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Omega Strikers – Best Controls & Settings (PC, Mobile, Console)

Omega Strikers from Odyssey Interactive is officially out on almost all major platforms. This includes PC, current and last generation consoles, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android! With all these different choices come different input methods. To ensure you get the most out of the game, we’ve created an all inclusive guide about the best settings and controls for Omega Strikers.

Best Omega Strikers Controls and Settings

In this guide, we’re going to break down the best settings and controls for every input method, as well as some other game settings that apply to all platforms. Let’s get into it!

General Omega Strikers Settings

In the settings tab, there are a few settings that apply to all devices. Most of these settings are up personal preference, but they’re important nonetheless.

Settings Menu
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG

Strike Indicator

We recommend having this set to off. When set to on, striking will occur on release rather than on press. This makes your strikes significantly slower, but does offer a bit more control. Faster striking feels more fluid and responsive, so for that reason, we keep it off.

Show Passive Aiming Indicator

We recommend keeping this on, especially as a beginner. This setting determines whether an arrow appears next to your character. This arrow indicates the strike direction. When learning to aim, having this setting on will help you to understand where the core will go when struck. More experienced players may find the arrow distracting and tend to keep it off, but we like having it on.

Omega Strikers Passive Aiming Indicator Comparison
Passive Aiming Indicator On vs. Off (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan)

Ability Indicators

We recommend having this setting on as well. When set to on, a shadow of your abilities will appear when you activate them, and the abilities are cast on release. The shadow shows where the ability will be cast, and the range of the ability.

If this setting is turned off, the abilities do cast a little bit faster. More experienced players may find the added time to cast clunky. However, we think the trade off of precision versus speed warrants having this setting on. 

Omega Strikers Ability Indicator
Ability Indicator On (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG/Jordan Pagan)

Retry Abilities if Stunned

We recommend having this setting off. Stuns are very common in Omega Strikers, and wasting your ability cooldown in the wrong spot after getting stunned can be frustrating. With the setting off, if you get stunned while casting an ability, it will cancel the cast. This way, you can re-aim the ability if you want to use it rather than accidentally wasting it once the stun ends. 

Graphics and Interface

Let’s keep this simple. We recommend having show FPS and Ping set to on. If your device allows it, set your max FPS to your monitor’s frame rate. If your FPS is not matching or exceeding your monitor’s frame rate, drop your quality down a notch. Omega Strikers is a fairly light game in terms of system requirements, so these tips should cover just about everyone.

PC/Keyboard Settings

Settings for Controls on PC
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG


This setting typically depends on your gaming background. If you’ve played a lot of MOBA games, then the MOBA style controls may feel more comfortable. The same goes for FPS players and moving with WASD.

However, there is an inherent downside to MOBA controls. Since the direction you move in is determined by your cursor, you can only strike in the direction you are facing. Due to that, there is no way to move one direction and strike in the opposite direction with MOBA controls. For this reason alone, we strongly recommend WASD controls for Omega Strikers


The key bindings we recommend that you consider changing are for special and evade/energy burst. By default, these are set to R and Q respectively, both of which require the use of your movement fingers (on WASD).

We recommend utilizing the free spacebar bind and your mouse’s side buttons if you have them. Optimizing movement binds is a great thing to do in any game, and Omega Strikers is no exception.

Console/Controller Settings

Settings for Controls on Console/Controller
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG

For you controller players out there, we’ve got you covered. We recommend having “aim movement abilities with left stick” set to off. Aiming everything with the right stick will likely feel more intuitive, but you can try playing with it on if you like. “Remember last aimed cast position” is purely preference, but we like having it on

The aim assist in Omega Strikers is a bit strange. With our testing, we found having it off made things easier, as it gives you full control of your aiming. With aim assist on, the game may pull your abilities toward enemies when you want to aim at the core, and vice versa. If you decide to keep aim assist on (which is totally fine), we recommend trying to increase the aim assist override slider. The goal is for it to feel natural to strike the core and hit enemies. 

Mobile Settings

For our mobile players, we have a few tips as well. The controls are a bit different on mobile, using a tap and hold system. If you tap an ability, it will aim based on the “tap target priority” setting in the controls tab. Along with this setting, “change target priority button” adds a button on the HUD that swaps between targeting the core or the closest player when set to on. We found having the button useful, unless you have the target priority set to “closest any.”

If you want to ensure an ability is aimed at an enemy, hold down the ability and aim it before releasing to cast it. Striking works the same way by default, and you can quickly swipe the strike button in the direction you want to hit the core for quick shots.

Other than those settings, setting up a custom button layout might help as well. The default controls have small buttons and can feel clunky. Below are a few examples of control schemes you may want to try.

Omega Strikers Mobile Default Controls
Default Controls (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG)
Omega Strikers Mobile Enlarged Strike Controls
Enlarged Strike Button Controls (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG)
Omega Strikers Mobile Linear Controls
Linear Controls (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG)

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That wraps up our Omega Strikers settings guide! We think that these are the best Omega Strikers controls and settings across all devices and input methods, and we hope they help you out in game.

What platform are you striking on? Let us know in the comments below, and while you’re there, leave some suggestions for future topics! Be sure to check out our newsletter for more guides and game news.

Happy gaming!


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