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Multiversus 1v1 Tier List: Best Characters, Ranked

Have you grown tired of playing 2v2s in Multiversus and want to see how your main will fare in 1v1s? Maybe you’re a Smash vet looking to jump right into 1v1s and prove your worth. Either way, you’re ready to test your individual skill and need to know which Fighters to watch out for.

We’ve put together a Multiversus 1v1 Tier List to help you get started! We’ll be breaking down each of the characters in detail to explain why we’ve ranked them, so you can know exactly which Fighters will serve you best in the arena.

Let’s get into it!

Enter the Multiversus 1v1 Tier List

Multiversus 1v1 Tierlist
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Many characters within Multiversus are balanced towards the 2v2 game mode. As such, some characters will have a harder time doing well in 1v1s. Fortunately, individual skill matters more in this setting, and you can only count on yourself to win a match. Even if a Fighter ranks low on this list, there is still room to outplay your opponent and take advantage of the mistakes they make.

S Tier

Multiversus 1v1 Tier list with S Tier highlighted, featuring Batman
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

S Tier Fighters are the cream of the crop. Most of these Fighters tend to excel in any situation and have little to no bad matchups. Some force their opponents to run projectile defense perks to counter their spam. Always be wary of these Fighters and prepare accordingly.

Bugs Bunny

If you thought Bugs was menace in 2v2s, just know that his reign of terror doesn’t stop there. Bugs can control the stage with a multitude of projectile abilities. Abilities such as A Safe Investment can be used to deter enemies from approaching. Pairing a falling safe along with Special Delive-Rocket can also prevent attacks from the air. In addition, both of these abilities can used during combos or to start a combo.

A defensive perk might let you close the distance, but then you have to deal with his melee attacks. Many decent Bugs players know they can lead into multiple combos if they hit a downward aerial or a neutral aerial. What’s more, one of these combos can deal a total of 70 damage when done correctly. Arguably, his strongest attacks are his upward ground and his upward aerial. Both have huge hitboxes and the up air can kill as low as 80% off the top. So, one 70 damage combo and Bugs might find himself an early kill.

It still takes a skilled hand to pull off these combos, but if you can, there’s very little your opponent can do.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry have a similar playstyle to Bugs Bunny. They both rely on projectiles and are a complete menace to fight. Extremely on brand, Tom and Jerry’s whole goal is to cause as much chaos as they can. To start the mayhem, Tom throws Jerry or ties him to a rocket. Once landed, both Tom and Jerry start to shoot projectiles at each other. What’s more, any projectile near Tom can be reflected for more damage with his neutral attack.

Similar to Bugs, Tom’s melee attacks are just as dangerous. His up-ground attack is his best move overall. It has a deceptively large hitbox and sets up other combos. Likewise, his aerial attacks are some of the best in the game, dealing decent damage and having good setup potentials. There’s been many times where I got absolutely destroyed by someone who knows the combos by heart.

Tom and Jerry reward a creative mind, so don’t be afraid to experiment with combos. You might just get a cool K.O.!


In 1v1s, Batman has every tool for the job. Smoke Bomb is an amazing ability that allows you to disengage or close the distance at your leisure. This ability grants a variety of benefits, like invisibility and quick dodge recharge. Within the smoke, it’s impossible for enemies to see your next move. Fortunately for them, it has a cooldown, so use it wisely.

Likewise, Batarang is another useful ability. Batman throws a batarang that circles back towards him. Many combos start with hitting a batarang, then following up with any move of your choice. It does go on cooldown if you miss, so try not to.

Conversely, his Bat-Grapple doesn’t have a cooldown. This is move is great, as you always have a way to close the distance even if your other moves are on cooldown. It is also a great combo beginner. Be sure to use Bat-Bomb before grappling to add a bit more damage.

The Caped Crusader becomes force to be reckoned with these three abilities combined.

Arya Stark

Arya is a bit of an interesting Fighter when it comes to 1v1s. As I’ve said before, 1v1s come down to individual skill — that’s true for most Fighters. On the surface level, Arya seems fairly easy to play. Her combos come naturally, and her knife allows her to always be in the enemy’s face. Yet, her true potential relies on the player’s skill.

Being classified as an assassin, she takes more damage and is very light, which means you’re going to get K.O.ed faster. She also doesn’t have armor break capabilities that she can pull out on the fly. All of her moves that can armor break require conditions to be met. For instance, she has to use her down special for her next attack to armor break. Not really something that can be done in an instant.

Once you’ve mastered this Fighter, she can become an unstoppable nightmare. Her Face-Stealer has potential for creative combos or easy kills. A master Arya player will know when to use her Knife-Thrower to continue combos or start them. Speaking of combos, many of her combos have a verticality to them, meaning she’ll be killing off the top more often than not. Additionally, if you can take advantage of her Critical Hit passive, you will dish out more damage compared to other Fighters.

Unlike other S Tier Fighters, Arya requires a large time investment to learn. You might find yourself getting destroyed in 1v1s as you learn. But once you do, she is incredibly rewarding to play.

A Tier

Multiversus 1v1 Tier list with A Tier highlighted, featuring Harley Quinn
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

A Tier Fighters are still good, but have more counters than their S Tier counterparts. Some have unique playstyles or require some time investment to learn how to play.

Finn the Human

As a Wonder Woman main, Finn is the bane of my existence. He’s just so fast and outranges most of Wonder Woman’s attacks. He would be S Tier on that alone, but he received some nerfs that make him a little bit easier to manage (but still strong enough to whoop me).

His passive, Fat Stacks, contains a lot of his power. When used, Finn gains a buff of his choosing: speed, projectile defense, or whatever BMO does. The strongest of the three is the speed boost. With the speed boost enabled, Finn becomes a speed demon. No matter where you run or how far he knocks you back, Finn will be right there.

The best part is he doesn’t have too many combos to learn. By keeping on your opponent, you can make it up as you go. Finn is perfect for someone looking for a fast and easy-to-play Fighter.

Jake the Dog

Jake likes to fight in 1v1s rather than 2v2s. Controlling stage is key when playing Jake. His strongest move, Funky Junk, has a very long range and has a “sweet spot” at the end of the hit. The sweet spot deals more damage and knockback, so it’s important to have proper spacing to hit it. What’s more, with its long range, this attack can reach off the stage. Often times, you don’t even need to leave the stage to deny an opponent’s recovery.

Likewise, his other attacks can be charged for more range and damage, but are slow to come out. This is another reason why it’s important to have proper spacing and control the stage. With proper spacing, an enemy might think they can punish you, but in reality, you outrange them and get a free hit.

Because of his different playstyle, Jake might be awkward to play at first. However, if you can master him, Jake will take you far in 1v1s.


At first, I thought Shaggy was an S Tier Fighter. One of his combos can 0–100 someone, and the side special spam was a nightmare to deal with. However, after his nerfs, Shaggy is in a good spot now. He is still a strong Fighter, but he has more counterplay compared to the S Tier Fighters.

Shaggy’s moves are all close-range bruiser type attacks. His only range is through his down special, Like, Feed the Hunger, where he throws a sandwich. As a result, he has little to no way of dealing with Fighters like Bugs or Tom and Jerry. The only way he can close the gap is through his rage mechanic, which gives armor and more damage on his next special attack. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting outranged and helpless.

Once you do find an opportunity to get in close, there’s not much an opponent can do. The 0–100 combo I mentioned earlier is near infinite and is almost impossible to get out of. Additionally, he has moves with armor break so you can counter Fighters like Superman. If you’re looking for a Fighter that rewards skill, Shaggy is your man, man.


Superman is a unique Fighter for 1v1s. There isn’t anything bad about Superman. It’s just that other Fighters outshine him. But don’t let that discourage you, he is still an A Tier Fighter. Many of his attacks grant armor and hit for a decent amount of damage. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of his armored attacks to deal with an enemy’s combo starter.

Additionally, he can easily deal with projectiles. Ice Breath can freeze all projectiles expect for Batman’s Batarang. Whether that’s a bug or Batman has Kryptonite in his Batarang, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that Ice Breath is great for dealing with fast enemies as well. A couple stacks of Ice and they will be slow enough to deal with.

Though a double-edged sword, Superman is also the second heaviest Fighter in the roster. It takes a heavy hit to knock him out, but makes him a bit slow. If you liked Ganondorf from Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you might like Superman.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is another great Fighter to choose for 1v1s. Like Arya, Harley’s potential is unlocked by a skilled player. She has many different combos to learn how and when to use. A combo you’re going to see from most Harleys is foward air into foward ground on repeat. If done correctly, the opponent will have taken around 70 damage in total. So, try to avoid it if you can. Or use it if you’re the one playing Harley.

Speaking of damage, her passive, Confetti Time!, can ignite enemies burning them over time for more damage. The neutral special, Stuffie Bat, the down special, Jerk-In-The-Box, and the up air, Confetti Grenade!, can apply the Ignite debuff. Try to include these in your combos to squeeze out more damage.

All in all, Harley is a great Fighter for a player looking for a challenge. She deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time, but only if you can master her combos. I recommend looking at this video guide by Its Shatter to get started.

B Tier

Multiversus 1v1 Tier list with B Tier highlighted, featuring Wonder Woman
Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

B Tier Fighters run into some issues in 1v1s. Compared to A or S Tier Fighters, they don’t have the kill pressure 1v1s calls for. They can still do well, but might have trouble fighting those in the higher tiers.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman suffers a bit in 1v1s compared to her 2v2 effectiveness. Despite countering projectiles with her side special, her worst matchups are Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny. What’s more, her side special can be easily punished if you miss. Lastly, her best combo/finisher can be hard to start up for the inexperienced player.

But don’t count her out just yet. With some practice, Wonder Woman can stand with the best. Once practiced, her down air is a devastating spike that leads into a guaranteed two-hit combo at low percents. Most importantly, her neutral aerial can break armor and is a great attack to rush people down.

In addition, Wonder Woman has great edge-guard tools. Once unlocked, the Whip of Hephaestus signature perk is a death sentence for those off the stage. Likewise, Amazon Shout is great at preventing people from safely getting back to the stage.

For more in-depth information about Wonder Woman, I recommend watching NAKAT. He is a great player and an even better Wonder Woman.


Despite being classified as a support, Reindog has more bite than bark. This lovable fluff ball’s aerial attacks are top notch and can combo into multiple different attacks. For instance, his downward aerial can combo into a forward aerial, then up ground attack into an upward aerial. His downward ground attack even has armor break properties allowing him to counter armored moves.

Additionally, he can control the stage through powerful projectiles. His down special can act as area denial or power up his neutral ground attack. Even his tether does decent damage. The only thing holding Reindog back is the lack of a passive and not being able to use his tether for himself.

If you like Reindog, don’t be afraid to bring him to the 1v1s.

Steven Universe

Much like Reindog, Steven can be very scary to fight, considering he’s a support. Many of his attacks come out relatively fast or have good coverage. As a result, Steven has many combos that are easy to hit. His neutral ground and neutral air can combo into many other attacks. Surprisingly, many of these combos deal a decent amount of damage.

Similarly, the shields he can create can be very annoying for his opponents. The shields grant armor and can be used as physical barrier to force opponents in a certain direction. An experienced player can also use these shields as a platform to bounce opponents off in order to continue combos.

If you see a Steven in your matches, don’t underestimate them. They might just show you the power of the gems.


At the time of writing, Morty was just released. It’s hard to tell his potential, but after some playtesting, Morty feels like a solid B Fighter. The down special, Temporal Back-up, creates a point to which he can teleport to and grants healing. Another Portal?, grants armor and creates a portal that Morty can jump in to travel around the stage. Both are useful abilities for survivability.

Additionally, Morty feels like a unique Fighter with his gimmick. Most of his other attacks revolve around throwing grenades then shooting them for more damage. This allows you to go for flashy kills or just to spam projectiles at enemies.

However, he falls behind other bruisers like Batman or Jake. He lacks damage, and his attacks have low knockback. He has no armor break abilities, which leaves him at a disadvantage against Fighters like Superman. Considering he’s just been released, underpowered is expected. With a few buffs under his belt, Morty has a chance to stand with the best.

LeBron James

Despite the Season 1 buffs, my opinion hasn’t changed since the 2v2 Tier List. LeBron barely made it to B Tier, but he has some potential in 1v1s. As long as he has the basketball, most of his attacks will be strong and easy to combo. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, LeBron still gets work done. Plus, he has the potential for some of the coolest combos when you use his basketball correctly. And did I mention his shoes squeak?

However, he is still plagued by his no-ball attacks and abilities. Compared to other Fighters’ abilities, it’s just too punishing to lose your ball. It makes sense, but they’re still too slow and easy to dodge/punish. When you have the ball, LeBron is an A Tier Fighter. When you don’t have the ball, he might as well be D Tier.

C Tier

Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

All Fighters within C Tier are here for unique reasons. They aren’t inherently bad, but certain characteristics hinder them in 1v1s.

Iron Giant

Don’t let Iron Giant’s ranking persuade you from not trying him out in 1v1s. Iron Giant is the heaviest Fighter in Multiversus. It takes high damage and high knockback to even kill him. Often times, you’ll see him at 200% and still getting knock backed like he was at 50%.

With his huge body comes huge attacks. Most of his attacks have large hitboxes and decent knockback. Iron Giant’s down special, Cannonball!, is huge and kills lightweight Fighters at low percents. If you play your cards right, you might be able to cheese a few kills.

Ironically, what brings him down to C Tier is his huge body. It’s just too easy to knock him around. Any decent player will take advantage and combo him into oblivion. If you want to take him into 1v1s, be patient. Ignore the rabbit nipping your heels, then knock him out with a couple of attacks.


After being nerfed constantly before launch, Taz received a few buffs as compensation. Player First Games is working hard to find a nice balance to prevent Taz from being as busted as he was. However, at this point, Taz is still considered a noob killer. It can be hard for a new player to deal with his tornado. Additionally, many of his attacks come out quick for a bruiser type Fighter.

Once people learn how to counter his combos, Taz becomes less of a problem. If you have any moves with armor, you can tank the first hit and hit him out of his tornado. Projectiles can hit him out of his tornado as well. Speaking of, Taz has no way to deal with projectiles. Well, he can eat projectiles, but there’s only so much he can eat. Someone like Superman or Tom and Jerry can easily deal with a wild Taz.

One day Taz will be balanced, but until then, he is stuck in C Tier.


The queen of 2v2s takes a step down in 1v1s. Velma, unfortunately, excels at supporting the teammate doing the killing rather than taking the fight to her opponents. Her regular attacks may come out quick, but they lack any reach or combo potential. She even loses a bunch of her ability’s secondary effects since she doesn’t have a teammate.

But don’t lose your glasses just yet. She still has some projectile based abilities that can do some damage or be annoying. Likewise, you might be able to cheese a K.O. with her passive, Snoopin. Even so, you might be better off with a different Fighter for 1v1s.

D Tier

Image: Tiermaker.com, Player First Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

D Tier Fighters are just plain bad. Some people might be able to make them work, but you’ll have an easier time playing someone else.


Garnet is just in a rough spot right now. Many of her attacks are awkward and slow, which is a horrible combo for 1v1s. Any decent opponent will easily dodge Garnet’s attacks and punish before she can react. Likewise, many of Garnet’s buffs take time to charge and gives opponents ample time to catch a breather or close the distance.

Maybe someone can make her work in 1v1s, but you’re better off taking her to 2v2s.

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Happy gaming!

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