The Best Mods for Don’t Starve Together (2024)

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The Best Mods for Don’t Starve Together (2024)

Make a great game even better with one of these mods.

You spawn in Maxwell’s world with nothing but the clothes on your back, ready to fend off starvation and the monsters in the darkness. You navigate the different biomes, harvest materials, craft tools, and manage to make it through the winter, but it feels like there’s something missing…

Don’t Starve Together is a fantastic survival sandbox, but there are a few quality of life features added by mods that feel like they ought to have been in the game by default. I’ll cover them all in my list of the best mods for DST below!

ActionQueue RB3

When you play a lot of Don’t Starve Together, it can get a bit tedious having to constantly wait for an action to finish so you can initiate the next one. Enter the ActionQueue RB3 mod, an updated version of ActionQueue Reborn, which itself is a reworking of the original ActionQueue mod.

You’ll be able to queue up a whole series of actions for your character to perform one after the other and sit back and watch them go to work. You can also cancel the queued actions at any time if you want to take manual control or queue up a new series of actions.

Combined Status

Don’t Starve Together comes with meters in your HUD to show your current hunger, sanity, and health, as well as the current day. The Combined Status mod adds widgets for a lot of other information, including the current season, moon phase, temperature, and your character’s wetness. You can also opt to see your clock widgets while in caves. No more guessing or having to keep track of these elements on your own.

Craft Pot

Food is a pretty crucial element of Don’t Starve Together, but the default game doesn’t give you any hints about how to craft it. You can either throw random ingredients into the cooking pot and hope for the best, or you can look up or memorize recipes from wikis or guides.

The Craft Pot mod puts those recipes into the game for you, allowing you to access them directly from the cooking pot. You’ll always know exactly what you’re making. You’ll also be able to figure out what ingredients you need to collect for a specific recipe.

Item Info Updated

Item Info Updated is another mod that lets you see information that is normally kept obscure in the default game. This time it’s item data you’ll be able to access, cluing you in to everything from how much hunger a food item will restore to how much damage your spear does. You can even see how long you have before an item decays into rot. This mod replaces the original Item Info mod as well as the Display Food Values mod.

Geometric Placement

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent way too much time in Don’t Starve Together trying to perfectly line up your rows of bushes, trees, or crops, only to find that they are just a little bit off. Well, my fellow perfectionist, I have exactly the mod you need!

Geometric Placement adds a grid that you can snap items to when placing them on the ground. Now you can line up your plants and structures with satisfying precision.

Global Positions

It can be difficult to keep track of where your friends are in the default game. On the one hand, that can make for some realistic survival gameplay, but on the other it can be just plain inconvenient.

If you prefer convenience, Global Positions will let you see where other players are on the map as well as showing an icon on the edge of your screen to indicate their direction. You can even ping the map to point stuff out to them. The Boss Indicators mod does something similar for bosses.

Health Info

Yet another bit of information that is hidden in the default game is how much health everything has. This can be particularly frustrating when you’re fighting monsters and can’t tell whether you’re close to victory or just banging your head against the wall.

The Health Info mod will show you exactly how much health a creature has by hovering over it. If you want something a little flashier for bosses, you can also try out Epic Healthbar.

Island Adventures – Shipwrecked

The original single-player version of Don’t Starve has some content that isn’t normally available in Don’t Starve Together. This mod changes that, adding everything from the Shipwrecked DLC to the multiplayer version of the game. With the Island Adventures – Shipwrecked mod installed, you’ll be able to experience everything that DLC has to offer. Now we just need one for Hamlet!

This mod apparently has explicit approval from Klei Entertainment, which explains how they were allowed to distribute assets from a different version of the game.

Minimap HUD

Here’s another feature that feels like it should be in Don’t Starve Together by default. Minimap HUD adds a small version of the map to your HUD, allowing you to see the area around you without having to keep opening the full-screen map.

Once you install this mod you’ll never want to go back. The small change of not having to open the map to see where you are makes all the difference.

Quick Drop

Here’s another small quality of life mod that feels like it should be built into the game. Quick Drop allows you to quickly drop an item from your inventory without fumbling around with your mouse. It also makes it easy to drop a single item from a stack.

These are very useful actions in a game where inventory management is so significant, not to mention if you’re frequently trading items with other players.

Smart Minisign

Speaking of inventory management: as you acquire more stuff in Don’t Starve Together, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of your time managing your storage. It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of where everything is, and making a sign for every chest gets old fast.

Smart Minisign is a mod that is designed to streamline the process by automatically constructing and drawing a minisign for every chest you build. The sign automatically updates to show the item in the first slot in the chest (from the upper left).


Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’re likely to wind up with a massive base camp that sprawls well beyond the area you can see on your screen at any one time. That’s where the Zoom+ mod comes in.

With this mod installed, you’ll be able to zoom out much further than the standard view, so you can get a much better lay of the land or simply show off your neatly aligned rows of garden plots or trees.


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