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Multiversus Harley Quinn Guide: Best Perks, Combos, and More

Are you looking for a new Fighter to learn — maybe one with a high skill cap? If you arem then you can’t go wrong with the Queen of Crime, Harley Quinn. As of right now, Harley Quinn is one of the best Fighters in Multiversus. She has incredible combo potential and her aerials are the best in the game. We’ve probably all been on the receiving end of her bat and mallet as we say goodbye to the stage. However, you could be on the other end of the bat if you continue reading for HGG’s Multiversus Harley Quinn Guide!

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Harley Quinn Moveset

To start, let’s take a look at the passives and attacks that make up Harley Quinn’s moveset.


Harley Quinn’s first passive is Confetti Time. Once the Confetti debuff is applied to an enemy, Harley or her allies can hit the enemy four times to trigger an Ignite debuff. This passive is great for keeping consistent damage on the enemy. It pairs well with projectile Fighters, as they can safely trigger the debuff from range. As you read on, pay attention to what moves apply Confetti.

Like other assassins in Multiversus, Harley Quinn also has the Glass Cannon passive. This passive makes assassins take 14% additional damage from all sources.

What’s more, Harley Quinn is the second lightest weight Fighter in Multiversus. This means she’ll be knocked back further compared to other Fighters. Combine that with the Glass Cannon passive, and Harley is left very vulnerable to being knocked out at earlier damage percents. Watch out for that!


WHACK!Harley swings her mallet. Can be charged.Neutral Ground
Aerial Pummeler Harley swings her mallet beneath her. The backend of the swing has a sweetspot with increased damage and knockback. Can be charged.Neutral Air
Clown ComboMultiple kicks and bat swings, ending with an upward swing.Side Ground
Flying KicksMultiple kicks that end with Harley bouncing off the enemy.Side Air
Heads Up!An Overhead swing. Can be charged and will begin with a twirl attack if fully charged.Up Ground
Confetti GrenadeHarley fires a grenade launcher upward, which applies Confetti.Up Air
SliderHarley slides forward. Input again to combo into a forward kick. Can be charged to increase distance.Down Ground
Boxing RingerHarley fires a boxing glove underneath her. Can be charged for more damage and knockback. The boxing glove bounces once when hitting a surface.Down Air
Attack List

Unlike some Fighters in Multiversus, Harley Quinn has no bad attacks. They’re all useful in some way. The top attacks, though, have to be her aerials. Neutral Air deals decent damage and has an almost 360-degree hitbox. Additionally, Neutral Air can knockback in multiple directions, depending at what stage of the attack the opponent is hit.

Down Air and Side Air are both great for starting combos. Down Air can combo directly into almost any attack and can spike opponents. Likewise, Side Air is the start of almost every combo Harley has. It’s just that good.

Lastly, Up Air is most likely her best attack. It has a forgiving hitbox, being able to hit slightly below and to the side. It also applies Confetti passive for more damage. Most importantly, Up Air is your second best move for getting kills.


Stuffie BatEquips a bat plushie bomb. Press special again to throw it and attach to Fighters. Press special once more to detonate the bomb and deal damage, apply Confetti, and refresh air moves. Has a limited amount of ammo.Neutral Special
Prank ShotHarley dashes forward and fires a boxing glove behind her.Side Special
Batter Up!Harley Dashes upward and swings her baseball bat.Up Special
Jerk-in-the-boxHarley places a box at her location. The box detonates when an enemy touches it, knocking them upward and applying Confetti. Allies can use the box to refresh air options. Has a cooldown.Down Special
Special List

Just like her attacks, Harley’s specials are all useful. Her two best specials are Neutral Special and Up Special. Neutral Special is extremely useful for applying the Confetti passive. All you have to do is throw the bomb and stick it to someone or blow it up in their face. Much like Batman’s Bat Bomb, it is also great for finishing combos. There’s no reason to not stick someone before a combo and finish with a bang.

Up Special is Harley’s best move. It has a forgiving hitbox, high knockback, and is the best move for juggling opponents or just finishing them off.

Best Harley Quinn Perks

Multiversus Harley Quinn perk preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

Best Signature Perk

Much like Superman, Harley Quinn has three signature perks to choose from. The first, Glove Control, gives Harley the ability to aim the glove she fires from Down Air. The second, Smooth Moves, changes her Side Special to act as a dodge, giving it some invincibility frames at the start of the move. Lastly, Confetti Explosion removes the ignite debuff from Confetti and instead creates a large explosion that launches enemies upwards.

Glove Control is arguably the best signature perk you can use. With Glove Control equipped, her Down Air gains an almost 180-degree radius and gives you the ability to angle how the glove bounces. This way, you can predict dodges, edge guard, and position more easily. It might take some time to get used to, but it’s worth equipping.

Best General Perks

Hyper-Aggressive Loadout

For those with an aggressive playstyle, try out this perk setup. The first perk to equip is Triple Jump. You’ll be in the air often as Harley, and having an extra jump to finish off an opponent is invaluable. The next perk is Up, Up, and A-Slay. This perk will power up your already powerful moves that knock opponents upward. With this equipped, you’ll be able to get some kills earlier than you normally would. Lastly, Lumpy Space Punch or Snowball Effect will squeeze out some extra damage.

Balanced Loadout

These perks will focus less on damage and more on utility. The first perk will be Ice Projectile. This perk will apply the Ice debuff to any target hit by your Neutral Special, Side Special and Down Air. With the Ice debuff, your target will be slowed and be easier to hit. Next, we will take Triple Jump for the extra jump and combo potential. Lastly, Tasmanian Trigonometry will negate some of the downsides from Harley’s weight.

Harley Quinn Combos

Harley has so many combos that it would be impossible to show them all. Let’s go over the fundamentals and take a look at her combo potential.


Here are a few combos to work on if you’re just getting started with Harley Quinn.

Hammer Time

Let’s start off with a great basic combo. Here are the inputs:

Side Air > Side Ground x2 > Neutral Attack

Multiversus Harley Quinn basic combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

This combo works at most percentages and is a true combo when done correctly. It’s a great combo to use for quick damage if you don’t have the time for an extended combo. Remember to fast fall during Side Air or you won’t hit the ground fast enough for the next attack. Be sure to practice, as Side Air into Side Ground will be the basis for advanced combos.


Multiversus juggling example
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

It’s important to know what juggling is and what it looks like in order to play Harley well. Juggling is hitting an opponent in the air multiple times, never letting them touch the ground. Harley thrives on juggling opponents to get her kills. To practice, turn the bot to 0% damage and try to keep it in the air as long as you can. You can even set the bot to dodge for more of a challenge.


Now here are some combos that bring our opponent right where we want them — in the air.

Clown Combo

This first combo utilizes what we’ve learned and turns it into a longer string of attacks. Remember to fast fall during side air to hit the ground faster. Here are the inputs:

Neutral Special > Side Air > Side Ground x2 > Side Air > Side Ground x2 > Up Special > Neutral Special

Multiversus Harley Quinn advanced combo preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

What’s more, it doesn’t have to end there. In a match, we could attempt to start juggling our opponent as they get hit by neutral special. In that case, we wouldn’t have to input neutral special again, as it would blow up on its own. Then we would have an opportunity for an Up Special, which may kill or (at the very least) set up a juggle.

Clown Combo 2.0

This last combo is a slight variation of the previous combo. Here are the inputs:

Neutral Special > Side Air > Side Ground x2 > Down Air > Side Air > Up Special > Up Air

Multiversus Harley Quinn advanced combo variation preview.
Image: Player First Games via HGG/Tyler Locke

This combo is mainly here to show the potential for Harley’s combo game. As long as Side Air, Side Ground, or Down Air is used, you can really combo with most attacks. Try to experiment in the lab and come up with some combos of your own.

Harley Quinn Playstyle

Like other assassins in Multiversus, Harley Quinn likes to deal as much damage as possible while preventing her opponent from retaliating. Try not to let your opponent have any breathing room. Harley herself is quick and her moves are quicker. If you can completely overwhelm them with attacks and combos, they will find it hard to touch you, and before they know it, they’ll be knocked out.

In order to overwhelm your opponent, keep in mind two things. One, you can rack up a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Two, your aerial attacks are the best in the game. If you can get off a combo, especially if Confetti was triggered, then you’ll have a huge damage advantage over your opponent. Now your goal should be to get them in the air.

Once you’ve gotten them in the air (or they went in the air willingly), it’s time to juggle your opponent. Your Up Air and Up Special are perfect moves for this. Try to start out with Up Air, then finish with an Up Special, as it has more knockback. Don’t forget your Neutral Special knocks upward, so try to attach it then blow it when the enemy is near the ceiling.

Don’t clown around, and every Harley game will be the easiest match of your life.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Stuffie Bat as much as possible. Harley has two charges of her neutral special, and it recharges fairly quickly. Even if you can’t take advantage of it, extra damage is extra damage.
  • Take a breather with Stuffie Bat and Jerk-in-the-Box. Most players will know running into a Jerk-in-the-Box or a Stuffie Bat is a bad idea. Use this to your advantage and hide behind them to take a breather and reset.

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That wraps up the Multiversus Harley Quinn Guide — thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you have any questions, and be sure subscribe to our newsletter for more Multiversus content.

Happy gaming!

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