combine this with Wigfrid’s ability to craft special armor and weapons, and you have a recipe for world domination. You can get a bunch of Merm soldiers and give each of them this special gear, allowing them to curb-stomp any bosses. Additionally, since Wigfrid only eats meat and Wurt only eats fruits/vegetables, the two of you can trade food items. This helps negate the wastefulness of the two character’s limited diets.

Webber + Wendy

Webber and Wendy - Best Character Combos in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Another really great combination is Webber and Wendy. These two characters work very well together due to their ability to farm silk and other spider-related items together. If you are someone that has a hard time keeping your sanity and/or health up, then this is a great character combo to consider in Don’t Starve Together. But just how can you use them to spider-related items?

Firstly, Webber will always start out the game with spider eggs in his inventory. These can then be placed down anywhere on the map to create a spider den. After you get your first camp set up, it’s a good idea to place them down nearby–but not too close–your camp. This means that you can easily approach the den whenever you need to kill some spiders for their drops. So what can Wendy do that makes Webber’s spider eggs so useful…?

Wendy has the ability to summon her dead sister Abigal. She acts as a bodyguard, more or less. She is great at tanking damage and can deal lots of splash damage to enemies, making her great for taking out groups of opponents quickly. See where I’m going? You can use Abigal to easily kill groups of spiders, minimizing the harm done to you. You can easily gather some silk with this method, allowing you to craft tents to keep your sanity up, and the spider glands can be used to make healing salves!

Wickerbottom + WX-78

Wickerbottom and WX78 - Best Character Combos in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

In fourth place on our ranking, we have Wickerbottom and WX-78. This is without a doubt one of the most popular character combos in Don’t Starve Together. Wickerbottom is regarded by many as being one of, if not the best, characters to play as. Meanwhile, WX-78 is one of the best characters to synergize with Wickerbottom. So what makes these two such a great pair?

Wickerbottom’s strength is her ability to read various different books, which can provide some unique and beneficial effects. For example, one of her books is called The End is Neigh. This will cause lightning strikes to appear in the areas surrounding her. When struck by lighting, WX-78 becomes supercharged, buffing him considerably. She also has other books that can make growing food much easier, making her a great way to get your farms up and running.

Speaking of food, because of their food preferences, they synergize well together. WX-78 doesn’t suffer any penalties for eating stale food. Wickerbottom on the other hand, hates eating stale food. This means that you and your partner can trade stale and un-stale food with one another to keep each other sated.

Wendy + Wortox

Wendy and Wortox - Best Character Combos in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For the next duo on this list, we have Wendy and Wortox, a rather rarely discussed team. This is a shame, as this is one of my personal favorite character combos in Don’t Starve Together and I think they deserve a lot of love. It’s a great pairing for making sure that you and your partner are always stocked up on healing items, and for making sure that Wortox always has his hunger sated.

Wendy’s main power is her personal bodyguard, the ghost of her dead twin sister, Abigail. This mob is very, very useful in combat. She can take a lot of damage before dying, and she is great for taking out groups of enemies thanks to her splash attacks. This makes her great for farming resources from certain creatures, as well as just for defending herself in PvE.

Wortox has the ability to collect souls from nearby enemies that have died while he’s near them. These souls can be used to heal yourself as well as your allies. Combine this with Wendy’s ability to kill large groups of enemies quickly with Abigal, and you can very quickly farm some souls! With it, Wortox will never run out of hunger, and the two of you will always stay nice and healed up.

Wormwood + Wurt

Wormwood and Wurt - Best Character Combos in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Probably my personal favorite combination on this list, it’s Wormwood and Wurt! This is a pretty uncommon pairing that ends up working surprisingly well together. This is a great combination for ensuring that the two of you are properly fed. If you’ve had trouble with gathering food in the past, then this might be a good combination for you to try out with a friend. But why is it so great for keeping your hunger sated?

Firstly, Wormwood has the unique ability to plant seeds into the ground without needing a Garden Hoe or a similar tool. This makes setting up farms as Wormwood very easy, and something that anyone can do on day 1. Being able to grow your own vegetables ASAP is very useful for Wurt players, as Wurt is a vegetarian and cannot eat meat. She’ll need all the fruits and vegetables she can get to stay sated.

Additionally, Wurt does not get attacked by frogs and she can hold live fish in her inventory for long periods of time without them dying. This means that gathering meat as her is very easy. Wormwood and Wurt can then trade each other their respective food: Wormwood eating the fish, and Wurt eating the crops. It’s a great dynamic that ensures both parties are almost always stocked on food. Just don’t get too reliant on it, ponds do freeze over during the winter!

Wolfgang + Wigfrid + Warly

Wolfgang, Warly, Wigfrid - Best Character Combos in Don't Starve Together
Image: Klei Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For the first-place pick on this list of the best character combos in Don’t Starve Together, we have Wolfgang, Wigfrid, and Warly! Some combination of these three characters is not that uncommon in Don’t Starve Together, and it’s not hard to see why. This unlikely group of friends make for a really great combat-focused playthrough. All of their abilities synergize well together, making them a powerhouse on any server.

Wolfgang is arguably the best combat-focused character. This is because the more full his stomach is, the more health he has and the more damage he does. Wigfrid is also a great combat-focused character, with a flat damage buff of +25% to damage and -25% to damage taken at all times. Additionally, Wigfrid also has the ability to craft a special weapon and a special helmet, allowing her to deal even more damage and tank more of it as well.

A player using Wigfrid can then craft this gear and hand it over to Wolfgang, making an already strong character even stronger. Here is where Warly comes in. He has the unique ability to craft special spices that can be applied to any Crock Pot recipe. When a character eats an item with his spices, they will receive a special buff! For example, Chili Flakes can be used to increase a player’s damage by 20% temporarily! This truly is an unstoppable group when you put them together.

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