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Multiversus Batman Guide: Best Perks, Combos and More

If you’re looking for a Multiversus Fighter that has a plan for every situation, Batman is your guy. The Bat is considered one of the best Fighters, standing at S Tier in both 1v1s and 2v2s. His tools of the trade, like the grappling hook, might make you think he’s easy to play. However, it will take some time and skill to fully master Batman. So, if you want to learn more and become the Dark Knight, continue reading for HGG’s Multiversus Batman Guide!

Multiversus Batman Moveset

Knowing what tools you have and how to use them will take you far in Multiversus. This is doubly true for Batman, whose moves synergize with each other. Be sure to pay attention to secondary effects, as they hold much of his damage later on.


Like other Fighters in Multiversus, Batman only has one passive. Ninja Training gives Batman Hasten and his attacks apply three stacks of Weakened while invisible. In other words, his movement speed is increased and his attacks do more damage and knockback. The catch is his Smoke Bomb special is the only move that grants Invisibility. So, in order to gain use of his passive, Batman has to use a special move with a decently long cooldown.

Additionally, Ninja Training grants the ability to dodge upward from the ground. It even has its own unique animation.

While it isn’t explicitly stated, Batman has the third lightest weight in Multiversus. Weight determines how far one gets knocked back in addition to their current damage percent. So being one of the lightest, Batman will be knocked back further than other Fighters.


BatarangThrows a Batarang, classified as an item. Can be charged and aimed during flight then returns. Goes on cooldown once used, cooldown halved if Batman picks it up. Applies 1 stack of Weakened.Neutral Ground/Air
Bat-comboMultiple punches ending in an uppercut.Side Ground
Bat-StrikeA forward punch. Press again for a rushing jab and applies 1 stack of Weakened.Side Air
Clear The AirOverhead swing. Can be charged and applies 1 stack of Weakened.Up Ground
Flying UppercutUpward Jab. Can be charged and pressed again for another jab. Applies 1 stack of Weakened.Up Air
Bat-SlideSlide attack. Can be charged which extends the distance of the slide. Press again for a forward kick.Down Ground
Bat-KickA downward flip kick.Down Air
Attack List

As you can see, many of his attacks apply Weakened. To get more damage, you’ll want to keep a stack of Weakened on the enemy at all times. Batarang is a great move for this, as you can basically use it after any move. The best moves that compliment it are after Side Air and during Side Ground. It is almost a guaranteed hit.

Some other attacks to take note of are Side Ground and Down Air, as both are very versatile attacks. Not only are they easy to land, but they can combo into any other attack Batman has. You’ll see their usefulness in the combo section.


Bat-BombEquips a Bat-Bomb. Hitting an enemy with another attack will attach it. Eventually detonates and launches enemy upwards. If you throw a Batarang while Bat-Bomb is equipped, the bomb will attach to the Batarang.Neutral Ground/Air
Bat-GrappleBatman aims and fires a grappling hook that can attach to enemies or the environment. The grapple will then pull him, hitting enemies along the way.Side Ground/Air
Rising BatAn uppercut that launches Batman into the air.Up Ground/Air
Smoke BombBatman detonates a smoke bomb. While in the smoke, Batman and his allies have invisibility, projectile sidestep, faster dodge recharge. In addition, enemies inside the smoke are slowed. Goes on cooldown.Down Ground
Crashing JusticeBatman kicks down towards the ground, controlling the direction.Down Air
Special List

Each and every one of Batman’s special moves are strong and have their own use. Bat-Bomb is great for extra damage. Bat-Grapple is great for combos or closing the distance. Smoke Bomb triggers Batman’s passive and is great for creating space to catch your breath (just don’t inhale too much smoke). Even Crashing Justice is great for covering your descent to the stage.

The best special is quite possibly Rising Bat. Bat-Grapple might start the combo, but Rising Bat is going to finish it. This move is great for getting a kill on high damage percent opponents in the air. When used in conjunction with the Up Air attack, you can easily juggle opponents. Be sure to practice all of these specials and get a feel for how they work.

Best Batman Perks

Best Batman Perks - Multiversus Batman Guide
Image: Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

After looking at Batman’s moveset, we can see that there is one constant among his moves and passive — Weakened. Any stack of Weakened applied to the enemy will increase Batman’s damage and knockback significantly. As such, we want to choose perks that will take advantage of constant debuff stacks.

Best Signature Perk

Batman has two signature perks to choose from. The first one, Precision Grapple, creates a blast at the end of Batman’s grappling hook. However, this is at the detriment of reduced damage and knockback. There might be some use for this perk, but we don’t want to equip it. The blast might ruin a combo and reduced damage is something we never want to have.

The Signature perk you should be using is Bouncerang. This perk makes Batarang apply fully stacked Weakened whenever it hits an enemy when returning to Batman. There is no downside to equipping this perk. As you play Batman, you’ll be using Batarang to start combos, finish combos, and everything in between. Having the chance to inflict maximum Weakened for more damage is invaluable. You should always be running Bouncerang.

Best General Perks

The Go-To Loadout

For general perks, we recommend using Hit Em While They’re Down and I’ll Take That. These perks increase damage to debuffed targets and reduce cooldowns when hitting debuffed targets, respectively. Not matter what, you will be debuffing enemies with Weakened, so there is no downside for equipping these perks.

As for the last perk, it mainly comes down to personal preference. Any aerial perks like Triple Jump or Aerial Acrobat synergize well with Batman. You can even choose another offensive perk like Lumpy Space Punch to increase his damage output. Choose whatever fits your personal playstyle more.

Situational Loadout

At times, you might need to switch to this loadout to deal with projectile based Fighters. Batman needs the extra damage, so Hit Em While They’re Down is still a must have perk. Next, I personally like School Me Once over I’ll Take That. That way, once you get hit with a projectile, you gain a shield and can grapple towards the target, avoiding any projectiles along the way. Lastly, you can double down on defense and choose Absorb ‘n’ Go or take any perk of your choice.

With this loadout, you’ll take less damage from Fighters like Tom & Jerry without sacrificing any damage.

Best Batman Combos

Compared to other Fighters in Multiversus, Batman relies less on complicated combos and leans more on his basic combos to deal damage. Sure, his advanced combos can deal a bunch of damage, but he has no problem getting kills without them. Let’s start out with the more important basics, then lead into a more advanced combo to show his potential.


Sucker Punch

Batman’s beginner combos are all you need to succeed. The first you should learn is a very basic combo that is great for killing high damage percent opponents. The inputs are as follows:

Side Ground x2 > Half Charged Up Special

Multiversus Batman first basic combo showcase.
Image: Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

This is considered a true combo, meaning that there was no point at which Shaggy Bot could escape. What’s more, Sucker Punch will kill at a 110–150 range, depending on the Fighter. You basically have a free kill with an easy-to-land combo. Just be sure to charge Up Special, otherwise it might not kill.

Gotham Standard

This next combo is a standard combo. This is great for getting some damage out and will be taking advantage of Neutral Special and Down Air. Here are the inputs:

Neutral Special > Jump > Down Air > Side Ground x3 > Up Special > Up Special

Multiversus Batman second basic combo showcase.
Image: Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

With almost 40% damage, this is an amazing combo to use. Not only that, but you also still have two jumps available to continue the combo. I could’ve gotten more damage on Shaggy Bot if I jumped after with some up airs. Try to master this combo, and if you don’t like using Down Air, Side Air or Neutral Attack could be substituted.


The Last Laugh

As for advanced combos, Batman lends more to the creative mind compared to other Fighters in Multiversus. I spent an hour or two in the lab and came up with a somewhat flashy combo. What I dub the Last Laugh is a great example of the potential for advanced Batman combos.

Neutral Special > Jump > Forward Air > Neutral Attack > Side Special > Jump > Up Special

Multiversus Batman advanced combo showcase.
Image: Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many of his attacks combo into each other and hold potential for dozens of different combos. I recommend getting a feel for all of his attacks and experiment with what attacks can be used together. Maybe you can come up with an amazing combo of your own.


Like other Fighters in Multiversus, Batman has been blessed with great aerial attacks. You should always be trying to weave air attacks in between other moves. If you can get an opponent in the air, your advantage increases significantly. Once you’ve gotten them into the air, try to keep them there with more air attacks. Up Special is a great move for juggling your opponent, since it has high knockback and a fairly big hitbox.

Most importantly, you should try applying a stack of Weakened to the opponent at all times. Your damage output will increase and you’ll be able to trigger some of the perks you have equipped. Batarang is a great move for Weakened, since it can be used at just about any point during a combo. Likewise, Smoke Bomb is great for applying Weakened, since it triggers Batman’s passive.

Once you’ve gotten your opponent to a high percentage, you should start looking for opportunities to use Sucker Punch or The Last Laugh combos. What’s common between these two combos is Up Special. Either in the air or on the ground, Up Special has very high knockback. It will be your best bet for getting K.O.s, so if you see the opportunity, take it and deliver justice.

Tips and Tricks

Use Bat-Bomb as much as possible. Bat-Bomb can be added to any attacks or combos for free damage. There’s no point in not using it.

Use Batarang in your Smoke Bomb. If you want to quickly apply Weakened to a target, try using Batarang in your Smoke Bomb. Being invisible will make Batarang apply three stacks of Weakened instead of just one.

Aim Batarang above the target. If you’re having trouble taking advantage of Bouncerang, try aiming the Batarang above your target. If you aim above then rush at them with an attack, the Batarang should hit your target as it returns. It might take some practice, though.

Join the High Ground

That wraps up the Multiversus Batman Guide — thanks for reading! Keep practicing and you’ll be fighting the best in no time. Leave a comment if you have any questions and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more Multiversus content.

Happy gaming!

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