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The Best Team Comps in Tower of Fantasy

The Vera 2.0 update for Tower of Fantasy brought with it whole new maps, enemies, a new storyline, new characters, but most importantly — new weapons. With sixteen current SSR weapons in the Global version of Tower of Fantasy, you may find yourself having trouble putting together the perfect team to fit your playstyle or aesthetic. Whether you’re a beginner to the game or a returning player, a free to play or a light spender, we’ll be sure to showcase some of the best viable team comps and builds for your situation in Tower of Fantasy.

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What Is a Resonance?

Weapon Resonance
Weapon Resonance | Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Andrew Oli

Before we dive into the best team builds in Tower of Fantasy, it is beneficial to have a clear understanding of resonance. In Tower of Fantasy, you have a choice of activating four different types of resonance when it comes to team comps: Attack, Fortitude, Benediction, and Balance. These resonances provide buffs for solo and multiplayer content based on the kinds of weapons you are using for your team.

This is possible because every weapon is labeled with a specific role which classifies them as a DPS, support, or tank weapon. With that being the case, it is also possible for you to change to a different resonance buff if you choose different weapons in accordance to the desired resonance.

You can activate the different resonances as followed:

Attack Resonance

Equip at least two DPS-type weapons. You can view this as your traditional DPS role. If you want to focus on doing as much damage as possible in both solo and group content, an attack resonance team might be right up your alley.  

Benediction Resonance

Equip at least two support-type weapons. You can view this as your traditional support/healing role. If you find enjoyment in keeping your allies alive while simultaneously being able to support them from afar with damage buffs and other forms of utility, a benediction resonance team would fit you just fine.  

Fortitude Resonance

Equip at least two tank-type weapons. You can view this as your traditional tank role. If you enjoy taking the attention of enemies and bosses to ensure that the DPS and support players in your group don’t get targeted and are able to do their jobs, you will thrive as a fortitude tank.

Balance Resonance

Equip one DPS, support, and tank weapon. You can view this as more of a hybrid between an attacker and a shield breaker. While not getting as much of an attack buff as the Attack Resonance nor as much of a shatter buff as Fortitude resonance, Balance Resonance don’t really specialize in one or the other. With this being the case, a Balance Resonance team still usually fills the role of DPS within a group setting, but will also perform perfectly fine on its own for solo content.

Keep in mind that even if you decide to go with the tank team or support team route, you might still want to invest a little bit of your weapon material. Leveling up a DPS or balance team will surely make solo content more comfortable.

Best Team Comps in Tower of Fantasy

Lin's Limited Banner
Lin Limited Banner | Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Andrew Oli

The recent release of Lin has enabled the current DPS team comps of every element to ascend to higher potentials than we’ve ever seen in Tower of Fantasy. With her new unique element “Altered,” she provides teams with remarkably potent buffs. This also comes with some very notable off-field damage as she gains more weapon advancements (A1–A6).

Lin also provides certain buffs depending on the elements of the other two weapons you pair her up with on a team. She even provides a resonance buff when paired with two weapons of completely different elements. With all this in mind, you shouldn’t overlook the amount of sheer utility and DPS Lin brings to a team. And if you are fortunate enough to own a copy of Lin, we’re sure you can find a spot for her in any of your team compositions!

Best Early Game Team Comps

Best Early Game Team Comps in Tower of Fantasy
Image: HottaStudio via HGG / Andrew Oli

If you’re still fairly new to the game and don’t quite know what team you want to start building toward or what limited banners you want to save up your Dark Crystal and Red Nucleus for, you’ll probably be stuck using standard banner units for a little while.

Fear not! Here are some suggestions for decent teams you can throw together for the time being depending on your SSR luck from the standard banner. Feel free to mix up the team compositions to fit whatever playstyle you find to be most fun!

  • Samir + Tsubasa + King
  • Tsubasa + Cocoritter + Meryl
  • Samir + Cocoritter + Shiro
  • Pepper + Samir + King

Possible Best Team Comps for Beginners:


Volt Team Comps

Samir(A1) + Nemesis(A0) + King(A1) — This is a very simple yet effective team composition for volt. Samir is the main DPS of the team and will probably be used most of the time. Nemesis provides the volt resonance and acts as a support buffer and healer, while King is your shieldbreaker with his discharge skill.

Samir(A1) + Nemesis(A0) + Shiro(A3) — This setup works pretty much exactly the same as the King variant with Samir as the main charge and DPS. The only difference is that when Shiro shatters a shield, all weapon cooldowns will be reset.

Crow(A6) + Nemesis(A0) + Claudia(A1) — While Crow may not have the ability to provide consistent AOE damage like Samir, he more than makes up for it by being an absolute powerhouse when it comes to single-target fights such as boss battles. Crow relies on having optimal positioning during fights in order to take full advantage of his critical hit and critical damage advancements.

Samir(A1)/Crow(A6) + Nemesis(A0) + Lin(A3) — Similar to the Claudia setup, Lin will replace the designated shield breaker of the volt team, as herself paired with Crow should be more than enough for solo content. In group content, you will more than likely be relying on others to break shields for you to be able to do your massive damage. Lin’s off-field DPS along with the buffs from her Moonlight Realm at A3 is more than enough to overtake Claudia’s buffs. Not to mention that she will work with most elemental team compositions.

Flame Team Comps

Ruby(A1) + Cobalt-B(A6)/King(A1)  + Claudia(A1) — The flame element certainly is not lacking in the shield breaker category. Your main DPS will be Ruby with Cobalt providing the burning status with her Ionic Burn if you have a more invested team, while King can work just fine if you don’t want to invest in an A6 Cobalt-B. Claudia makes for a great support buffer for this team, as she requires low investment and has quick skill animations that will get her in and out when buffs are needed.

Ruby(A1) + Cobalt-B(A6)/King(A1)  + Lin(A6) — On a flame team, Lin would require much more investment to replace Claudia as a buffer. Even then, an A6 Lin would be able to outshine Claudia in just about every aspect while still being just as, if not more, versatile. 

Frost Team Comps

Saki(A1) + Tsubasa(A6) + Frigg(A6) — With the arrival of Saki, frost teams have started to revolve heavily around Saki’s A1 skill reset. Tsubasa’s attack buffs and low skill cooldown paired with Frigg’s infinite dodge attacks in her frost domain make for an extremely smooth, near seamless weapon rotation to activate Saki’s A1 skill reset.

Saki(A1) + Lin(A6) + Frigg(A6) — Lin at A6 does Tsubasa’s job much better than Tsubasa could ever dream of. Not only does Lin provide the attack buff with her Moonlight Realm, she is able to use her skill two times at A6. This makes for an even more seamless rotation for Saki’s A1 skill reset. You could say Lin irons out the very few kinks that Tsubasa has.

Physical Team Comps

Shiro(A6) + Lin(A6) + Claudia(A1) With the very limited physical character pool in the game at the moment, there are not many variations for a physical team at the moment. That being the case, having a Lin is extremely convenient when trying to build teams of different elements. With the buffs from Lin and Claudia, Shiro is able to comfortably shatter shields while also doing respectable DPS. Especially with her hold attack string that throws five chakrams. The addition of Lin makes this physical composition feel like an actual complete team. In terms of gameplay, this team is able to keep up with the other elements in terms of damage.

Tank Team Comps

Saki(A3) + Meryl(A6) + Frigg(A1) — When paired with another tank weapon, Saki gains the Silent Flow passive state, which allows her to block enemy attacks while simultaneously taunting, counter-attacking, and even healing. Meryl is a perfect partner for Saki in that regard, as she triggers the Frost Resonance as well as the Silent Flow passives. This weapon combination will deem you near unstoppable to most content in the game.

Support Team Comps

Cocoritter(A6) + Nemesis(A6) + Saki(A1) — The heals and damage amplification between Coco and Nem will leave your party members nothing short of amazed at how easily everything evaporates. Saki acts as your contribution to breaking shields in group content, as well as providing that nice little skill reset.

Cocoritter(A6) + Nemesis(A6) + Zero(A6) — Dropping the shatter unit for even more heals and damage amp for your team is never a bad idea so long as your party has a dedicated Fortitude player to break those shields. Your job with this team is quite literally to keep your team healthy and kicking with your multiple sources of heals.

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