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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the latest entry in the Borderlands franchise, and with it comes a fresh new take on classic Borderlands gameplay. One of the new features added with this spin-off is the addition of brand new classes, as well as the ability to combine those classes to create unique builds. But out of all the different classes in the game, which ones are the best to combine? Which are the best to go for if you want a particular build? How do you even combine classes, anyway?

We’ll be answering all your questions and more in this article for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations. Let’s get started!

What Is the Benefit of Taking a Secondary Class?

Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via HGG

When you gain a secondary class in Wonderlands, you’ll have access to both skill trees and will have more freedom in how you want to build out your character. You’ll be able to select from up to four different action skills to help you out in combat — each class gets two, so you’ll have access to more when you multiclass. An in-game example is the Spellshot’s ability to turn the opponent into a Skeet for a while, leaving them vulnerable and unable to defend themselves.

Video: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

You’ll also automatically gain the class feat of your secondary class, in addition to retaining the one from your primary class. These passive perks are unique to each class, giving you a wider range of abilities in combat. For example, the Brr-Zerker class feat allows you to deal extra frost damage whenever you use your action skill in combat.

How Do You Combine Classes?

Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via HGG

Before we get into the best 5 class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we should first discuss how exactly to unlock your secondary class. After you select your primary class at the start of the game, you’ll need to progress through the story. Once you reach and complete the mission “Emotion of the Ocean,” you’ll then automatically unlock a secondary class slot.

From here, just enter the Skills tab in your menu and choose which secondary class you want. You’ll have access to all the other classes in the game, opening up a whole new range of action skills, skill trees, and class feats.

You don’t have to decide which class you want right away, and you can continue playing the game normally until you make up your mind. You don’t need to wait until you decide on the perfect pick, though — you can change your secondary class later on in the game if you have a change of heart.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations: Top 5 Combos

With all of that in mind, let’s get into Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Best Class Combinations. These are listed in no particular order — you can pick any of them for success!

1. Stabbomancer + Brr-Zerker = Best Melee Build

Stabbomancer + Brr-Zerker = Best Melee Build
Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

The Stabbomancer is a sneaky melee class, akin to your traditional thief/assassin from other fantasy games. They’re very good at landing critical hits, so they’re recommended if you want your build to focus on critical hits. Their first action skill uses a throwable blade to do stationary damage in a single location. Alternatively, you can choose a skill that turns you invisible and grants automatic critical hits.

The Brr-Zerker is a warrior-like class that also does melee damage. They’re frost damage specialists, turning enemies into frozen statues! One of their action skills spins your melee weapon around rapidly, dealing lots of damage. Their other skill launches you at a group of enemies and deals massive splash damage.

This first one is a really great pick for a “Frost-Assassin” style build. The Brr-Zerker’s feat means that every time you use an action skill, you can dish out extra frost damage. You can combine this with the Stabbomancer’s ability to turn invisible. Now you can sneak up behind enemies and stab them in the back, dealing critical hit damage as well as frost to turn them into ice and prevent them from moving!

2. Spellshot + Graveborn = Best Magic Build

Spellshot + Graveborn = Best Magic Build
Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

The Spellshot is a mage-like class that puts a big emphasis on using spells in combat. Their feat grants them access to something called spell weaving. This is a meter that fills up whenever you reload or use a spell, and it increases the damage your spells can do. Their first action skill transforms an enemy into a Skeet for a short time. Their other option substitutes an action skill for an additional spell slot.

Graveborns are sort of like necromancers. Their skill trees are centered around using dark spells and reducing their own health to deal more damage. Their feat gives them a lich companion that can aid them in combat. Their first action skill buffs your dark magic attacks in exchange for a rapid health drain. Their second skill debuffs nearby opponents and dishes out some damage, but takes away soem of your health.

The main reason this class combination is so good is the lich companion. Whenever you cast a spell, the lich will shoot off an attack that mimics the spell you just sent out. This means that you can substitute an action skill for an additional spell slot and go all out in casting spells. It maximizes your efficiency in that area and allows you to deal devastating elemental attacks on your enemies.

3. Clawbringer + Sporewarden = Best Companion Build

Clawbringer + Sporewarden = Best Companion Build
Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

The Clawbringer is a unique melee class with an interesting twist. They use Wyvern pets to aid them in combat and specialize in dealing lightning and fire damage. Their action skills revolve around using their hammer — they can either throw a lightning-charged hammer for an electric ranged attack, or slam their hammer into the ground for an AOE fire attack.

Sporewardens are best for long-ranged builds. Their feat gives them a small mushroom companion that can do poison damage to any opponents they run into. As for action skills, they can choose to use frost magic and summon three cyclones to attack their foes. Alternatively, they can summon a very powerful bow that lets them shoot multiple arrows at enemies from far away.

If you were a FL4K main in Borderlands 3 but were disappointed you could only have one pet out at a time, you’ll be happy to fear you can have up to two companions out on the field at once in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands! The mushroom companion can tank loads of damage for you while your flying wyvern can rain down damage on your foes. Thanks to this extra help, it’s a great class combo for solo players.

4. Spellshot + Sporewarden = Good Long-Range Build

Spellshot + Sporewarden = Good Long-Range Build
Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

As previously mentioned, the Spellshot is a great class for using various different spells in combat. If you don’t want to take the extra spell slot, you can take the Sporewarden as a secondary class and go for the Etheral Bow as your action skill. This allows you to deal lots of long-range damage, which works great when combined with the extra damage from your spells.

The mushroom companion from the Sporewarden is also really great for distracting enemies. While he is on the frontlines tanking most of the damage, you can sit back with a sniper rifle and take out most of the enemies. I recommend this class for anyone looking to do a build centered around long-range combat.

5. Spellshot + Clawbringer = Jack of All Trades

Spellshot + Clawbringer = Jack of All Trades
Image: Gearbox Software, 2k via IGN / HGG

A good alternative build to specializing in one playstyle is to do a sort of “jack of all trades” build. A good class combination for this is the Spellshot and Clawbringer. The Spellshot’s emphasis on casting gives spells more utility, and the Clawbringer’s added elemental damage makes it good for dealing damage directly. Not to mention that the wyvern is a very capable companion that can defend you in combat!

There really isn’t any one weakness or big flaw in this combo, as each of the two classes’ feats gives you enough bonuses to make any playstyle effective. There is a lot of freedom with how you want to specc out this character since you have several different options for action skills.

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Happy gaming!

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