Every Playable Marvel’s Avengers Game Character Ranked

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Every Playable Marvel’s Avengers Game Character Ranked

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rocky start, to say the least. Despite an excellent character-driven main campaign, the extended end-game missions have struggled to find any sort of groove as a games-as-a-service. 

Thankfully, through a slew of patches, expanded content drops, and a more cohesive roadmap leading to War for Wakanda, things are looking brighter for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And despite all of the content issues, the characters and combat mechanics are still some of the best reasons to play this game. 

Now with Black Panther and hopefully Spider-Man on the horizon, now is the best time to dive in and master the current slate of heroes. But which heroes are truly the mightiest and worth maxing out first? Let’s find out with our rundown of all Marvel’s Avengers game characters ranked (including the new Avengers game characters in the expanded roster).

All Marvel’s Avengers Game Characters Ranked Worst to Best

It’s worth noting that the base combat, traversal, and ability mechanics are shared between characters. The differences lie in the heroic abilities, skill trees, and additional effects that stem from your long and short-range attacks. Based on that criteria, here are our rankings of the best Avengers game characters.



Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

Kicking off our Avengers game characters list is Hulk.

Hulk is built around brute force and AOE attacks. That means you’re in the thick of the action, laying down slam attacks, grabbing enemies, and using your rage to heal and boost your power. Basically, the more you attack, the more enemies you damage, the longer you can stay in the fight.

This playstyle is further encouraged by your Boneshaker and Thunderclap abilities. Boneshaker, when upgraded, has an extended duration and applies an AOE Gamma cloud that gradually damages enemies. Thunderclap, on the other hand, is an excellent room-clearing ability that can save you and your team when swarmed by Aim Bots. 

The only problem is that Hulk’s just not built to take advantage of this playstyle. He’s strangely slow, clunky, and doesn’t take as much damage as you’d expect. You want to play him like the powerhouse he is, but end up having to constantly dodge and back away just to stay alive.

Heroic Abilities

  • Thunderclap (Ultimate) — Massive AOE attack caused by a single handclap.
  • Stranglehold (Assault) — Rush and pick up an enemy, continuing the run until you unleash an AOE slam.
  • Boneshaker (Support) — Smash your fists into the ground and taunt nearby enemies.


Iron Man

Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

While he might be lower on this list, Iron Man is one of my personal favorites to play among all Marvel’s Avengers game characters. Jetting around large-scale maps always feels satisfying. Surprisingly, even hand-to-hand combat works, with the ability to switch between repulsors, rockets, and lasers to extend your reach. 

Then, of course, there’s the Hulkbuster. It’s one of the most fun Heroic Abilities in the game, allowing you to call down the iconic armor and take it for a spin. Whether it’s slamming into opponents Hulk-style, setting off a barrage of mortars, or unleashing a massive Unibeam, you’re sure to have fun. Oh, and your teammates can equip it too.

The unfortunate drawback with Iron Man is that his attacks can seem super weak and unfocused. They’re all ranged abilities and attempting to use them while flying is frustrating even after you’ve practiced. And aside from the Hulkbuster, the Arc Overload and Unibeam are just fine, with the latter being especially difficult to unleash effectively.

Heroic Abilities

  • Hulkbuster (Ultimate) — Gain access to the Hulkbuster armor and a range of powerful abilities.
  • Unibeam (Assault) — Unleash a deadly beam of energy.
  • Arc Overload (Support) — Deal shock damage and stun nearby enemies while gaining an overcharged attack status.



Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

Thor is one of those characters that has gotten better over time. Originally, it was difficult not to compare how it felt to throw Mjolner compared to Kratos throwing the Leviathan Axe. It simply didn’t feel as good to wield the hammer.

Then there’s the issue of him only popping up near the back half of the main campaign. It immediately puts Thor behind in leveling, which at the start makes the God of Thunder just feel weak. In many ways, Thor suffers from the same issues as Hulk, being a powerhouse character surrounded by issues that diminish that power.

However, after a bit of leveling, and thanks to a few patches, Thor is now one of the better AOE fighters. Supercharging your attacks with electricity and firing a wide wave of lightning can truly turn the tide of any fight. Plus, the residual electricity will continue to do damage over time, which is an uncommon trait among the core six heroes.

Heroic Abilities

  • Bifrost (Ultimate) — Bring down the Bifrost from above to target and scorch enemies.
  • God Blast (Assault) — Massive lightning AOE attack with residual shock damage.
  • Warrior’s Fury (Support) — Supercharge yourself with shock damage and make nearby allies invulnerable.


Black Widow

Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

At first, I wasn’t much of a fan of Black Widow. Like Iron Man, her combat felt a little weak and difficult to manage. But in reality, she may be the most complex character and the perfect foil for any team combination.

This is all rooted in her somewhat freeform combat flow, working between ranged and melee attacks while grappling to either evade or get closer to enemies. Her ability to switch between various firearms with unique range, damage, and firing speed alone makes her incredibly useful at close, mid, and long-range. 

Then there are her abilities. Widow’s Bite is ridiculously accurate and while the AOE effect is small, it’s still deadly. Veil of Shadows is basically a cheat code where you and your team literally disappear but can still keep fighting. And lastly, Power Surge amplifies everything about the character to turn her into a one-woman wrecking crew. 

Just take the time to master Black Widow’s abilities and you may find that she’s one of your go-tos among all the Marvel’s Avengers game characters ranked.

Heroic Abilities

  • Power Surge (Ultimate) — Amplifies ranged attacks and equips an electrified staff that deals out AOE damage.
  • Widow’s Bite (Assault) — Electrified projectile that deals small AOE damage over time.
  • Veil of Shadows (Support) — Cloak yourself and nearby teammates.


Captain America

Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

Right from the start, Captain America just feels good to play. His combat is smooth, powerful, and easy to chain together in diverse ways. Plus his shield adds extended range and stun abilities that are crucial for managing enemies

Like Black Widow, you really only get the most from Cap when you master his combos and effectively leverage his abilities. Rally Cry, for example, should be saved for when you are surrounded by multiple teammates, while Brooklyn Brawler and Steamroller are best used as openers or to take out enemy shields.

The main drawback is that his traversal and speed are severely lacking. It takes forever to get across larger map sections and even his jump can’t make up for it. Get the poor guy a motorcycle or something.

Heroic Abilities

  • Brooklyn Brawler (Ultimate) — Gain access to amped-up shield attacks and Willpower regeneration.
  • Steamroller (Assault) — Single shield throw targets multiple enemies.
  • Rally Cry (Support) — Buffs nearby allies with increased defense and ability regeneration while debuffing enemies.



Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

The newest character in the Avenger’s roster, Hawkeye actually blends abilities from his time as the titular archer, as well as the sword-wielding Ronin. On the surface, it seemed like he might just use variations of Kate Bishop’s abilities, but he’s surprisingly unique. Multiple arrow types, for one, completely set Clint apart, providing you with a slew of ranged effects to implement.

Then there’s his Recovery Arrow, now only the second healing ability in the game. It works just as well as Ms. Marvel’s but with the ability to be more selective about placement. And his Hunter’s Arrow Ultimate is just an auto-targeting aimbot, which is a nice change of pace from the other Avenger’s more technical abilities.

Hawkeye as a character seems like Square showcasing what they’ve learned. He’s fun and easy to get into, but has enough depth to warrant mastering. Plus traversal with his bow is surprisingly streamlined.

Heroic Abilities

  • Hunter’s Arrow (Ultimate) — Arrow driven by an AI that will hit up to 10 targets.
  • Nightstorm Arrow (Assault) — Rain down cluster bombs in a large targeted area.
  • Recovery Arrow (Support) — Shoots an arrow that allows you and your team to gradually recover Willpower.


Kamala Khan

Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

Kamala Khan is the heart and soul of this game, and one of the best characters in Avengers overall. Her struggle to come to terms with her new Inhuman powers, the loss of her heroes, and her need to stand up for what’s right truly elevated the campaign. Then there’s the fact that she’s actually the best original hero to play with.

If Cap’s combat represents the standard for mechanics, Ms. Marvel is the next step in its evolution. She retains the same fluid juggling ability between heavy and light attacks, with the additional range from her shape-shifting abilities. Rather than staying up close, you can whip out an arm, make your hands incredibly big or stomp from high above.

Like all the good heroic abilities, Kamala’s are diverse. From creating a massive health boost to slamming down enemies and even a fully controllable size change that buffs your attacks, it’s all wildly different. She truly represents what is best about this game and seems to be the archetype for how to approach new characters.

Heroic Abilities

  • Embiggen (Ultimate) — Grow larger and gain extended reach and a power buff.
  • High Five (Assault) — Slam a giant hand into multiple nearby targets.
  • Healing Spirit (Support) — Instant AOE Willpower regeneration for you and your allies.


Kate Bishop

Image: Crystal Dynamics via HGG / Kody Wirth

A fan-favorite comics character full of snark, attitude, and likability that overshadows basically every other Avenger — Kate Bishop had a lot to live up to as she made her gaming debut. Thankfully, her introduction to the game and this list of all Marvel’s Avengers game characters ranked not only brought in the new Tachyon particle effects, but actually had Kate use them. That’s right, while she still harnesses her sword and bow and arrow to great effect, she gets an added boost with Tachyon Rifts and explosions.

This unique combo makes Kate a powerhouse from any distance. Now, it’s worth noting that like Black Widow, she can be tough to learn and master. Being able to juggle these rift abilities with a multitude of arrows on the fly isn’t easy, but well worth the effort. Unleashing a volley of arrows only to teleport in close for a final blow is not only satisfying, but it’s also seamless.

Kate was Square’s first stab at a new hero and they nailed it. Hopefully, it means we’ll get more like her moving forward.

Heroic Abilities

  • Quantum Overdrive (Ultimate) — Charges attacks with Quantum energy, creating explosive arrows and projectiles from melee attacks.
  • Warp Arrow (Assault) — Teleports Kate and creates a Quantum explosion that damages enemies.
  • Decoy (Support) — Create har light holographic decoys to distract and attack enemies.

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