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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Red Nucleus (2024)

Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy are the most valuable items you can acquire, as they allow you to roll for new characters and weapons. Because of their value, they’re one of the hardest items to acquire in large quantities. The game itself does provide several that you can find in the world, but these are limited in supply. Since you’ll need a lot of pulls to guarantee a character, here’s every way you can get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

Every Way to Get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Here are the various ways to quickly get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy. We’ll start with the most direct and plentiful methods and work our way down the list.

Purchase with Dark Crystals

Spend Dark Crystals to buy Red Nucleus in the Shop
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

The most direct way to acquire Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy is through the shop. They can be purchased directly with Dark Crystals or Tanium for 150 each. There are also usually special bundles for Tanium that have Red Nucleus in them. Dark Crystals are usually obtained through events or through the weekly activity bar. Tanium is only available by spending real money.

This is the only 100% renewable and reliable way to acquire Red Nucleus, so you should save your crystals near-exclusively for this. All other methods beyond this are either limited in time, quantity, or reliability.

Participate in Events

Participate in Tower of Fantasy events to get Red Nucleus
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Tower of Fantasy regularly holds special events that allow you to get Dark Crystals or Red Nucleus. Usually these will involve minigames that reward unique currency. This currency can then be traded in for various items. Keep an eye out for these events, as they’ll be your best way of gaining Red Nucleus outside of direct purchases.

World Exploration & Red Nucleus Locations

Collecting enough supply pods can earn you Red Nucleus.
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Beginning with the Artificial Island region, Red Nucleus can be obtained as an exploration reward. By collecting enough supply pods and Black Nucleus in the world, you’ll obtain milestone rewards. Usually, a few Red Nucleus are included amongst them.

Some exploration points directly reward a Red Nucleus for reaching them, but these are few and far between. You can find these points on the Artificial Island, in Mirroria, the Grey Zone in Vera, the Miasmic Swamp, the Confounding Abyss, and in Innars.

Additionally, you can also find some Red Nucleus out in the wild – either hidden in the environment or requiring you to complete a challenge to earn them. We’ve listed maps for the locations of these Red Nucleus below!

Mirroria – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Mirroria
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Miasmic Swamp – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Miasmic Swamp
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

The Grand Sea Island – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in The Grand Sea Island
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Innars – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Innars
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Dragon Breath Volcano – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Dragon Breath Volcano
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Confounding Abyss – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Confounding Abyss
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Third City – Red Nucleus Locations

Red Nuclelus Locations in Third City
(Image: @Afrodiy on Twitter via HGG)

Special Machines

Gachapon Machines can drop Red Nucleus
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Both Gachapon Machines located in Mirroria and Dreamscape Machines found from chests have a chance of dropping Red Nucleus.

Gachapon Machines use either Vera Coins or Veron. You can acquire Vera Coins from events and deciphering Password Chests. Veron, on the other hand, is mainly acquired through daily bounties.

Dreamscape Machines drop from chests and strong enemies. They’ll have you play a quick minigame for random rewards. Red Nucleus are among these rewards but are quite rare to see.

Battle Pass

You can earn up to 10 Red Nucleus from the Battle Pass.
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

By purchasing the Advanced Pass, you can earn up to 10 Red Nucleus. As long as you complete the activities in the pass and level it up, you’ll earn all 10 of the Red Nucleus. Passes last for several weeks, which is plenty of time to gain all the rewards.

Simulacra Stories

Simulacra Stories will reward you with a Red Nucleus.
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

In the Simulacra menu, there will be a Story tab. These are longer quests that provide lore behind different characters. Each story provides 100 Dark Crystals and 1 Red Nucleus upon completion.

Spending Red Nucleus & Pity System

Spend Red Nucleus on Limited Banners in Tower of Fantasy.
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Once you’ve amassed a stockpile of Red Nucleus, you’ll be able to pull on the current Limited Banners. This is how you’ll obtain new weapons and Simulacra. Banners change approximately every month, containing both a new character and reruns of older ones.

You’ll need a lot of luck or a lot of Red Nucleus to guarantee pulling a character. Assuming your SR Weapons are maxed out, you’ll need 110 pulls to guarantee a copy of a banner weapon by purchasing it with Flame Gold. 80 pulls will give you a guaranteed SSR, but it’s only a 50/50 chance of getting the banner weapon.

Luckily, if you run out of Red Nucleus before hitting 80 pulls, the game’s pity system will carry over your rolls to the next banner. If your luck is truly amazing and you get an SSR before reaching 80 pulls, it will not reset your pity, and you’ll still get a guaranteed SSR at 80 pulls.

Join the High Ground

Gathering Red Nucleus is a slow process if you’re remaining free to play in Tower of Fantasy. Even with the multitude of methods available, there’s limits to how much you can obtain. Hopefully, we’ve pointed you to a source you haven’t yet discovered, so that you can have more pulls ready for future banners.

Good hunting, everyone!


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