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Omega Strikers: Best Goalies (Tier List)

Omega Strikers has two positions — forward and goalie. In this article, we’re going to focus on the goalie position and which characters are best suited for it. The forward position is quite flexible, with most characters finding viability at average levels of play. In contrast, the pool of goalies is much more strict in Omega Strikers, as you need Strikers with the right attributes to find success.

We want to break down where every character fits into the goalie meta in Omega Strikers, so you can better understand how they work and where we think they rank. Let’s get into it!

Tier List of Goalies in Omega Strikers

Tier List of Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image via TierMaker.com

Criteria for Our Rankings

This goalie tier list is based on the defensive strengths that each character’s kit provides in Omega Strikers. Characters that can defend the goal well typically have at least one of a few characteristics — speed, area control, and utility.

Speed is self-explanatory. Area control typically refers to Strikers creations that create a barrier, but can also refer to certain projectiles as well. Utility would be any other ability that can help on the field. Most of the S-tier goalies have a good mix of these three.

We do want to acknowledge that the placement of Strikers on this list may change a bit at the higher levels of play. At high levels, some characters have weaknesses that make them more exploitable than others. A lot of these weaknesses can be overcome with Awakenings, but some goalies persist at the highest level in Omega Strikers because their base kit is strong, even without Awakenings.

S Tier

These characters are the best goalies Omega Strikers has to offer. Their kits provide a lot of defensive utility, making them easier to pick up and succeed with.


Kai - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Kai is at the top of our goalie list for a few reasons. Kai’s kit is very strong defensively, with great area control and speed. His primary, Barrage, is one of the best abilities in the game as a goalie, as it’s the only multi-hit projectile in the game. This ability will hit the core multiple times, slow it down significantly, and it can area control very well despite its size. Barrage is also one of the best anti-core flip tools in the game.

His secondary speed boost can be used for clutch saves, or to push up into midfield and zip back with Eject Button. His special is great at controlling space in the midfield from the goal arc, double hitting the core, and it can be used for knockouts as well. Kai has a do-it-all kit for goalie, making him the most well rounded goalie in our opinion.


Atlas - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Atlas’ strengths as a goalie are mostly based around his primary and secondary abilities. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in utility and area control. His primary puts out a shield that stays out for a bit if it doesn’t hit anything, but it can also be used to double hit the core away from enemies. His secondary is his main defensive strength. It creates a ring barrier that stays active and shrinks as long as it hits something. This ability can single-handedly control one side of the goal for a few seconds, leaving Atlas free to control an area elsewhere.

His special heals allies who stand inside it, and it also prevents knockouts while it’s active. Using it at the right time can completely negate the opponents’ efforts to KO your teammates. Atlas is a fantastic pick for goalies who value area control more than speed. If you can pick up Awakenings that strengthen his secondary and get him some speed, Atlas becomes virtually unstoppable as the goalkeeper in Omega Strikers.


Drek'ar - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Drek’ar serves a fairly similar role to Kai in goalie, but still has some unique attributes that make him stand out. His secondary is also a speed boost, but he also turns invisible, making it hard for enemy forwards to know which part of the goal he is protecting.

His primary has multiple charges and is great at double hitting the core. Drek’ar’s special slows either the core or enemies on contact, which can be great as a defensive tool. He has all the tools to be a great goalie that relies on speed and trickery more than area control.


Ai.Mi - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Ai.Mi’s kit is a bit harder to use than the other three characters ranked above her, but this doesn’t stop her from being an S tier goalie. Her primary ability is great at keeping the core away from the goal. It can be aimed up and down to save goals from the other side of the goal as well, although it is possible to score on yourself doing this.

Her secondary allows her to blink across the map to apply pressure, which can be useful in combination with Eject Button. Even without that piece of gear, her blink can be used to make saves from the other side of the goal.

Lastly, her special is one of the best area control abilities in the game, negating an entire side of the field for quite some time. It can also be aimed vertically in the goal to make it difficult to score. Ai.Mi is likely the hardest of our S-tier goalies to play, but with some practice, she can be an incredible goalkeeper in Omega Strikers.

A Tier

These characters can play goalie well, but aren’t quite as strong as the top contenders. These characters often have to work a bit harder as goalkeeper, and a few of them need the right Awakenings to thrive in the position.


Rasmus - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Rasmus’ kit is fairly well rounded, which makes him a pretty good pick for goalie. His secondary, like a lot of the S-tier goalies in Omega Strikers, is a speed boost. It also comes with the added benefit of an additional melee hit if you cast his secondary again. This is great for dealing with opponents who try to stuff the goal, as it can be used as a double hit alongside your strike.

His primary is also good for double hitting the core, and has decent range to play keep away outside the goal box. Lastly, Rasmus’ special can be used to bring the core back to him to confuse opponents and make clutch saves. He requires some practice, but is still a solid goalie.


Rune - Best Goalies in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Rune focuses more on controlling area than speed when playing goalie. His primary and secondary both create anomalies, which stay active for a few seconds unless they until they hit something. These anomalies are great for blocking areas of the midfield and goal, making it difficult for enemies to get through.

His special, Banish, is also a great defensive defensive tool as it can stop enemies that are harassing you from moving, allowing you to get the core away from them and reset. It can also be used to disable and save the core. Overall, Rune has a solid defensive kit that can be quite strong in goal with some practice.


Estelle - a very unconventional goalie, but a good one.
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Estelle tends to play goalie a little differently than most other high tier goalies. Her game plan is to use her long range abilities to keep the core away from the goal entirely, if she can help it. Her primary and special abilities are great at hitting the core from range, and double hitting the core.

Her secondary also has a ton of defensive utility, as it can be used to blink across the goal and make saves. This ability is a bit difficult to aim, so it may take some practice to start making crazy saves with it. Estelle has an interesting goalie style, but it has proven to be quite effective.


Dubu - the best goalie for beginners in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Dubu has a ton of defensive utility built into his kit, and he also has the largest strike radius in the game without any Awakenings. His primary and special are some of the best area control abilities in the game, especially with Awakenings to increase their size. His secondary, Somerassault, rolls forward and can be used to stop the core completely, allowing for some medium range saves.

Due to his size, Dubu is slow, and often gets punished for being out of position. If you can pick up Awakenings that make him faster, Dubu can still be a fairly strong goalie beyond your first few games in Omega Strikers. He excels at controlling space with his abilities and using his size to make saves.

B Tier

These Strikers have some defensive capability, but often fall short of the other characters listed before them. Some of these characters have weaknesses that need to be fixed with Awakenings. Others have kits that have some defensive utility, but not enough to be high tier goalies in Omega Strikers, regardless of Awakenings.


Luna - capable of alternating between goalie and forward.
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Luna has a well rounded kit, but she struggles in goal due to her size and speed. She can make saves with her primary missile, and use her secondary dash to smack the core into the enemy side, then zip back with Eject Button.

She can also use her special to push enemies away from a scoring position and deal massive damage. If you can master using all of her abilities in tandem, Luna can actually alternate between forward and goalie as needed. That being said, it’s a rather risky maneuver that will leave your team angry with you if you mess it up.

If you’re still interested in playing Luna as goalie, you’ll want Awakenings that buff her speed and size. Get enough of them, and she can be a solid goalie pick – but without them, she feels a bit lackluster in comparison to the above options.


Vyce - far better suited as a forward.
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Vyce’s kit is more geared toward damage dealing and offense, but she still has some good defensive utility. Her special can control a lot of space once or twice a round, and her primary has enough range to control midfield.

Her secondary can be used to stop the core then teleport to the cast location, but using this ability on offense is a lot easier than on defense. Vyce is a pretty good goalie, but she’s miles better as a forward.


Juno - not a bad goalie option when you're first learning the game.
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Juno can control a ton of area in and around the goal box with her blobbos, which are created by every ability she has. However, her abilities need to be used very efficiently to get a lot of defensive value.

Her kit is better suited for offense, as her area control is so much stronger when used to score and control enemy space rather than using it to defend. You can make Juno goalie work, but she’s pretty slow and requires great cooldown management to make up for it.

That being said, she’s not a bad pick as goalie when you’re first learning the game, as the blobbos can serve as a crutch to help you out. Just remember that you can’t over-rely on them once you start playing against more experienced players.


Asher - struggles to keep up against faster opponents.
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Asher is another big bodied choice for goalie, but unlike other large characters, she only has one area control ability via her special. That being said, her primary is good at stopping the core, and she has a dash that can be used to make saves and close distance. She just unfortunately struggles to deal with opponents who can apply constant pressure and out-maneuver her.

Luckily, Asher can be a decent goalie with a good set of Awakenings. If you can get her some speed Awakenings, she can do the job.


Zentaro - an odd but workable choice as goalie
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Zentaro has some tools that make him a decent goalie, such as his strike projectile that charges by hitting enemies, his special, and his dash. He just feels clunky due to the cast time on his abilities. His special is his only ability that casts quickly, with the rest being pretty slow. Overall, he just feels like an offensive character, but he isn’t the worst goalie on the roster.

C Tier

These characters provide little to no defensive utility, and are typically better suited to play forward. There are ways to make these characters work as a goalie, but every character listed above is a better pick for goalie. For these last few, we’re going to address them as a group.

Characters that should never be goalie in Omega Strikers.
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

Era really only has one strong tool as a goalie, which is her speed boost. The rest of her kit is geared toward offense, so we don’t see a reason for her to play goalie. She wants to disrupt enemies and help her team, so she gets way more value out of her kit when playing forward.

X can control some area with his primary, and make saves with his dash. But c’mon. X wants to fight, not defend. His kit is designed to cause problems on the field, and he can’t create too many problems from the goal arc!

Octavia’s kit is designed to zip around the field, so she feels restricted as a goalie. Her secondary speed boost is hard to get value out of as a goalie, and the rest of her kit is meant to disrupt and KO enemies. She belongs on the field, not in the goal.

Juliette is another brawler character that creates way too much value as a forward to bother trying to make her work as a goalie. She has short range attacks, no area control, and she isn’t particularly fast or large either. Like X, she feels better suited to brawl than to defend.

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That wraps up our Omega Strikers goalies tier list! Around half the roster can play goalie very well, while a lot of the others fall short. The position isn’t nearly as flexible as forward. However, we still encourage you to try out all kinds of goalie playstyles to see what fits well for you. Do you main goalie, forward, or a bit of both?

Let us know in the comments below, and share topics that you’d like to see us cover in the future. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more gaming content!

Happy gaming!


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