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Omega Strikers: Dubu Guide and Build

Dubu is one of the characters that you start out with when you begin your Omega Strikers journey. The big guy doesn’t have much to say beyond his name, but he’s so cute that it doesn’t really matter. Dubu is a great character to start with, as his abilities are straightforward and valuable. To get you started playing Dubu, this Omega Strikers guide will cover how he works, how to play him in both positions, his best builds, and some other tips to help you master the gentle giant.

Overview of Dubu in Omega Strikers

Dubu is the largest (and let’s be honest, most adorable) character in Omega Strikers. Juliette found him as a tiny hamster behind a dumpster and fed him tofu (known as dubu in Korean). He loved it so much that it became his namesake as he rapidly grew over the years to his current size. Ever vigilant as Juliette’s protector, Dubu has now even joined her on the Corestrike field.

With his large stature and defensive kit, Dubu is mainly played as a goalie. However, he also has a lot of potential as a forward and can stuff the Core into the goal just like tofu into his mouth.

Dubu’s Abilities

In this section, we’re going to cover Dubu’s abilities and how they work, along with his strengths and weaknesses. Let’s get into it!

Rollout (Primary)

For his primary ability, Dubu sends out a bamboo log that stays on the field for a bit unless it hits an enemy or the core. The bamboo serves as an active hitbox during the cast animation, meaning it can stop the core and then push it forward.

This log is great at controlling space, and it hits the core pretty hard. The bamboo is also a creation, so it benefits from all creation Awakenings.

Dubu's primary ability - Rollout  - Omega Strikers Guide
Rollout | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

Somerassault (Secondary)

Dubu’s secondary, Somerassault, sends himself rolling forward, smashing and stunning enemies on contact. It can also stop the core in place if aimed well. Dubu’s roll has both offensive and defensive uses.

As a forward, it can inflict damage and stun opponents, and it can even KO opponents close to the edge. As a goalie, it’s great for making clutch saves from a distance and regaining core control up close.

Dubu's secondary ability - Somerassault - Omega Strikers Guide
Somerassault | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

Tofu Fortress (Special)

For Dubu’s special, he slings a few plates of tofu onto the field in an arc. These plates form a barrier on the field that stays active for a few seconds. During the cast animation, the plates can also hit enemies, and they hit pretty hard!

This ability has a few uses. It can create a wall that stops the core and enemies from passing through. It’s also a pretty strong ability for knockouts, though this is almost never it’s primary use. Dubu’s Tofu is one of the best area control abilities in the game. It’s also a creation, benefiting from creation Awakenings.

Dubu's special - Tofu Fortress - Omega Strikers Guide
Tofu Fortress | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan


Dubu’s biggest strengths are his size and his area control abilities. Being the biggest Striker, he comes with the largest strike radius in the game. Dubu’s insanely large strike zone allows him to hit the core from spots other Strikers could only dream of.

His extra large strike zone allows his strike timing to be less strict than many other characters as well. The core can be well behind him, and often times, he can still strike it. His size also contributes to his survivability, as with the larger size comes a larger health pool.

Strike radius comparison between Dubu, Juliette, and Luna.
Strike radius comparison (Juliette vs. Dubu vs. Luna) | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

Area control is the other huge strength that Dubu has. Both his primary and special abilities take up space on the field, allowing Dubu to control area in the midfield while staying back in the goal.

This idea applies to playing Dubu as a forward as well, just without having to stay in the goal. His Tofu wall creates situation where enemies have to redirect the core or wait for the wall to go away. This gives your team time to reposition and apply pressure. Well placed bamboo logs also cover a good amount of space, creating a “no-redirect” zone that the enemies have to deal with.


Dubu gets heavily punished for bad positioning as a goalie, because he only has Somerassault to deal with cross-goal shots. Meanwhile, other popular goalie picks like Kai and Drek’ar have a speed boost for their secondary, which drastically helps to deal with long, diagonal shots.

If Dubu find himself on one side of the goal, the enemy can often score with a swift cross shot or a well-placed pass. Using Somerassault unnecessarily can leave Dubu defenseless to those cross-goal shots for 18 seconds. If his Tofu and/or Rollout are also on cooldown, he’s even more defenseless to passing pressure.

Dubu struggles to deal with a cross goal shot due to his slow speed.
Poor positioning leads to a pass and goal by the enemy team | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

In the image above, a lack of awareness on where the enemy was positioned ended up leading to a cross goal pass that Dubu couldn’t stop (short of using Somerassault much earlier). If Dubu was aware of the Ai.Mi’s position and reacted accordingly, this could have been prevented.

As a forward, Dubu’s weaknesses affect him a bit less, as he doesn’t have to focus so much on defensive positioning. However, due to his size, he is very easy to hit with abilities, which can be more of a problem when playing him as a forward. When he’s out in the field, expect to get hit much more often than you might be used to dealing with.

Best Build for Dubu

Our guide will cover the best gear and awakenings to build on Dubu for both forward and goalie in Omega Strikers.

Best Gear for Dubu

Before moving forward in this section, we want to acknowledge that picking gear for your character is often based on playstyle. Generally, most gear selections are viable for most characters — it just depends on how you want to play them.

That being said, we’ll still guide you to what’s generally considered the best gear for Dubu in Omega Strikers.


Best Forward Gear for Dubu - Omega Strikers Guide
Image via TierMaker.com

When playing forward, Dubu can get away with taking any of the gear available to him. However, as mentioned, Dubu doesn’t have any abilities that boost his speed. So if you want to cover one of his biggest weaknesses, we suggest taking either Magnetized Soles or Slick Kicks.

However, if you want to brawl with the best of them, Pummelers is a good option. This turns both his primary and special into legitimate KO options if that’s something you want to focus on.

Based on the enemy team selections, you may want to try Vicious Vambrace or Siphoning Wand. Characters like X and Juliette, among others, may focus on beating up the biggest target on the field, and these can help you restore some health.

Siphoning Wand also makes Strikers deal more damage, which can be great when pairing him with Brawlers. However, we think that speeding Dubu up is the most beneficial option when playing forward, allowing him to use his size more effectively since he will be able to reposition faster.


Best Goalie Gear for Dubu - Omega Strikers Guide
Image via TierMaker.com

As a goalie, the story doesn’t change too much. Dubu benefits from additional speed quite a lot as a goalie. If you want to start out the round by covering his lack of a speed boost early, you may want to try out Momentum Boots. Alternatively, if you want to lean into Dubu’s size even more, then Powerhouse Pauldrons is the gear for you.

Area control is also a huge strength of Dubu’s, and Strike Shot may provide the most overall benefit. It gives Dubu an additional projectile which increases his range, and also gives his primary and special a 35% increase in travel range. This allows Dubu to control space from even further away. We find that Eject Button can be good, but it gets outclassed by the other options.

Best Awakenings for Dubu

Dubu benefits from a ton of Awakenings, but there are a few categories that you may want to focus on. He benefits most from Awakenings that give him additional speed and size, and Awakenings that benefits his creations.

Best Dubu Awakenings - Omega Strikers Guide
Image via TierMaker.com

If you want to be even bigger, you’ll want to target Big Fish and Built Different. The latter has the added benefits of strengthening his secondary and special, which are both impacts (abilities that can hit multiple targets at once).

Dubu also has two creations, so Awakenings like Monumentalist and Timeless Creator should be prime targets if you want to strengthen Dubu’s area control.

If you want to make Dubu faster, Swagger Stagger, Glass Cannon, Orb Dancer, Egoist, and Stacks on Stacks are all great options. Glass Cannon and Orb Dancer are typically better as a goalie, but they can help as a forward as well.

Dubu also benefits from cooldown reduction as well, so Awakenings like Extra Special, Quick Strike, Perfect Form, Rapid Fire, and Prime Time are great options for both positions.

How to Play Dubu as Goalie

In Omega Strikers, good goalie characters typically have some mix of size, speed, and area control. Dubu lacks a speed boost, but makes up for it with his stature and creations.

Dubu’s game plan as a goalie is pretty straightforward. Dubu wants to use his size in the goal box to stop enemies that are trying to stuff the goal. Since his strike radius is so large, he can often steal the core from enemies who try to strike it in his face, though this requires good timing.

Playing Dubu as a goalie requires keen awareness of where the core is going to end up. He always has to be aware of pass attempts that will lead to cross-goal shots, as those are his biggest weakness. Dubu needs to focus on positioning and awareness, especially when more than one enemy positions themselves close to him.

However, Dubu has a solid array of tools to try to stop that from happening. He can use his primary and special abilities to take up midfield space, making it difficult for enemies to get the core into his territory.

His primary can be placed behind a strike war (when two or more Strikers are trying to hit the core in close quarters) which can stop the core from passing his ally if they lose the exchange. Rollout can also be placed in front of an enemy when they flip the core to make it difficult for them to strike it.

Dubu using Rollout to control and stop a core flip.
Rollout beating Drek’ar’s core flip | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

Dubu’s special can be used in a few ways. One tactic is to place the plates in midfield, blocking one side of the field. This can easily disrupt enemy game plans and negate pressure.

It can also be used when the enemies are creating too much scoring pressure up close. The tofu plates can push several enemies and the core away from him all at once. This can allow his team to reset and try to gain possession of the core on the enemy side.

Dubu using Tofu Fortress to push enemies away from the core.
Tofu Fortress pushing two enemies away at once | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

Using his secondary ability to stop the core is also useful, but it can leave Dubu incredibly out of position if he misses the core. We recommend saving this ability for the right situations, as using it incorrectly can easily cost your team the point. It’s useful for stopping the core in corners, or as a last-ditch effort to stop cross-goal shots that he wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.

Overall, Dubu can be an excellent goalie, as long as you focus on good positioning and cooldown management.

How to Play Dubu as Forward

Dubu is one of our favorite sleeper picks as a forward. He’s often pigeon-holed into the goalie position, but most if not all of his strengths as a goalie can transfer to the forward position when used properly.

Due to his size, Dubu excels at winning strike wars. He can strike the core from further away (and further behind him) than most other strikers. This skill helps a lot when playing Dubu in midfield, as he can help to keep the core on the enemy side pretty consistently. He can also use his imposing size in combination with some patience to win strike wars against goalies pretty easily by getting in their face.

Dubu’s area control is very strong as a forward, just as it is as a goalie. As a forward, he can place his abilities in key spots without having to walk back to the goal every time.

Rollout can be a great scoring tool. It can move the core forward, then when the enemy tries to deflect it, quickly strike the core again with your regular strike. His special can also be used in this manner. Tofu Fortress can have a lot of value as a forward, as it can set up close quarters situations by closing off an area of the field. It can also be used for scoring, and defensively like he would use it as a goalie.

Dubu used Rollout to control the area and cause the enemy to score on themselves.
Rollout controlling area in the enemy goal, leading to a goal | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

It’s also worth noting that while Dubu is not a brawler/KO focused character, his abilities can be useful KO tools, especially when paired with Awakenings and Gear that make him stronger.

Dubu’s secondary, Somerassault, has a lot of uses as a forward as well. He can use it to cover distance quickly and snag possession of the core by stopping it anywhere on the field. This ability also deals a fair amount of damage, and can stun enemies, allowing for passes and shots that the enemy could otherwise redirect.

Dubu used Somerassault to stun an opponent and set up a goal shot.
Somerassault stun leads to a shot attempt and assist | Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan

Dubu can create a ton of value in the forward position, but just like when playing goalie, he has to focus on smart cooldown usage and positioning.

Join the High Ground!

That wraps up our Omega Strikers guide to Dubu and how to play him. Dubu is a super fun character that can control the field and use his size to dominate the competition. We encourage you to try Dubu out in both positions, as he can be very valuable in plenty of situations. Yeah, Dubu!

We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to best use Dubu on the Corestrike field and dominate in Omega Strikers. Have you tried Dubu out yet? If so, how are you feeling about him?

Let us know in the comments below, and share topics that you’d like to see us cover in the future. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more gaming content!

Happy gaming!


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