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Multiversus 2v2 Tier List: Best Characters, Ranked

Multiversus has been out for a while now, and we’ve been able to experience what’s strong and what’s not. None of the Fighters are inherently bad — they’re all viable, provided you play with their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Still, some stand out above the rest, which is why we’ve put together this Multiversus 2v2 Tier List.

Let’s get into it!

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Enter the Multiversus 2v2 Tier List

Enter the Tier List
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

There you have it. Some of our choices may come as a surprise, but every tier has its own purpose. In 2v2s, utility matters more than pure power. Playing as a team and synergizing together is infinitely better than just going for kills! Additionally, some Fighters just do better in the chaos of 2v2s.

Just remember that these choices are based on both in-game experience and insight into competitive tournaments. Multiversus is also still in its early stages, so this tier list is likely to change as more patches are released. Check out our Multiversus Beginner’s Guide if you’re interested in getting started with any of these Fighters!

Overpowered Tier

Overpowered Tier - Multiversus 2v2 Tier List
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Fighters in the Overpowered Tier are…well, overpowered. These Fighters excel at doing what their counterparts do, but better. They ask the question, “Why play them, when you can play me?” Always expect nerfs or adjustments to hit those in the OP Tier. As of right now, the only Fighter in this tier is Velma.


If you would have told me that one of the strongest Fighters in Multiversus was Velma, I would have dropped my glasses. It’s true — Velma is one of the strongest picks for 2v2s. In the Evo 2022 Multiversus tournament, many teams had a Velma paired with someone like Superman. But why is she so good?

As a support, Velma brings a lot to a team. Against enemies, she can inflict Weakness and the Chilling debuff. She also has many projectile-based abilities that allow her to support from range. However, her real power comes from what she can do to allies. Velma can heal both herself and allies, grant armor, speed up allies, and grant cooldown reduction. Jinkies, that’s a lot!

In comparison, other Fighters can only provide healing or armor. Which makes Velma the only Fighter able to provide cooldown reduction without the need of a perk. Her ability to provide game-changing statuses to her allies along with ranged spam make her one of the best Fighters to have on your team.

S Tier

S Tier
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Fighters in S Tier have very few downsides. They excel in any situation, but are at their best when playing 2v2s. Unlike other Tiers, some of these Fighters require you to equip defensive perks to counter their projectile spam.

Bugs Bunny

Many Fighters within Multiversus are so carefully crafted that its like you’re watching their cartoon unfold before your eyes. This holds true for the lovable Looney Toons character, Bugs Bunny. From falling safes to huge rockets and big mallets, Bugs is as just a menace in game as he is in the cartoon. Unsurprisingly, being a menace is a very effective playstyle. In the chaos of 2v2s, no one will know if they are going to get hit by a pie or flattened by a safe.

Tricks aren’t all this bunny has up his sleeve. Bugs’ combos are insane. His down air can lead into a five-move combo. His neutral ground attack leads into a four-hit combo that can deal 32 damage in a matter of seconds. He can create a tunnel then send his rocket and a safe out the other side. The combos are endless and, the best part, easy to learn. You can’t go wrong with choosing Bugs as your main.

If you ever go against a Bugs, try equipping projectile defense perks to lower his effectiveness.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are another Fighter crafted with love. Throughout most of the fight, they aren’t fighting you, they’re actually fighting each other. This detail alone lands them in S Tier and I hope I find more details like this as I continue playing Multiversus. However, good character details aren’t what make this duo good. Tom and Jerry have strong attacks that reward a creative player and make them a pain to fight.

The duo are a projectile-based Fighter. Many of the projectile attacks begin with throwing Jerry, whether it’s with a sling shot or tying him to a firework. Upon landing, Tom and Jerry can launch a variety of objects at each other. Any projectile aimed at Tom can be reflected with his ground neutral attack, increasing their damage done and adding more to the chaos. Getting between these two are a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, their melee attacks are just as strong as their projectile attacks. Tom’s up ground attack is great for setting up combos and all of his aerial attacks have good coverage or set up potential. So, if you decide to play Tom and Jerry, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can’t go wrong with any combo.


It wouldn’t be right if the Dark Knight wasn’t high up on the list. Whether it’s 1v1s or 2v2s, he is just a well-made Fighter. Much like the comics, the Caped Crusader has many tools at his disposal. He can disengage with his smoke bomb if things get too messy. With the use of his grappling hook, he can close the distance and set up combos. Additionally, his Batarang attacks gives him some space and leads into certain combos.

Don’t let my words of praise fool you, though, the Bat is still a hard Fighter to play. You have to earn that S Tier. Knowing when to Batarang or use Bat-bomb to set up combos is a must. If you miss a Batarang or misuse a smoke bomb, you have to wait for cooldowns to use again. Likewise, you can’t use your grappling hook erratically or skilled opponents will punish you. But once you’ve understood how to play the World’s Greatest Detective, he becomes a combo machine.

Batman is one of the top Fighters I recommend reading a guide for.

A + Tier

A + Tier
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Normally, some of these Fighters wouldn’t be ranked high, but considering their support capabilities, they have a tier of their own. Being able to heal or give armor to allies is invaluable in 2v2s. If you like playing supports, consider trying out one of these Fighters. If Velma ever gets a decent nerf, these should be your go-to alternatives.


Garnet being in A+ Tier may come as a surprise and may leave some confused. And I’m right there with you — she does not belong in this tier. Many of her attacks are very slow to come out and her aerial attacks leave much to be desired. So why did I place her here? Potential.

There has to be a player out there learning all they can about Garnet. There has to be some unknown combo that makes her a top-tier choice. Her abilities are even ready to be the ultimate support. She can buff her allies to grant them increased melee damage, refresh their recovery options, and stop an ally’s momentum. She can even make all ally attacks break armor. Surely there’s untapped potential here.

If you don’t share my optimism, then you can move Garnet down to B Tier.

Wonder Woman

While Wonder Woman is classified as a tank, her abilities make her a great support. Her whip neutral special can act as a long-range attack or pull allies out of danger. If you’re going against enemies with projectiles, holding her side special can block any projectile. Similarly, her down special dashes her to her allies, granting a shield and cleansing them of any debuffs.

As for her fighting potential, her attacks are top-notch. Wonder Woman’s neutral aerial is one of my favorite attacks in the game, tied with Lebron’s. If you’re fast enough, many attacks can lead into a free up special hit into another up special. Despite having a sword, she does get outranged by a few opponents, so you might have to play defensively in some matchups.

Due to her tank classification, Wonder Woman has more “weight,” which decreases the amount of knockback received. Not as heavy as Iron Giant or Superman, but enough to make a difference. As a result, Wonder Woman is the powerhouse she deserves to be.

Steven Universe

Unfortunately, every Steven I’ve seen has only been annoying. However, I don’t think this is the fault of the player. Steven’s abilities are more team-dependent compared to other supports. Like other supports, he has the ability to heal and provide shields. What separates him from other supports is his Rose’s Gaze passive. Once stacked, this passive can lock enemies in a bubble, preventing them from taking any actions. That said, the bubble is what holds Steven back from being S Tier. Not because it’s a bad ability, but because teammates don’t know how to use the bubble to their advantage.

The bubble debuff is an incredibly strong tool in the right hands. The only way an enemy is going to escape is by waiting it out or having their teammate pop it. Landing a bubble effectively takes an enemy out of the fight for a couple of seconds. In a perfect world, the team can use this time to gang up on the solo enemy and his teammate can do nothing but watch. However, many people don’t take advantage of this and attack the bubbled person instead. Which doesn’t sound bad, but those in the bubble are invincible and take no damage.

Once people understand the power of the bubble, Steven might just become the new Velma. Until then, Steven mains might find some frustration when playing this Fighter.


Reindog is an original character from Player First Games. Supposedly, he is the last survivor of a doomed world in the Multiversus universe. Why is he fighting people like Superman is unclear, but in practice, he fights like a bruiser rather than a support. His normal attacks have good coverage, and it’s fairly easy to set up combos. In addition, he has powerful ranged attacks that deal decent damage. Strong attacks and his little smile earn him a place in A+ Tier.

However, his support abilities seem somewhat gimmicky. His main support comes from his tether that he can attach to teammates and pull them towards him whenever he wants. Very useful for saving a teammate from a bad situation. Beyond that, he does little else in the support role. Poor little guy doesn’t even have a passive!

However, he has potential. I think if they gave him a passive that could grant healing or cooldown reduction for tethered allies, Reindog would be a S Tier support that would maybe even rival Velma in his usefulness. Until then, our fuzzy little friend will hover between A+ and A Tier.

A Tier

A Tier - Multiversus 2v2 Tier List
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Despite being second to last, A Tier is nothing to scoff at in this Multiversus tier List. All of these characters are strong. Many require practice, but run into problems in 2v2s. Some aren’t built for 2v2s and can be easily countered.

Arya Stark

Arya feels amazing to play. The first time I played her, it felt so satisfying comboing her special abilities with her attacks. Landing a knife then dashing to it to combo further is the icing on the cake of a well-made Fighter. Arya feels right at home in 1v1s. 2v2s are another story.

Arya’s best combo starter is the throwing knife she can dash towards. The knife can only hit one target, and once she dashes, she has no disengage options other than dodges. Basically, she has to commit to a combo once started, which could lead into a trap in 2v2s. In addition, the knife goes on cooldown whether you landed the attack or not. So, you might be left without your best combo for some time.

Thats not to say she isn’t playable. Knowing when to go in and when to keep the knife separates good Arya players from the bad. Likewise, having a teammate that can keep the pressure off is invaluable. Her skill curve lands her in the A Tier, but if you can find a perfect balance between playing aggressively and defensively, then your power rivals those within S Tier.


Finn almost made it to A+ or even S Tier. In light of the recent patch, I took the liberty to bunch him with the other assassins. Previously, some of Finn’s attacks came out fast, had big hitboxes, or had no buffer between the next attacks. After the nerfs, the developers reduced the size of some hitboxes and added buffer to some attacks. Despite the nerfs, Finn is still as crazy as ever.

Unlike Arya, Finn doesn’t have to rely on his ability cooldowns to be active in the fight. He can use most of his combos whenever he wants. The passive, Fat Stacks, rewards him for being aggressive and grants him a speed boost with little to no cooldown. A decent Finn will never let their enemy get any breathing room and will constantly be in their face.

Unfortunately, Finn lacks the proper tools to deal with projectiles. If the enemy keeps their distance and zones you out with projectiles, you won’t be able to touch them.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn faces the same issues that Arya faces — she just performs better in 1v1s. Her main combo is suited more to single targets and can easily get interrupted. She has no way to deal with projectiles, nor does she have any armor-break moves. Not to mention she takes 15% more damage for being an assassin. As a result, Harley can be easily bullied by the right team composition.

Fortunately, she has some tools to disengage if things get too hot. Her side special and her down special can get her out of tough situations. If you still find yourself getting overpowered by other Fighters, try substituting offensive perks for defensive perks. With the right support, like Wonder Woman or Steven Universe, shields and armor can cover her weaknesses. Harley is still playable in 2v2, she just needs to play it differently from a 1v1.


I have a weird theory about Superman that might explain why I placed him into A Tier rather than A+ or higher. Superman’s effectiveness to skill ratio is like a upside down bell curve. At lower skill levels, Supes is S Tier because he has powerful attacks that can hit multiple targets, has armor, and can deal cheesy combos that only lower skilled players can get K.O.ed by. As people learn to avoid his attacks and use armor break attacks, his effectiveness lowers. His effectiveness rises again as the player’s skill level goes up, because the player knows how to avoid being taken advantage of by knowledgeable opponents.

Whether you agree with that theory or not, the Man of Steel stills gets countered by game knowledge and multiple attacks with armor break. Many of his strong, chargeable attacks rely on eating an attack with armor in order to land. However, he is the second heaviest character in the game. Many might find it difficult to K.O. a Superman because of it. In addition, his ice breath debuff is great for slowing enemies down and making them a perfect target for his teammate. When played right, Superman can overcome his weaknesses.


Like Finn, Shaggy is another Fighter I preemptively placed lower due to announced nerfs. It’s hard to tell at this time if it was the right call, but all you need to know is that Shaggy is still a great Fighter to choose. For starters, he has a pretty nasty combo that can 0–100 someone. What’s more, this combo only consists of his repeating his down aerial into downward ground attack until the enemy is at a high percent, then finishing them with an upward special.

On top of that combo, his rage mechanic is fairly strong. Once fully charged, Shaggy becomes enraged, gaining armor and higher damage on his next special ability. The Enraged buff is granted to teammates, applying Weakness on their next attack as well.

All in all, Shaggy is a pretty balanced character. He may seem overbearing at first, but many of his attack are short range and has no way to deal with projectiles. In 2v2s, he might often find himself getting outranged by his opponents. Not to mention his 0–100 combo can be interrupted by the other enemy or even his own teammate. If you are playing Shaggy, try finding a teammate that can deal with projectiles or help you close the distance. Otherwise, Shaggy sits at an above average power level.

B Tier

Multiversus 2v2 Tier List - B Tier
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

If you find your main in the B Tier, don’t be alarmed. Fighters in this tier aren’t bad or unplayable. In fact, many of them are strong in their own right. However, these Fighters have a few issues that squander their potential to do well in 2v2s. Keep an eye on these characters, as they may receive a few buffs or adjustments in the future.

Jake the Dog

It was hard to place Jake in this tier list. On one hand, Jake is definitely a strong bruiser. His attacks have decent range/combo potential and are very satisfying to hit. If this was a 1v1 tier list, he would be a high A. Unfortunately, he loses his power when it comes to 2v2s.

When playing Jake, controlling the stage is important. Some of your attacks are slow and others require you to properly space them. A good Jake will position so he can hit you, but you can’t hit him. With two opponents, this becomes difficult to manage. Two opponents can easily keep the pressure on and prevent Jake from finding attacks of opportunity. Sadly, he just doesn’t have to tools to keep the pressure off.

If you still want to play Jake, consider playing with a teammate that can grant armor or act as a wall. Having a little bit of defense can give Jake the breather he needs to pull off his attacks.


Poor, poor Taz. He’s received nerf after nerf, eventually becoming a shadow of his former self. He did, however, deserve these nerfs. His tornado side special was devastating and had almost no counterplay. Now his effectiveness falls off as your opponent’s skill level increases.

Despite the nerfs, Taz is decently strong as-is. He is very fast and agile despite being classified as a bruiser. Many of his aerials can lead into extended combos as well. Before the nerfs, you could end each combo with a free tornado finisher. After the nerfs, you still can, but his tornado can be countered with an armored attack, projectiles, or a wide-reaching attack.

Don’t be afraid to play Taz though. As I said, the rest of his kit is still good and is bound to get some adjustments in the future. Let’s just hope the developers can find a decent middle ground between overpowered and overnerfed.

Iron Giant

The reason Iron Giant is ranked low isn’t because of slow moves or him being overly nerfed. It’s because he’s just so big. This isn’t as much of a problem in a 1v1 situation, but in 2v2s, Iron Giant catches too many stray attacks. It’s impossible to not hit him even if you weren’t aiming at him. You can circumvent this through his rage passive that gives knockback resistance and boosts his attacks. Luckily, it requires you to get hit, which you’re going to be doing a lot of.

With the right teammate, like Wonder Woman, you can make a very tanky duo. However, you will find yourself at 200% damage before you know it.

LeBron James

Man, I hate to do LeBron like this, but I have too many issues with how he’s designed. To be clear, his attacks are still strong. His neutral aerial is one of my favorite moves in the game, and his side special is amazing at getting K.O.s. Additionally, being able to throw the basketball at an enemy and pick it back up on the rebound has huge potential for flashy finishers. Obviously not an attack, but his shoes make squeaky noises when you move quickly. However, this is where my issues begin…not with the shoes, but with the basketball.

Without a ball, Mr. James loses much of his power. All of his moves are changed, and the only way to get a ball back is through his neutral special or landing an attack. On paper, it’s not much to ask for and is a balanced punishment for not retrieving a basketball. In practice, it’s incredibly hard to hit a no-ball move. Many are slow to come out and some have a period of time where you are locked in the animation.

2v2s give him more chances to get his ball back, but his gimmick is still somewhat exhausting to play around. Hopefully with the Season 1 Patch, he gets some love.

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And that wraps up the Multiversus 2v2 Tier List. Most tier lists are mainly opinion and are subject to change as the game evolves. New Fighters will come out every few months and patches can make or break existing Fighters. If you think I did injustice to a Fighter, leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more Multiversus content!

Happy gaming!


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