Tower of Fantasy: Best Simulacrum Traits for Each Role (2024)

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Tower of Fantasy: Best Simulacrum Traits for Each Role (2024)

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all the gift items you’ve received in Tower of Fantasy, they could be the key to some extra power. By building bonds with the Simulacra you’ve unlocked, you can access special traits that boost your abilities. Some are specific to their weapon, but others are more general. Out of all of them, which are the best simulacrum traits, though?

Since you can only have one trait active at a time, you’ll want to choose based on the role you want to play. We’ll be going over the top traits for the three main roles you can play in Tower of Fantasy.

DPS Traits

Traits for Attack Resonance players focus mainly on increasing your damage output, nothing more.


Tower of Fantasy Fiona Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Being the newest Altered weapon, Fiona is bound to find her way into many builds. Her trait is a solid pairing if you plan to use her, since it provides a flat 18% bonus to your damage. The more important feature is that it buffs every one of her skills in some significant way. Due to her customizable skillset, this trait serves well in any comp, but tends to work best with DPS comps.

If you’re not using Fiona, you may want to look at some of the other traits on this list. Still, a flat, unconditional 18% boost to your damage is a solid effect on its own.


Tower of Fantasy Samir Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Out of all traits, Samir’s provides the best general damage boost at 20% with full stacks. It does require a fair bit of skill from the player, though. You’ll need to avoid getting hit for 20 seconds to acquire max stacks, and then keep avoiding damage to maintain the full boost. This trait is great while solo but shines when in a team so others can take aggro.


Tower of Fantasy Umi Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

If you don’t have Fiona, Umi is a good substitute for a near perpetual 18% damage boost. The boost activates for 30 seconds when you use Umi’s skill, which is a fairly long period. Better yet, her weapon skill is charged off of hitting enemies instead of a cooldown. Paired with a rapid-hitting weapon like Lyra’s, it’s easy to build enough charge to refresh Umi’s skill without too much downtime.

Tank Traits

Traits for Fortitude Resonance players serve to improve both your and your team’s survivability.

Saki Fuwa

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Saki Fuwa is easily the best defensive trait in the game, boosting all resistances by 40% (100% for Frost) when you’ve taken relatively minor damage. Aside from greatly increasing your own survivability, mixing this trait with Saki’s weapon ensures your team’s survival as well.

Whenever you use her skill with Fortitude Resonance, you’ll block the next 3 attacks for 10 seconds. The damage blocked won’t exceed 15% of your max HP, however. With this trait active, blocking an attack will then give a teammate with the lowest HP the same protection, allowing them to avoid incidental hits.


Tower of Fantasy Lan Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Lan’s trait is one that’s highly specific to her weapon, requiring her Vermillion Domain to be active. Once that requirement is fulfilled, all allies in Vermillion Domain’s area gain 24% extra resistance to Frost and Flame attacks, as well as an 8% damage boost. It’s easy to keep this boost active and helps keep the team alive, but due to only affecting two elements, the trait is overall very situational. Said situation is fairly common, though, and it provides an amazing buff in that situation.


Tower of Fantasy Frigg Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Frigg’s trait improves your Frost Attack over time in battle, ramping up to a high 24% boost after 30 seconds. Adding onto that, as long as you’re in the Frost Domain created by her skill, you’ll be immune to interruptions. Since tank comps usually include Saki Fuwa, this is a way to greatly improve your damage output if you’re willing to sacrifice durability. Naturally, this means Frigg’s trait works well in Frost DPS comps as well.

Healer Traits

Good traits for Benediction Resonance improve your own ability to heal and buff your teammates.


Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

The best trait for healers definitely goes to Cocoritter. Coco’s trait is the only one so far that directly increases your final healing, and by a significant 20%. This applies to both you and your teammates, so it should be fairly easy to keep them topped off with HP. The damage buff is also easy to trigger and can greatly boost your team’s DPS.

The only caveat is that it requires you to use weapons that provide Benediction Resonance. If you have a different weapon in your third slot, the trait’s benefits won’t apply.


Tower of Fantasy Lyra Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

Lyra’s trait boosts max HP for the whole team, allowing for greater survivability. Unfortunately, this extra HP doesn’t stack if multiple players are using the trait. Additionally, Lyra’s trait can help your team keep up their attacks by regularly granting hyperbody, causing them to be immune to knockback. The only issue is that this trait doesn’t actively help heal your team should their HP drop to critical levels.


Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Trait
(Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Dominic Allain)

It might seem strange for an Attack Resonance weapon to have a good trait for healers. Tsubasa’s trait is special in this regard, as instead of increasing your final damage, it increases your attack. Since your healing scales off of your attack, the trait does double duty. You’ll be able to deal more damage to enemies while also healing your team more. It’s a great trait for solo play due to its flexibility in improving your damage and sustain ability.

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Don’t neglect building bonds with your Simulacra, otherwise you’re throwing away a good chunk of power. Every role has its fair share of good traits, with many focusing on improving your damage output in some way. As more Simulacra are released, what’s considered the best simulacrum traits may change over time, so we’ll try to keep you updated. To keep on top of the Tower of Fantasy meta, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Happy gaming!


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