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Clash of Clans: Best Bases for Town Hall Level 5 (2024)

Knowing how to properly organize your Home Village in Clash of Clans is crucial to being able to defend your fortress and grow your defenses, army, plus resources. In this Clash of Clans best base for Town Hall level 5 guide, we’ll look at 3 of the top village layouts for this stage in the game. We’ll also consider different tactics and important things to know in order to best defend your base.

Important Things to Know

When considering your layout and how to properly defend your village, there are a few important things to know.


First, different troops will target different buildings to attack. At Town Hall level 5, these are the troops you have access to, and how they navigate their attacks:

  • Barbarians: attack the closest building
  •  Archers: attack the closest building
  • Giants: attack closest defenses
  • Wizards: attack the closest building
  • Balloons: attack closest defenses

One of the most important things to note is that three out of the five troops listed will attack the closest building once deployed. This will be important when considering how to lay out your village and defenses.

Defense Tactics

When deciding how you want to defend your village, one aspect is more important than the others: where to put your buildings.

For example, one common tactic is putting unimportant buildings like the Builder’s Hut (unimportant in terms of combat) in the far corners of the village area in order to make any raiders waste time while attacking. When looking at villages with Town Hall level 5, there is one tactic that will be found in all the layouts we’ll look at – non-defensive buildings need to be used as a way to divert the attack of the raiding troops.

As we mentioned above, most troops will go to the closest building. By putting buildings like Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines, and Barracks in vulnerable positions, they can be used almost as a second wall for enemy troops to focus their attacks on while your defensive buildings can attack back against the invading player.

The Top 3 Best Base Layouts

Here are the 3 best bases for Town Hall Level 5 in CoC. Determine your goal whether that be resource protection, total resource sacrifice, or defending weak spots, and choose accordingly.

Resource Protection

Resource Protection Base Layout for Town Hall Level 5 in CoC
(Image: Supercell, clashofclans-layouts.com via HGG)

When looking at the resource placement in this layout, two things are important: first, the resource stores are behind the walls in a more protected position. However, the resource production buildings, the Elixir Collector and Gold Mine are outside of the walls. More resource loss will come from the resource stores than the resource producers, so putting the producers in a more vulnerable position will help this layout in two specific ways: fewer resources will be lost if enemy troops can be held back, and any troops that are designated to attack any building will be caught up attacking resources all the while your defenses bombard them.

Base layout link ➡️ Base Layout 1

Total Resource Sacrifice

Total Resource Sacrifice Base Layout for Town Hall Level 5 in CoC
(Image: Supercell, clashofclans-layouts.com via HGG)

The main difference between this layout and the previous one is that almost no resource buildings are spared from being used as defensive tools. All but one resource building, a single Gold Store, are placed outside of the walls to attract the attacks of troops that are designated to do so before the enemy troops can reach the walls. Creating this space between the troops and the defenses allows the defensive buildings a few extra crucial moments to engage the attacking troops.

Base layout link ➡️ Base Layout 2

Defending Weak Spots

Defending Weak Spots Base Layout for Town Hall Level 5 in CoC
(Image: Supercell, clashofclans-layouts.com via HGG)

Looking at this layout, the placement of various buildings outside of the walls and the placement of defensive buildings work together to protect any weak spots that enemy troops could exploit. The top and bottom of this layout have various buildings places along the wall. Because of only being able to have a maximum of 45 buildings at town hall level 5, this leaves two gaps in which only a single Army Camp is outside of the wall on each side. The important thing is that behind these two vulnerable places along the sides of the village, there is an Archer Tower and Cannon immediately behind the Army Camps, inside of the walls, to provide more firepower to the weak spots in which raiding troops can reach the walls quicker.

Base layout link ➡️ Base Layout 3

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Knowing the best kinds of base layouts for a town hall level 5 in Clash of Clans earlier into the game will allow your to best organize your village to maximize your defensive ability. Being aware of a few basic raiding mechanics in the game such as what buildings certain troops target allows you to know where to put what building to keep your Town Hall as safe as possible to keep your opponent from getting 100% destruction. Good luck protecting your villages. Happy Gaming!


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