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Multiversus Superman Guide: Best Perks, Combos, and More

Superman is a great Fighter to learn how to play if you are looking for something new in Multiversus. The Man of Steel falls into the middle of the pack in both 1v1 and 2v2 tierlists, but don’t let that ranking fool you. Much like Ganondorf from Smash Bros, Superman looks simple to play on the surface. However, in the right hands, Superman has the potential to be a combo powerhouse. So, if that sounds fun to you, continue reading for HGG’s Multiversus Superman Guide!

Superman Moveset

Here are the passive, attacks, and specials that make up Superman’s moveset.


Unfortunately, Superman only has one passive. To the Skies gives Superman the ability to dodge upward and diagonally upward from the ground. While it may have some uses, his passive seems pretty lackluster compared to other Fighters. I mean, Batman does the same thing, but with the bonus of applying Weakened when invisible.

Fortunately, Superman has one advantage — his weight. Superman is the second heaviest Fighter in Multiversus, just behind Iron Giant. Weight determines how far a Fighter will be knocked back from an attack. So, in Superman’s case, he will be knocked back a shorter distance compared to lighter Fighters like Arya or Finn.


Super PunchA forward punch that can be charged and has armor.Neutral Ground
Bullet BarrageThree punches in the air.Neutral Air
Kryptonian KomboCombo of rapid punches.Side Ground
Flying SwingA forward swinging punch that can be charged.Side Air
Overhead StrikeA hammer swing upward that can be charged and has armor.Up Ground
Up and Away!An upward punch that can be charged.Up Air
Downward SwingA downswing that can be charged and breaks armor.Down Ground
Falling HaymakerA downward punch that can charged.Down Air
Attack List

Neutral Ground and Up Ground are two moves to pay attention to due to the armor they get. These two attacks are great to use against opponents that have obvious combo starters, like Arya’s knife. One Up Ground can stop a combo in its tracks. Additionally, these two attacks have high knockback, so it’s possible to get early kills on lighter opponents.

As for other attacks, Neutral Air is a good move to use, as it hits hard, has decent reach, and last longer than other attacks. Since it lasts longer than other attacks, it can somewhat “carry” people across the stage. Against an inexperienced player, you might be able to get an early kill with multiple Neutral Airs.

Lastly, Down Ground is very useful for combos and is your only armor break move.


Ice BreathSuperman uses ice breath that pushes opponents and applies ice debuff. Ice debuff slows enemies and full stacked will completely free the enemy. Allies and allied projectiles in ice breath deal the ice debuff and their next attack. Projectiles are also destroyed or frozen, except for Batarang.Neutral Ground/Air
Locomotive ChargeCharge to aim. On release, dash forward with an armored punch.Side Ground
Ten-Ton TackleSuperman flies forward, can be charged to increase distance. If an enemy is hit, he will grab them, fly forward, and punch them.Side Air
Meteor LiftoffCharge to launch into the air. Then, come back down with an impact attack. Has armor on startup.Up Ground
Go Long!Superman lunges upward, grabbing any enemy he hits. Superman can throw them by holding a direction.Up Air
Heat VisionSuperman uses laser vision along the ground, which causes a delay explosion and applies Ignited.Down Ground/Down Air
Special List

If there’s one move you shouldn’t use, it would be Up Ground. Up Ground is the worst move Superman can use (and quite possibly the worst special in Multiversus). Not only is it hard to hit opponents, but it will be super easy for opponents to hit you. It’s never worth using.

Conversely, Down Special is an amazing move to use. Not only does it take advantage of the perks Superman runs, but it also combos into most of Superman’s moves for a guaranteed hit. Additionally, with the Ignite debuff, it does surprising amounts of damage.

As for other specials, Up Air is great for getting kills on enemies that are close to the edges of the map. Likewise, Neutral Special is great for the ice debuff, which will become stronger in the perks section.

Best Multiversus Superman Perks

Best Multiversus Superman Perks
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

Best Signature Perk

Unlike other Fighters in Multiversus, Superman has three signature perks to choose from. The first, Flaming Re-Entry, gives Superman’s Up Ground Special a fire debuff and leaves a firewall on the ground. The second, Sniper Punch, gives Superman’s Side Ground Special extended range and increased damage/knockback at longer distances. Lastly, Break the Ice gives extra damage to Fighters debuffed by ice, which scales with each stack.

Unfortunately, the first perk is going to be useless for us. It’s too situational, and Up Ground is fairly easy to dodge. The other two perks, Sniper Punch and Break the Ice, are tied for best in slot. Both are incredibly good and provide decent damage. Test both out and see which one you like best. Once you’ve chosen, check out the next section, as our general perks will be decided by which signature perk we chose.

Best General Perks

Sniper Punch Loadout

With Sniper Punch equipped, Superman will be doing plenty of damage, so we can get away with running defensive and utility perks. The first perk you should have is Kryptonian Skin. Supes will be getting hit no matter what, so reduced damage taken will go a long way.

Next is Slippery Customer, which will allow us to escape aggressive combos. Additionally, it somewhat synergizes with Superman’s passive. If you feel like this is a useless perk, feel free to replace it with an offensive perk of your choosing.

Last is Leg Day Champ. Superman will need to get high into the air quickly, and this perk helps us do just that. Aerial Acrobat is a great alternative and basically does the same thing. Likewise, for a more aggressive approach, Triple Jump is an excellent choice.

Break the Ice Loadout

With Break the Ice equipped, we’re going to need to equip some perks that synergize. The first perk we will equip is Ice to Beat You. With this perk equipped, Superman’s heat vision will apply the same ice debuff his ice breath applies. As a result, you have two ways to use your signature perk.

This next perk is used by the best Superman player in Multiversus, and I can see why. That’s Flammable, Doc ignites an enemy after attacking them with a projectile. The outcome is Superman’s heat vision now applies both the ice debuff from the previous perk and another stack of Ignite on top of the one it already applies. Used correctly, this perk combination should deal loads of damage.

Similar to the other loadout, a utility perk should be used in the last slot. Leg Day Champ, Aerial Acrobat, and Triple Jump are all great choices. Utility is mostly up to preference, so choose whichever one you use the most.

Best Superman Combos

Compared to other Fighters in Multiversus, Superman has very few effective true combos. Remember, true combos are combos that are impossible to dodge out of once started. So, Superman benefits greatly from being able to read your opponent and predicting what they are going to do.

Additionally, Superman benefits from improved movement. In other words, your ability to use dodges, jumps, and attacks together will greatly increase how well you do. Superman is very slow otherwise, so try to incorporate dodges and jumps to close distances. And remember, if you dodge and jump at the same time, you will go a farther distance. Let’s start with some basic combos, then head into more advanced combos.


Kryptonian Combo

Let’s begin with an easy 20 damage combo. Here are the inputs:

Side Air > Side Ground x1 > Down Ground > Neutral Attack

Multiversus Superman basic combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

This is Superman’s best true combo, and I’ll show you how to extend it in the advanced combo section. Remember to fast fall during Side Air so you’re immediately on the ground to begin Side Ground. What’s more, this combo is incredibly versatile and allows you to mix up the inputs for the same effect. If you instead hit a Down Ground, you can combo into Side Ground, then Neutral Attack, and finish with a Side Air. The most important thing to learn here is being able to combo Side Ground into Down Ground and vice versa.

Alley Oop

This next combo takes advantage of the guaranteed hit you get from Down Special. This works for most damage percentages but will be a kill at 110%+ on most Fighters.

In air Down Special > Up Special or Up Air

Multiversus Superman Down Special combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

To get this combo down perfectly, try being halfway in the air rather than high in the air. I found it easier to short hop in the air then Down Special. Then I could Up Air or Up Special as the enemy was being knocked up from the laser and get a guaranteed hit. If they are at a lower damage percent, you may need to jump higher and use Up Air instead of Up Special. In that case, a charged Up Air will have higher knockback and should confirm a kill.


Sniper Punch Combo

For those of you running Sniper Punch, here’s a nice combo.

In air Down Special > Down Air > Side Air > Side Ground Special

Multiversus Superman Sniper Punch Combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

The extra range and knockback from Sniper Punch makes this combo possible. In practice, it seemed like the sweet spot was around 90% damage, but that might change depending on the opponent. It’s very likely for them to dodge the last hit, but if you predict their dodge, you’ll still hit. Additionally, make sure you hit the ground before using the Side Special or you’ll just slowly fly at them…menacingly.

Kryptonian Pummeling

This advanced combo will combine everything we’ve learned into a long series of hits. It works for both perk loadouts, but Break the Ice will get a little more damage output.

Jump > Down Special > Down Air > Side Ground x1 > Down Ground > Side Ground x1 > Down Ground > Side Ground x1 > Down Ground > Neutral Attack or Up Ground > Jump > Side Air

Multiversus Superman advanced extended combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

There are only two downsides to this combo. One, it only works at low damage percentages and two, attack decay will prevent this combo from working. Otherwise, this is Superman’s best combo. If you see an opportunity, try to continue the combo as long as you can to get maximum damage.


In Multiversus, Superman excels in a 2v2 situation rather than a 1v1. As such, I’ll mainly focus on a 2v2 playstyle. In 2v2s, your goal should be to act as a frontline tank. Ideally, you should always be between your partner and the enemy, soaking up damage and dealing damage where you can. Arya or Velma are great partners for Superman because they can take advantage of the space you create.

In the early game, you should look to get some damage off while also creating space for your teammate. In order to do this, Neutral Special and Down Special will be your best friends. Both cover a wide area and will make it easier for your teammate to get their combos off. Additionally, Break the Ice loadout will power up this playstyle tremendously.

At the same time, you should look for early kill opportunities. Superman is great at getting early kills on the edges of the map. If your teammate’s combo almost K.O.ed an enemy, don’t be afraid to finish the job with an Up Special.

Depending on your teammate, the late game will go one or two ways. If you have an assassin or bruiser on your team, try to set up kills for them. An opponent knocked in the air with a Down Special is an easy kill for an Arya or Batman. If you have a support, you might be the one who has to do the job. Luckily, we practiced two combos that are basically guaranteed kills.

Keep all of this in mind as you play and you’ll do well.

Tips and Tricks

Use armor to your advantage. Superman has the unique benefit of many of his moves granting armor when you use them. If you know your enemy won’t be attacking with an armor break move, using an armored attack is a great way to punish them.

Ice Breath, Ice Breath, Ice Breath. Always be using Ice Breath (Neutral Special) when you can. The slow from ice debuff is stronger than you might think and makes opponents easy targets. This is doubly true for those running the Break the Ice perk loadout.

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That wraps up the Multiversus Superman Guide — thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you have any questions and be sure subscribe to our newsletter for more Multiversus content.

Happy gaming!

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