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Best Titan in Hearthstone, Ranked

RNG of the Titans

TITANS, the most recent expansion for Hearthstone has arrived and brings with it plenty of new fun cards, mechanics and strategies. But naturally, you’re probably most curious about the titular Titans themselves – the most powerful cards released in this new set. Each Titan is loaded with unique abilities and boast incredible power, but which of these new Titan cards is the best in Hearthstone?

How Do Titan Cards Work in Hearthstone?

Each Titan is a legendary minion, corresponding to one of the 11 classes in the game, and comes with three powerful and unique Titan abilities, as well as one default ability that synergizes with the rest.

On each turn (including the one where it’s played), you’ll be able to choose and use one of the Titan abilities, consuming the ability in the process. The Titan itself cannot attack until you’ve used up all three abilities.

The Titan is still treated as a normal minion on the board and can be dealt with in any conventional manner. While being unable to attack for three turns can be a bit annoying, their unique abilities more than make up for it.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll only get to use one of the Titan abilities before your opponent gets rid of your Titan. You should expect this to be a fairly common occurrence, as allowing someone to activate all three Titan abilities can often spell doom for their opponent.

All Titan Cards in Hearthstone, Ranked Worst to Best

Each Titan is undeniably powerful and a massive threat as soon as they appear on the board, but as is the case with any card game, some are just stronger or better value than the others. That’s why I’ll be ranking each of the 11 new Titan cards in Hearthstone.

Let’s begin!

#11 V-07-TR-0N Prime (Rogue Titan)

Sitting at the bottom of our list is the Rogue Titan: V-07-TR-0N Prime, a 3/5 for 6-mana that duplicates the effect of his Titan ability on a random friendly minion whenever he uses one.

V-07-TR-0N Prime Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Attach the Cannons! gives V-07-TR-0N Prime +2/+1 and deals 4 damage to a random enemy.
  • 2nd Ability: Full Power! gives V-07-TR-0N Prime +1/+2 and draws you a card.
  • 3rd Ability: Maximize Defenses! gives V-07-TR-0N Prime +3 health and cannot be targeted by spells or hero powers.

V-07-TR-0N Prime’s abilities are all strong, and they do copy onto another friendly minion. However, each of these abilities feels a bit lackluster compared to those of the other Titans.

Hurting this even further is the fact that all of his buffs don’t have much immediate impact on the board, as he has to wait until all three abilities are used to begin attacking. While every Titan has this limitation, V-07-TR-0N feels its impact the most.

Additionally, while the repeat ability is strong, it means that you have to have at least one other minion on the board to gain full value from V-07-TR-0N. He’s not terrible, but he just can’t compare to the other Titan cards in Hearthstone, earning him the #11 position.

#10 Norgannon (Mage Titan)

At #10, we have the Mage Titan: Norgannon, a 3/8 for 6-mana that doubles the effect of his remaining Titan abilities whenever he uses one.

Norgannon Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Progenitor’s Power deals five damage (this can be to any target).
  • 2nd Ability: Ancient Knowledge makes enemy cards cost (1) more mana next turn.
  • 3rd Ability: Unlimited Potential casts a random Mage secret.

At first glance, each of these abilities seems a bit lackluster. That’s because they are. This is by design, since you can double them, and whatever ability you use third gets doubled again.

Personally, we think Norgannon is a bit too slow. However, he does have the potential to deal 20 damage to face (by using Progenitor’s Power last), which will likely win you the game right there. Even if it has only been doubled once, 10 damage might be enough depending on the circumstances.

For that reason alone, we put Norgannon a step above V-07-TR-0N Prime at #10.

#9 Amitus, the Peacekeeper (Paladin Titan)

In the #9 spot, we have the Paladin Titan: Amitus, the Peacekeeper, a 1/8 with taunt for 7-mana that prevents friendly minions from taking more than 2 damage at a time.

Amitus, the Peacekeeper Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Reinforced draws you two minions and sets their attack, health, and cost to 2.
  • 2nd Ability: Empowered gives your other minions +2/+2.
  • 3rd Ability: Pacified sets the attack and health of all enemy minions to 2.

Amitus is an odd Titan, given that she has taunt (something that you typically don’t want on a minion who needs to stay alive for three turns to gain full value). However, her ability to prevent your minions from taking more than 2 damage helps ensure her survival and can be a rather interesting defensive play against massive minions and damaging spells.

Reinforced can be good value, but it can also backfire horribly by drawing you big minions and making them small. Both Empowered and Pacified are strong abilities, but also strongly encourage you into a go-wide strategy as Paladin.

While Amitus, the Peacekeeper is rather strong for going wide, her niche focus and taunt leaves her at #9.

#8 Aggramar, the Avenger (Hunter Titan)

Coming in at #8 is the Hunter Titan: Aggramar the Avenger, a 3/7 for 6-mana with a battlecry that gives you a 3/3 weapon.

Aggramar, the Avenger Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Maintain Order makes you draw a card after you attack with your weapon.
  • 2nd Ability: Commanding Presence makes your weapon summon a 3/3 with taunt after you attack with it.
  • 3rd Ability: Swift Slash gives your weapon +2 attack and makes you immune while attacking with it.

The first thing to note is that each of these Titan abilities are given to your weapon, so even if Aggramar is removed from the field, you keep the effect of the already used abilities. However, the flipside is that the abilities are tied to your weapon. Once you run out of durability, that’s it.

That being said, all of Aggramar’s abilities are strong. Card draw, extra damage or removal, and taunt minions are all good things to get, and you can get some more than once. It’s also worth noting that Hunter is one of the more aggressive classes, so the ability to immediately deal 5 damage to face might just give you a turn 6 win in many situations.

That being said, there are plenty of ways to destroy a weapon in Hearthstone. If you don’t have another on hand to replace it, you immediately lose most of the value that Aggramar can provide.

This vulnerability means that Aggramar at best can be ranked as the #8 Titan card in Hearthstone.

#7 Golganneth, the Thunderer (Shaman Titan)

At the #7 spot, we have the Shaman Titan: Golganneth, the Thunderer, a 5/7 for 6-mana that makes your first spell each turn cost (3) less.

Golganneth, the Thunderer Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Lord of Skies deals 20 damage to a minion.
  • 2nd Ability: Shargahn’s Wrath draws you three overload cards.
  • 3rd Ability: Roaring Oceans deals 3 damage to all enemies and heals all allies for 6.

Golganneth, the Thunderer provides some really nice tempo. When he comes down, you can wipe your opponent’s board and heal yourself, or destroy a stronger minion that won’t die to your wipe. The draw three cards ability is very nice, but is specific to overload cards, so it’s not always applicable.

It’s also worth noting that since Golganneth reduces your spells by (3), you can play him turn 6 and still play a 3-cost or lower spell.

While he provides great tempo, we don’t find that any of his abilities are too overpowered. For that reason, he deserves the #7 spot on this list.

#6 Argus, the Emerald Star (Demon Hunter Titan)

Coming in at #6 is the Demon Hunter Titan: Argus, the Emerald Star, a 5/9 for 7-mana that gives minions to its left rush, and minions to its right lifesteal.

Argus, the Emerald Star Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Crystal Carving discovers a deathrattle minion and reduces its cost by (3).
  • 2nd Ability: Show of Force reduces the cost of all minions in your hand by (2).
  • 3rd Ability: Argunite Army summons four 2/2s with taunt.

We really appreciate that Argus, the Emerald Star can have an instant impact on the board when played. The ability to get four taunt minions (which will have lifesteal) can turn around many nasty situations.

The other abilities are great for when you’re ahead or can afford to use them. You can set up some really powerful plays with the cost reduction effects, earning Argus the #6 spot on this list.

#5 Khaz’goroth (Warrior Titan)

The #5 spot on this list belongs to the Warrior Titan: Khaz’goroth, a 4/4 for 6-mana that becomes immune and attacks a random enemy minion whenever you use one of his Titan abilities.

Khaz’goroth Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Titan Forge gives him +2/+2 and draws you a weapon.
  • 2nd Ability: Tempering gives him +5 attack and gives you (for only 1 turn) +5 attack.
  • 3rd Ability: Heart of Flame gives him +5 health and gives you 5 armor.

Despite having rather low stats initially, Khaz’goroth has the potential to be the strongest Titan (in terms of stats) on the field if you can keep him alive long enough to use all of his abilities.

While he does gain Immune upon using a Titan ability and can safely remove a random threat, he’s still vulnerable on your opponent’s turn (especially if you use Tempering first). However, his abilities give you flexible options on how to deal with the current board – letting you either prioritize removing threats or bulking up.

The fact that your hero also gains either 5 armor, 5 attack for a turn, or a weapon just further doubles down on the value given by the ability you choose. Additionally, while it’s not enough to boost his ranking, the fact that you can play him as early as turn 6 is rather advantageous for a card that has strong ramping up capabilities.

Thanks to his mix of defensive and offensive abilities, Khaz’goroth can be slotted into an aggro warrior deck, as well as armor/control warrior builds. This flexibility secures Khaz’goroth as the #5 best Titan in Hearthstone.

#4 The Primus (Death Knight Titan)

Spot #4 goes to the Death Knight Titan: The Primus, a 7/9 minion for 8-mana. Each of his three Titan abilities is tied to one of the Death Knight’s runes, and when you use one of his abilities, you discover a card of the corresponding rune type.

The Primus Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Runes of Blood destroys an enemy minion and gives both you and The Primus it’s health.
  • 2nd Ability: Runes of Frost makes your next spell cost (3) less and have spell damage +3.
  • 3rd Ability: Runes of the Unholy summons two 3/3 undead with taunt and reborn.

The Primus has a strong ability for each of the three rune archetypes for Death Knight, combining a strong mix of offense and defense. Even better, since The Primus has no rune requirements of his own, you can run the Primus in any Death Knight deck.

Not only does he have an immediate impact on the board (which if you haven’t guessed by now, we highly value), he also generates value with his discover ability. The Primus is very powerful and deserving of the #4 spot on this list.

#3 Aman’Thul (Priest Titan)

Starting off the coveted top three is the priest titan: Aman’Thul, a 3/10 for 7-mana that discovers you a legendary minion after he uses a Titan ability.

Aman’Thul Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Shape the Stars makes you a copy of a non-titan minion and give it +2/+2.
  • 2nd Ability: Strike from History lets you remove two minions from the game.
  • 3rd Ability: Vision of Heroes summons a random 6-cost minion and gives it taunt and lifesteal.

Aman’Thul generates you a ton of value and lets you just get rid of two threats the turn you play him (including other Titans). As Strike from History is classified as a minion ability, it even gets around any pesky “cannot be targeted by spells and hero powers” ability – hard to beat that level of removal.

The fact that you can discover up to three legendary minions and get two incredibly powerful minions on the board for free is just icing on the cake when it comes to Aman’Thul.

This is a powerhouse legend that easily earns his top 3 spot.

#2 Sargeras, the Destroyer (Warlock Titan)

Coming in at #2 is the warlock titan: Sargeras, the Destroyer, a 6/12 for 9-mana that opens a portal to The Twisting Nether when played. This indestructible portal occupies a minion spot and summons two 3/2 demons at the end of each of your turns.

Sargeras, the Destroyer Abilities

  • 1st Ability: To the Void! sends all other minions to the Twisting Nether (removing them from the game permanently).
  • 2nd Ability: Inferno! summons two 6/6 demons from the Twisting Nether.
  • 3rd Ability: Legion Invasion! gives all future demons you summon from The Twisting Nether +2 health and taunt.

Sargeras can wipe the board immediately or simply give you a very strong board presence for the rest of the game.

Just by playing him, you ensure that you’ll always have another two 3/2 bodies on the board. That can be nigh-on impossible to deal with, especially if the enemy is running out of cards to deal with your non-stop minions. Also, his Legion Invasion ability is incredibly strong. Against certain decks it just wins you the game immediately.

The guaranteed value you’ll get from Sargeras easily earns him his #2 spot on this list.

#1 Eonar, the Life-Binder (Druid Titan)

Coming in at #1, as the best of the best, is the Druid Titan: Eonar, the Life-Binder, a 5/7 for 10-mana that summons a 5/5 taunt after using a Titan ability.

Eonar, the Life-Binder Abilities

  • 1st Ability: Spontaneous Growth draws you cards until your hand is full.
  • 2nd Ability: Bountiful Harvest fully heals you.
  • 3rd Ability: Flourish refreshes your mana crystals.

When you’re ahead, Eonar, the Life-Binder can fill up your hand. When you’re behind, she can fully heal you. She can even essentially be free by refreshing your mana crystals, giving you lots of options. Plus, every time you get a handy dandy 5/5 with taunt as a bonus.

Eonar is basically good any time and can turn around most situations. Since Druid can boost its mana crystals early, you can potentially play Eonar even sooner than usual, before launching a devastating follow-up.

The sheer value, flexibility, and play potential rightfully earns Eonar the #1 spot as the best Titan in Hearthstone.

And that concludes our ranking of the best Titan cards in Hearthstone. Let us know what you think of our rankings in the comments below! We’d love to know what your favorite Titan is and if you discovered some sleeper OP strategy involving them!

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Happy gaming!


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