Halo Infinite New Game Modes for Season 2 Explained

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Halo Infinite New Game Modes for Season 2 Explained

After many long months of waiting, Season 2 of Halo Infinite is finally here! Known as Lone Wolves, it introduces some much-needed content into the game that fans have been begging for. This includes new maps, some buffs and nerfs, and several new game modes for us to play!

But just what are these new game modes? How many new modes were added? How does each one work? Are they even worth playing? After trying them out ourselves, we feel confident enough to answer all these questions. We’ll go over each of the three new modes and fill you in on how they work.

All New Game Modes for Halo Infinite Season 2

Let’s get right into this walkthrough for Halo Infinite’s new game modes for Season 2. We’ll explain them all to boost your starting confidence!

Last Spartan Standing

New Game Modes: Last Spartan Standing
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

First up is the most interesting of the new modes — Last Spartan Standing. Remember back when 343 Industries said that Halo Infinite would never have a battle royale mode? Well, they must’ve changed their minds, because this is the new battle royale mode for Halo Infinite! Well, kinda….

Last Spartan Standing doesn’t really feel like a battle royale, but rather a free-for-all game of attrition. In this new game mode, you spawn in a big team battle map with eleven other Spartans. Everyone begins starts off the game with a Disruptor energy pistol and a UNSC sidekick, and that’s it.

You read that right. You start with no grenades, and your radar is disabled. Like other BRs, there’s a ring of death that starts to close as the game goes on. You have a limited number of lives — five, to be exact — and are tasked with hunting down and killing the other players on the map. It shares a lot of similarities to Gun Game from the Call of Duty series, but with slight differences in how you get better weapons.

As you run around killing other Spartans and collecting bonus XP (dropped by a Spartan when they lose all of their lives), you can unlock new weapons to use. You gain +100 XP for each enemy you kill, and +50 XP for every assist you get.

Once you earn enough XP, you can press and hold the interact button to get a new weapon added to your arsenal. Below is a list of all the guns in the game you can unlock, as well as how much XP you need for each of the weapons:

  • Mangler unlocked for 100 XP
  • Assault Rifle unlocked for 300 XP
  • Commando unlocked for 650 XP
  • Bulldog unlocked for 1,150 XP
  • Battle Rifle unlocked for 1,850 XP

The game ends when only one player is left alive. If you run out of lives before the game ends, you can either spectate the remainder of the game, or safely leave the game with no multiplayer match penalty.

Land Grab

Land Grab
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

Next up, we have another interesting new mode known as Land Grab! Land Grab is a team-based objective mode that sees two sides competing to take control of the map. There are three different zones scattered around that you must capture. If you capture a zone, your team scores one point. In addition to this, the zone itself is locked and cannot be re-captured or lost.

After each of the three different zones is captured by either team, they’ll all disappear and three new zones will randomly spawn shortly thereafter. The process will repeat, and the game ends when one of the teams earns eleven points.

This mode has a lot of similarities to other objective-based modes, such as Strongholds. The main difference this time around is that a zone can only be captured once per round. I’m not sure if this addition was worth the multi-month wait for Season 2, but it’s a nice way to shake things up nonetheless.

King of the Hill

King of The Hill
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

Last on our guide for Halo Infinite Season 2: every game mode explained, we have…King of the Hill? This isn’t technically a new game mode per se, as it’s been a classic in the Halo franchise since Halo: Combat Evolved. It is, however, returning to Halo Infinite for Season 2 with a few tweaks here and there to make it fresh and better than its previous incarnations.

King of the Hill is another team-based objective mode. It sees you and your squad attempting to take control of a randomly spawning point on the map. When just you or your teammates are inside the ring, it’s be captured for your side.

Once the hill is under your team’s control, it will begin filling a “control bar.” When this control bar is full, you and your team will be awarded one point. Once you reach the maximum number of points, the game ends and your team wins!

Like many other players, I was frustrated when I discovered that King of the Hill didn’t ship with the game on day one. Seeing all of these new tweaks to the game mode makes it clear why 343 chose to release it later in Halo Infinite’s life cycle. All the new changes to King of the Hill are supposed to make it more enjoyable to play, and less frustrating when one team dominates the hill for most of the match.

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