Best & Fastest Ways to Earn Gold in Hearthstone

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Best & Fastest Ways to Earn Gold in Hearthstone

It’s no secret that Hearthstone is an expensive game that can cost you a lot of money. Luckily, you don’t actually have to spend a single cent on the game to do well or to even craft top tier decks, as long as you take advantage of the in-game currency of Hearthstone, gold! With that in mind, we’ll go over the best and fastest ways to earn gold in Hearthstone, so you can gain access to more cards and opportunities.

Quests & Rewards Track

Do your daily/weekly quests to earn Rewards Track exp - Best Ways to Earn Gold Hearthstone
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Joel Stadler

Daily Quests

Each day you will be given a new daily quest. These quests are all fairly simple and straightforward, such as play X amount of games as a certain class. You’ll want to complete these daily quests, as they award Rewards Track exp. This is basically the equivalent of a Battle Pass for Hearthstone and is the main way to earn gold in the game.

You can hold up to 3 daily quests at a time before you start to lose out on new daily quests. Additionally, you can re-roll 1 daily quest that you don’t want to do on each day.

Most daily quests will reward either 900 or 1000 Rewards Track exp. However, there are 5 coveted daily quests that reward 1500 exp instead.

  1. Challenge a friend.
  2. Watch a friend win a game/bounty in Spectator Mode.
  3. Win 5 games/bounties.
  4. Play 50 Battlecry cards
  5. Play 3 games with Nozdormu the Eternal in your starting deck.
    • You’ll automatically get Nozdormu the Eternal for free once you have a combined level of 57 in all your classes.

Naturally, you’ll want to get and complete these 1500 exp quests instead of the lower exp ones. To that end, you’ll want to use your daily quest re-roll on your lowest quest reward and let your journal fill up to 3 daily quests before you complete one.

This method is rather slow, but it will help maximize the likelihood that you’ll gain a 1500 exp quest, which in turn will maximize your Rewards Track exp (aka. the rate that you earn gold).

Weekly Quests

You’ll also be granted 3 weekly quests each Monday. These weekly quests can also be re-rolled, but there’s no point in doing so. All of the weekly quests reward 1750 exp, except for the “Win 5 Ranked Games” one. However, that quest is guaranteed to appear at the start of every week.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to re-roll one of your 1750 exp weekly quests into another 2500 exp quest. It’s not, so don’t bother wasting your daily re-roll on any weekly quests.

Legendary Quests

Occasionally, there will be various events going on in Hearthstone that provide you with unique quests and rewards. These special legendary quests are typically one-time only, but they tend to reward you generously with card packs, large amounts of gold, or unique cards.

Always prioritize getting these legendary quests done, as they’re normally only around as long as the event is active. Don’t worry, they can’t take up any of your daily/weekly quest spots nor can you re-roll them.

Just whatever you do, do NOT abandon them, as they (and their rewards) will be lost forever.

Play Ranked Modes

Climb the ranked ladder - Best Ways to Earn Gold Hearthstone
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Joel Stadler

The other best way to earn gold in Hearthstone is to play its ranked modes. Nearly all of your quests can be completed in ranked mode and reaching certain ranks will grant you Rewards Track exp. Plus, depending on your rank at the end of each month, you’ll receive various in-game rewards of card packs, arcane dust, special cards, and gold.

Notably, there are currently 3 different ranked modes in Hearthstone – Standard, Wild, and Twisted – and each one offers you a separate set of rewards at the end of each month. So in theory, you would want to get a high ranking in all three modes to maximize your gold earnings per month. Of course, this far easier said than done, especially when you consider how much time you would need to invest.

Your best bet is to pick a ranked mode you like and focus on that one to maximize your monthly rewards. Regardless if you decide to craft a budget or expensive deck, as long as you focus on one specific deck, you should be able to craft all the cards for it relatively quickly and start climbing the ladder.

Remember, the key part is focus. Most decks are viable in Hearthstone as long as you commit to a certain playstyle. That being said, it’s usually best to find a top-tier deck when you’re first starting out and crafting all the cards needed to make an identical copy. As you become more familiar with it, you should make steady progress in ranked and maximize your rewards.

Beware of Arena and Duels

Don't waste your gold on Arena or Duels
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Joel Stadler

Lastly, I want to discuss two traps you should be wary of – Arena and Duels. Many new players get lured in by the rewards these modes promise and end up wasting all of their gold.

Both game modes requires a 150 gold entry fee (unless you pay with real money or have a free entry ticket) and let you keep playing until you either lose 3 games or win 12 games. At the end of your run, you get rewards based on how many games you won, which will always include at least one card pack.

Unfortunately, both game modes are hard and require a fair bit of luck to get far enough to earn more than one pack (Duels especially). In contrast, any pack you buy from the store will cost you only 100 gold. As such, if you play a round of Arena/Duels and only earn one pack, you’ve essentially lost 50 gold.

In order to break even, you’ll typically need at least 3 or so wins to make up the 50 gold deficit. If you want to make back your 150 gold investment (earning a free pack), you’ll need around 7-8 wins. All of this means that you’ll have to get 9 or more wins before you actually start making gold off these game modes, which isn’t an easy (or consistent) task.

While Arena and Duels can be incredibly fun, especially if you manage to go on a massive winning streak, they’re just not a good way to earn gold in Hearthstone.


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