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Omega Strikers: Best Awakenings for Each Character

In the hit free-to-play hockey brawler Omega Strikers, there is a system of perks called Awakenings that can drastically augment the playstyle of your character, so picking the best ones is incredibly important to whether or not you win!

If you’re new to the game, the Awakenings system may seem a bit confusing at first, with more than 30+ Awakenings in a rotation at any given time. But don’t worry! We’ll go over how Awakenings work, and which ones are the best for each character in Omega Strikers!

Guide to Awakenings in Omega Strikers

This guide to Awakenings will teach you everything you need to know about how best to build up your favorite character in Omega Strikers. Let’s get started!

What are Awakenings?

Awakenings are perks in Omega Strikers that grant your character various buffs for a match, with the available options pulled randomly from a list. In Quickplay and Co-op vs AI, the Awakenings are selected automatically at the start of the match and apply to all players.

In Normal and Competitive modes, there are two Awakenings to choose from at the start of the match. After each set, players will be able to draft from a selection of eight random Awakenings. The Awakening draft order is determined by the total experience gained in the previous set, starting with the highest experience.

Each Awakening can only be selected by one player, except for the universal option which can be chosen by everybody. Your selected Awakenings will carry over to the rest of the match, so you’ll typically want to focus on picking Awakenings that synergize and augment a specific part of your character’s kit.

List of all Awakenings in Omega Strikers
How to find the list of all Awakenings in game. (Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan)

Which Awakenings Should You Choose?

There are a few different types of Awakenings in Omega Strikers. For starters, some types of Awakenings only apply to a specific ability type. Every character’s three unique abilities are classified under at least one ability type. Some of these ability types include projectiles, creations, buffs, and impacts, among others.

The types of abilities for each character can be seen in the Strikers menu in the top left of the lobby screen. Knowing what types of abilities your character has is one of the keys to selecting the right Awakenings. 

The rest of the Awakenings apply to your stats in general rather than a specific type of ability. These can help buff a character’s speed, size, and max health, and cooldown timers to name a few.

Some characters have weaknesses due to their archetype. For example, larger and bulkier characters tend to be slower and really need a speed boost to be more effective. With that in mind, you may want to focus on Awakenings that cover this weakness. Alternatively, you can double down on their bulkiness and simply play around your strengths and weaknesses.

In short, you have two reasons to pick a specific Awakening:

  • Maximize your character’s strengths
  • Help cover one of their weaknesses
Best Awakenings in general in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive via HGG / Jordan Pagan

Before we dive into specific Awakenings for each character in Omega Strikers, we want to go over some that are always good and useful on every character.

There are a few Awakenings that are often taken by the first few Strikers in each draft. All of these perks give cooldown reduction or extra charges, making them great all-around choices for most characters. If these aren’t taken by the time it’s your turn in the draft, you may want to consider taking these!

  • Primetime: having an extra charge of your primary ability is generally a great thing to have for all characters – plus this make it hit harder.
  • Twin Drive: Same goes for your secondary here. The additional charge is great – and the cooldown reduction is nice as well.
  • Extra Special: Special cooldowns are the longest of the three abilities for every character. Having your special at the start of every round AND cooldown reduction on your special is a big advantage.
  • Rapid Fire: Having a faster primary ability cooldown is beneficial to every character.
  • Quick Strike: Everyone on the field has the same one second strike timing – having a faster strike makes you a way bigger offensive threat.

Best Awakenings for Each Character in Omega Strikers

In this section, we’ll cover the best Awakenings you can select for each character in Omega Strikers.

Note that not being able to select all of these Awakenings in a single match won’t make your character useless or anything. These Awakenings are meant to help play into your Striker’s strengths and cover their weaknesses.


Best Awakenings for Ai.Mi in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A well rounded character that can control a lot of space. Focus on strengthening her abilities in any way possible, as she doesn’t have many weaknesses.

  • Monumentalist / Timeless Creator
    • These make her special bigger and stronger/bigger respectively. They make her special even harder for your opponent to deal with both offensively and defensively. 
  • Aerials
    • This gives her additional blink range on her secondary and makes her primary and special travel further – what’s not to love?
  • Extra Special
    • Ai.Mi has one of the best specials in the game, so having it more often is great. Plus, if you use it to score, you’ll have it at the start of the next round.
  • Missile Propulsion
    • This also grants her primary and special additional range. Longer projectiles (including her special) combined with her blink can make it feel like Ai.Mi is everywhere at once.


Best Awakenings for Asher in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

 A large, heavy hitting Striker. Aim to make her bigger, stronger, and faster if you can. 

  • Big Fish / Built Different / Bulk Up
    • Any combination of these three make Asher bigger. Big Fish grants more HP, Built Different gives impacts more power, and Bulk Up gives more power for having more HP. More size makes it easier for her to stuff goals in, or to defend more effectively.
  • Stacks on Stacks
    • This is a stacking speed buff where speed is granted for hitting players. It does reset when you get knocked out, but that shouldn’t happen often as Asher. Since you’ll be doing a lot of hitting as Asher, this is a great way to give her more speed. 
  • Prime Time / Heavy Impact
    • Making her primary hit harder is great, and having an additional charge is amazing. Heavy Impact can help with her primary as well. 


Best Awakenings for Atlas in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A brick wall of defensive goodness. Atlas is mostly a goalie character. Aim to make him faster and to give him more opportunities to put up a wall. 

  • Twin Drive
    • Having two charges on his secondary makes him even harder to score on.
  • Timeless Creator / Monumentalist
    • To go along with that, his secondary is a creation. Making it larger and last longer is a win-win. This also affects his special which heals teammates and can save them from knockouts. Monumentalist also increases the size of these abilities.
  • Glass Cannon
    • If you can avoid getting hit, this perk gives you up to 20% additional speed. The more speed the better as a goalie.
  • Stacks on Stacks
    • Another speed boost that can help Atlas become even more dominant on defense.


Best Awakenings for Drek'ar in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A sneaky character suitable for both forward and goalie. Aim to make his secondary last longer, and as a forward, aim to make him stronger. Drek’ar can be quite the assassin when powered up.

  • Chronoboost / Aerials
    • Both of these make his secondary, where he turns invisible and gains a speed boost, even faster. Aerials also gives the added bonus of making his primary and special abilities shoot further for scoring and disrupting. 
  • Prime Time / Twin Drive
    • These two are really some of the best things you can have for Drek. More shotgun blasts, and more sneaking around. 
  • Hotshot
    • Every time your primary or special hits the core, they hit harder, and it refunds the cooldown by 30%. This helps to have his abilities up more often.


Best Awakenings for Dubu in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The biggest and most adorable Striker. Known for being a goalie but can play forward as well. Aim to make him even larger, and faster if you can. Beefing up his creations can also help on defense. Yeah, Dubu!

  • Stacks on Stacks / Glass Cannon
    • Seeing a pattern here? Big, slower Strikers love Stacks on Stacks. Don’t get knocked out and you simply get faster. Glass Cannon helps a ton as well if you can avoid getting bullied in the goal arc. 
  • Monumentalist / Timeless Creator
    • These help to make your primary and special bigger, which can be great for defensive purposes. 
  • Built Different / Big Fish
    • These serve to make Dubu, who already has the biggest strike zone in the game, even larger. 
  • Quick Strike
    • To go along with the increased strike radius, being able to strike faster makes him an even more staunch defender. 


Best Awakenings for Era in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A utility powerhouse. Aim to make her buffs and debuffs stronger, and to strengthen her special.

  • Cast to Last
    • Far and away the best Awakening for Era. This makes her speed boost, debuffs and creations last longer. Always take this when you can.
  • Chronoboost / Aerials
    • These make her speed boosts last longer and give buff/debuff duration and projectile range respectively. 
  • Monumentalist
    • Her special becomes double the size and hits harder, making it even difficult to deal with.
  • Primetime
    • Era has one of the strongest primary abilities in the game, as it shrinks and slows enemies. Having another charge is almost too strong!
  • Extra Special
    • Having her special up in 12 seconds rather than 20 makes her even more of a threat, not to mention having it at the start of every round.


Best Awakenings for Estelle in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The resident sniper of Omega Strikers. Aim to increase the range of her abilities to make her an even scarier scoring threat. 

  • Missile Propulsion
    • Two out of three of her abilities are projectiles, and as a sniper, having these travel further is super strong.
  • Hotshot
    • Estelle’s abilities already hit the core pretty hard, but this makes all of them hit it harder and refunds 30% of the cooldown for the ability that hit the core. 
  • Deadeye
    • Most of Estelle’s damage comes from 600+ range (the core is 100 units for reference), so this Awakening strengthens her as a whole.
  • Aerials / Super Surge
    • These give her secondary increased range, allowing her to cover even more distance from further away. Super Surge also helps to make her secondary’s projectile hit a bit harder. 
  • Rapid Fire / Primetime
    • If you can snag Primetime, that’s great! If not, Rapid Fire can help to make her an even bigger scoring threat from range.


Best Awakenings for Juliette in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A knockout machine with great scoring pressure. Aim to make her abilities stronger

  • Super Surge
    • This makes her secondary ability, which is a dash, have increased range and hit harder. Combine this with her primary as a follow up for quick KOs off the edges.
  • Built Different / Big Fish
    • These all make Juliette bigger, and can make her stronger too. A larger strike zone on Juliette makes her harder to deal with in the goal arc. 
  • Heavy Impact
    • Juliette has two impacts (which can hit multiple people) that are both KO threats, so making them stronger can be quite scary.
  • Stacks on Stacks
    • Juliette isn’t bulky, but she hits like she is! Giving her additional speed whenever she hits someone is quite strong.


Best Awakenings for Juno in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

An area control character looking to fill the field with blobbos, which are created by all of her abilities. Aim to make her blobs bigger, stronger, and on the field more often.

  • Monumentalist / Timeless Creator
    • Juno has tons of creations, and these help to make them bigger, stronger, and last longer. That’s the goal!
  • Aerials / Super Surge
    • These give increased jump range so Juno can cover even more space. Aerials also makes her primary go further for more control and pressure. 
  • Prime Time
    • A no-brainer, as this gives her an additional charge of her longest range blobbo.
  • Quick Strike
    • Being able to strike the core more often, combined with her blobbos, makes Juno a nightmare to deal with in the goal arc.


Best Awakenings for Kai in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The best goalie hands down, but a solid forward too. Aim to make his projectiles and haste effects better.

  • Prime Time
    • Kai’s barrage is probably his strongest tool for defense, and having another charge makes it even harder to score on him.
  • Twin Drive
    • His haste is his other super strong tool, and having it more often lets him zip around for more saves.
  • Chronoboost / Aerials
    • These also make his haste last longer. More speed is key!
  • Stacks on Stacks
    • Again, more speed is essential to making Kai the best goalie possible.
  • Missile Propulsion
    • Two out of three of his abilities are projectiles. His special is an underrated sniping tool, and allowing his barrage to travel further is quite strong.


Best Awakenings for Luna in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

A genius inventor with great range, who can use her secondary to close distance faster than just about anyone else. Aim to strengthen her projectiles, increase her size, and make her faster (especially as a goalie).

  • Missile Propulsion
    • These give her special and primary increased range, allowing for even longer ranged KOs.
  • Built Different
    • An underrated perk for her if you can snag it. The increased size helps a ton and the added power to her special is nothing to scoff at.
  • Specialized Training
    • Luna’s special already hits like a truck — this just makes it stronger.
  • Deadeye
    • Most of her kit is range based, so this makes those abilities hit harder.
  • Rapid Fire / Primetime
    • This (and Primetime) give her more opportunities to use her missiles, an essential knockout and scoring tool.


Best Awakenings for Octavia in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The Sonic the Hedgehog of Omega Strikers. Aim to make her faster, and to buff her secondary so she can stack even more speed. 

  • Chronoboost / Aerials
    • This is probably the best Awakening for Octavia. Makes her secondary last longer for more stacking speed. Aerials is good too here, as it’s similar to Chrono but adds projectile range for her primary.
  • Stacks on Stacks
    • If you can manage to avoid getting knocked out, Stacks gives her even more speed. 
  • Cast to Last
    • This increases her haste effect as well, thus giving her even more opportunities to be fast.
  • Quick Strike
    • With all that speed, you might as well strike the core more often as well. This can make it feel impossible to stop her from stacking speed with her secondary.


Best Awakenings for Rasmus in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Another scoring and knockout powerhouse. Aim to make his abilities stronger for more scoring and KO pressure.

  • Heavy Impact
    • This strengthens his primary and secondary, providing more offensive pressure.
  • Chronoboost
    • The haste effect on his secondary makes him a temporary speedster, and making this effect last longer is great.
  • Built Different
    • More size and harder hitting impacts can help to make Rasmus even more dangerous.
  • Specialized Training
    • With a stronger special, Rasmus can hook opponents even harder.
  • Twin Drive
    • Having another secondary charge allows Ras to slide all over the field.


Best Awakenings for Rune in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

An anomaly creator that wants to control the field. Aim to make his creations larger, stronger, and last longer. 

  • Timeless Creator
    • Probably the best Awakening for Rune. Anomalies are now larger and last longer for more field control.
  • Monumentalist
    • This makes his anomalies larger and stronger. If you can learn his banish into anomaly combos, he can do insane damage.
  • Cast to Last
    • This makes his banish and anomalies last longer.
  • Hotshot
    • Whenever the core hits an anomaly, the cooldown of the ability that created it decreases by 30%, allowing more anomaly creations.
  • Primetime / Twin Drive
    • These both allow Rune to create even more anomalies, which is exactly what we want.


Best Awakenings for Vyce in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

Octavia’s rocker twin. Due to her offensive nature, aim to strengthen her KO abilities and to increase the range of her primary for scoring opportunities.

  • Heavy Impact
    • All of her abilities are impacts, so this is a great all around perk to make her stronger.
  • Specialized Training
    • This makes her very strong special, even stronger. If the ability wasn’t a must-dodge before, it certainly is now.
  • Missile Propulsion
    • Her primary is her best scoring weapon, and having a longer range makes her even harder to deal with.
  • Built Different
    • This makes her larger and makes all of her abilities stronger. Win win.
  • Extra Special
    • Vyce’s special has a longer cooldown than any other special, so the cooldown reduction and having it every round increases her knockout pressure a ton.


Best Awakenings for X in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The king of punching. Aim to make him even bigger and stronger. 

  • Quick Strike
    • Whenever he uses his special, he can now punch you even more. Be very afraid. 
  • Specialized Training
    • This makes every punch from his special hit harder.
  • Built Different / Big Fish / Bulk Up
    • A bigger X is a scarier X. Built Different can also strengthen his already very deadly primary. Snagging Bulk Up after one of these two perks can also make him stronger.
  • Chronoboost
    • This makes him dash further with his secondary and also makes his special’s buff last longer.


Best Awakenings for Zentaro in Omega Strikers
Image: Odyssey Interactive

The only swordsman in Omega Strikers. Aim to make him hit harder so he can bring an even stronger knife to the strike fight.

  • Super Surge
    • This increases the range of his secondary and passive abilities and makes them hit harder for more offensive pressure.
  • Twin Drive
    • Having an additional charge on his dash makes him more mobile which can help a ton.
  • Heavy Impact / Built Different
    • Zentaro has a ton of impacts, so both of these can help to make him stronger overall.
  • Tempo Swing
    • This can help with brawling as it makes every hit deal more damage and those hits heal as well.
  • Specialized Training
    • His special is already pretty strong, and making it stronger creates even more offensive pressure.

Closing Tips

That wraps up our list of the best Awakenings for each character in Omega Strikers. Obviously, you won’t get the Awakenings you want every time, so again, knowing which Awakenings help strengthen your abilities and cover weaknesses is essential to picking the best perks you can in each draft. Sometimes, you’ll have to take a perk that doesn’t benefit your character that much, and that’s okay.

It can also be good to steal an Awakening that benefits an opponent when you don’t see any options that really benefit you. For example, you could steal Cast to Last from an enemy Era if they’re lower in the draft pick order than you and no other Awakening appeals to you.

Join the High Ground

We hope this guide has been helpful when it comes to understanding the Awakenings system and how to pick Awakenings for your character. Which Strikers are you enjoying so far?

Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share topics that you’d like to see us cover in the future. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more gaming content!

Happy gaming!


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