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Multiversus: The Best Perks Overall

When climbing up the ranks in Multiversus, it’s important to understand what the best perks are to use in any given situation. As you get better, you might notice that some matchups are tough to win for your Fighter of choice. Some perks are must-haves against certain opponents and others can play to the strengths of your Fighter. Some perks are so strong that you should at least have one of them equipped at all times. Knowing what the best perks are can help you win games and climb higher in the ranks.

With forty-four perks to choose from, it might seem overwhelming. Here are the ten best perks in Multiversus to help you get started!

10 Best Perks in Multiversus, Ranked

The top five perks should be considered must-have perks. These are game-changing perks that everyone should equip at least one of.

The rest are still strong perks you should consider using in addition to the top five. Some perks are situational, which may increase or decrease their ranking.

Let’s get into it!


Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

Number ten is decent offensive perk to have. Hit ‘Em While They’re Down gives a 5%/10% damage increase when hitting debuffed targets. What this means is that anytime you inflict a debuff, such as Weaken, any attack will deal more damage until the debuff has expired. Hit ‘Em While They’re Down is a perfect offensive perk for Fighters that inflict debuffs during their combos. Someone like Batman or Harley Quinn loves this perk.

Even if you can’t inflict debuffs, Hit ‘Em is still useful if your teammate can. Not only will you increase your own damage output, but you will increase your teammate’s damage as well. However, don’t forget to take it off when no one can trigger this perk. Then it just sits there and wastes a perk slot.


Absorb ‘n’ Go

Absorb ‘n’ Go is an interesting perk. It requires you to get hit in order to gain any benefit. Whenever you or your teammate gets knocked back by a projectile, your whole team gains a 7%/15% ability cooldown refund, which means that you can get your abilities back faster when getting hit by a projectile. This is good for ability-based Fighters that need their abilities in order to start or continue combos, such as Arya Stark.

However, it doesn’t give you any defenses against more projectiles. Getting your abilities faster is great, but it’s pointless if there are multiple projectiles heading your way. If you want to use this perk, I recommend using it alongside another defensive perk like School Me Once. That way you get cooldown reduction and projectile defense.


Slippery Customer

Slippery Customer is another perk that is hit or miss (or, should I say, slippery). Slippery Customer increases the invincibility window of a dodge by 10%/15%. This means that you have a bigger opportunity to dodge an attack. A bigger dodge window can help you dodge attacks that have huge hitboxes or gain some breathing room from aggressive opponents. If you feel the dodge window is normally too small, then this perk can be a great addition to your collection.


Lumpy Space Punch

Lumpy Space Punch (LSP) is a decent offensive perk to choose if you don’t like other offensive options. LSP increases melee attacks by 5%/10% while in the air. Many Fighter combos include aerials, so equipping this perk becomes a consistent source of damage. In addition, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to activate this perk. You still have to jump, but any melee attack in the air gains this bonus no matter what. Because of this, LSP is the most beginner-friendly offensive perk you can use.


School Me Once

School Me Once is a very situational perk, but it’s effective when used. Whenever you get hit by a projectile, you gain a shield for two seconds that blocks other projectiles. This increases to four seconds when stacked. School Me Once is a perfect counter to Fighters that rely on projectiles. Unlike Absorb ‘n’ Go, School Me Once allows you to close the distance without taking more damage. Everyone should have School Me Once in their back pocket for when they fight against a Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry.

And, as I said before, pair School Me Once with Absorb ‘n’ Go for the ultimate projectile counter.


Toon Elasticity

Toon Elasticity is a great perk for survivability, as it grants 20%/25% reduction to ground and wall bounce velocity. In other words, you won’t get bounced as far when knocked into the ground or a wall. Toon Elasticity can even prevent you from being K.O.-ed from hitting a wall too hard at high percents. Perfect for maps such as Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, where you can get bounced around like crazy.

Additionally, some Fighters rely on spiking an opponent into the ground to start a combo. Toon Elasticity might slow your momentum enough to dodge out of a bad time.


Snowball Effect

Snowball Effect is one of the best offensive perks you can use. Snowball Effect gives 7%/15% increased damage to the opponent with the highest damage taken. As long as you keep your opponent on their toes and their damage high, you will deal increased damage throughout the fight. The extra bit of damage could mean the difference between a kill or your opponent’s recovery.

The only downside is that if you have the highest damage taken, then the perk becomes useless until your opponent has the highest damage. Very high risk, high reward — perfect for those confident enough to play aggressive and make plays.



For being a basic perk, Coffeezilla is a must have for just about any Fighter. Coffeezilla gives 10%/15% cooldown reduction without having to get hit unlike Absorb ‘n’ Go. That is a huge benefit to have.

Every Fighter has abilities that go on cooldown. Typically, these are powerful combo starters or defensive tools that can change the flow of the fight. Being able to use these abilities 10% faster without any strings attached is a game changer.

The only Fighters that don’t have a use for Coffeezilla are Finn, Shaggy, Jake, and Superman. Everyone else should look to unlock this perk as soon as possible.


Tasmanian Trigonometry

At first glance, I thought Tasmanian Trigonometry (TT for short) was a throwaway perk. In my mind, 15%/25% increased knockback influence didn’t seem that good. Then I tried TT, and the difference is huge.

With base knockback influence, you could slightly change your trajectory to any direction. With TT, you can almost curve your trajectory and prevent what would have been a K.O.. That amount of power ties TT with Triple Jump as the best perks for survivability. If you don’t believe me, try it out in The Lab. You’ll be surprised with how much control you have.

Note that heavier Fighters such as Superman and Iron Giant can get away without running this perk. However, it is amazing for lightweight Fighters like Harley and Arya.


Triple Jump

Triple Jump is an amazing perk. When equipped, you gain an extra jump when hitting an enemy midair or always have an extra jump when stacked in 2v2s. An extra jump might sound lackluster, but it is insanely strong. With an extra jump, you can air combo your opponents for a longer time. Longer airtime means your opponent is closer to the top of the screen at the end of a combo. The extra jump might give you the last hit you need to pull off the K.O..

Additionally, you now have seven recovery options instead of six. Triple Jump is a must have for Fighters who have poor recovery and find it hard to get back to the stage. The difference is immediately noticeable. Triple Jump will be something I will always have equipped.

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That wraps up the best perks in Multiversus. Equip any of these perks and you’re sure to feel a difference in your matches. For more Multiversus guides, subscribe to our newsletter or check out similar articles like our Multiversus 2v2 Tier List.

Happy gaming!

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