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Omega Strikers Season 2: Everything New for Summer Splash!

Omega Strikers just released its Season 2 update, titled Summer Splash. This new season brings a ton of new content to the game – a brand new battle pass, tons of new cosmetics, two new maps, and a new Striker! To keep you in the know, we’ll be breaking down everything new in the Summer Splash season of Omega Strikers!

Omega Strikers Season 2 Gameplay Changes

There is a ton of new content and some gameplay changes in this new update. First, we want to break down all the gameplay changes, so you know what you’re getting into.

New Maps

This update introduced two new maps to the game, and they’re sure to keep the game fresh! Here’s what you need to know about them in order to have a leg up on the competition.

Inky’s Splash Zone

This map is a new, single goal barrier map, with a huge twist. Once one of the teams’ goal barriers are opened, a button spawns on the opposite side. This button, when interacted with, sends a HUGE stream of water from one corner to the other. Let’s just say, you do not want to get caught in this water, as it will almost always knock you off the field.

The water blast can drastically change the flow of a match on Inky's Splash Zone.
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

This map requires a lot of awareness to be successful on. Being able to either dodge the water blast, or using your energy to become elusive, will be the key to success on this map. The core can also get stuck in the water, sending it flying at max speed. Clever use of the water blast to create power plays is the path to victory on this map.

Gates of Obscura

The other new map is somehow ever crazier than Inky’s! This map starts with a set of portals that spawn on opposite walls or corners. If a player or the core goes through one portal, they come out the other. These portals can make for some crazy plays. Right before overtime, a second set of portals will open up, adding to the chaos even more.

Chaos breaking loose on the new Gates of Obscura map.
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

This map also requires a ton of awareness, three times as much if you’re playing as goalie. Knowing exactly where the core is, especially on the enemy side of the field, is super important for preventing shots from unexpected angles. We expect this map to shake things up, allowing for even more crazy and dynamic gameplay.

Maps Rotation

In this update, Ahten City and and Demon Dais are being replaced by the new maps. We feel that this is a great change, as Ahten City is a very simple map and Demon Dais is one of the least popular maps they have added.

Ahten City and Demon Dais are being taken out of the map rotation in Omega Strikers Season 2.
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

For the first weekend of the update, Inky’s Splash Zone will appear more frequently in order to acclimate players to the new map. Odyssey has also stated that they will likely highlight the other new map, Gates of Obscura, in the future as well.

New Striker: Kazan

Kazan, the Frenzied Enforcer - new character launched with Season 2 of Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

With this new season comes a new Striker, named Kazan. He’s unique in that his special transforms his move set. He wields an umbrella, and his special determines whether it is open or closed.

When the umbrella is closed, he has a dash and a hook that pulls the core towards him. In the open position, he gains a multi-hit primary and an elusive jump-and-slam.

Kazan feels like the highest skill ceiling character that has been added to the game so far. Players will need to have a keen sense of when to switch between his two move sets. He seems like a versatile midfield character that can control space with his movement and score effectively.

Kazan doesn’t seem to be a KO focused character, but he does seem well-rounded nonetheless. We feel that Kazan is sure to become a meta-relevant character once players figure him out!

Balance and Bug Fixes

Season 2 has also brought some buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes that are sure to shake up the meta in Omega Strikers.

Notable Changes

  • All Strikers now have 1200 stagger at the start of the game, up from 1125.
    • This should help Strikers feel more sustainable across the board!
  • Primetime has been nerfed!
    • There is now a 10% damage reduction on Strikers’ primary abilities when this Awakening is selected.
  • Momentum Boots has also been nerfed.
    • This makes characters with a speed boost in their kit all the more valuable as goalie.
  • Finii’s special had five seconds removed from it’s cooldown timer.
  • Juno now has more control over her Blobbos.

New Content!

With the Summer Splash update comes a ton of new content. There is a fair amount of free content in the Visual Novel, as well as some in the battle pass, referred to as the Striker Pass.

Visual Novel

Throughout the season, players will be able to progress through the story and learn more about some of the game’s most beloved characters. This visual novel also includes rewards and missions that grant some exclusive cosmetics, so be sure to check out the story!

Summer Splash Visual Novel event - Omega Strikers Season 2
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG

Striker Pass

Just like last season, the premium battle pass features 51 tiers. There are also some free tiers available to everyone as well. The Striker Pass features a few new skins, along with emotes, titles, nameplates, goal explosions, and style points that help you unlock emotes in the shop.

New Skins

There are 5 new skins in the premium Striker Pass.

  • Cat Butler Kai
  • Red Rose Estelle
  • Summer Splash X
  • Ghostwood Spirit Warden Zentaro
  • Blackheart Spirit Warden Zentaro
The 5 skins available with the Season 2 premium Striker Pass.
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

Along with these skins, there are some other summer themed skins in the shop for the following:

  • Juno
  • Estelle
  • Dubu
  • Asher
  • Juliette

Join the High Ground!

That wraps up our coverage of everything new in Omega Strikers Season 2 and all of its major changes! Have you been enjoying the new season so far?

Let us know in the comments below, and share some ideas that you’d like to see us cover in the future. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more gaming content!

Happy gaming!


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