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9 Best Headsets for Halo Infinite in 2024

Fans of Halo Infinite agree: few games offer quite the same immersive experience. And great sound quality is a big part of the fun. With multiplayer mode now available, communication between players is more important than ever. On that note, here’s a ranking of the nine best headsets for Halo Infinite, with everything you need to upgrade your game on any budget.

The 9 Best Headsets for Halo Infinite

Been playing Halo Infinite without one of the following headsets? Let us show you what you’ve been missing.

1. Razer Kaira Pro

Razer Kaira Pro

The best headset for Halo Infinite overall

Manufacturer: Razer | Connection: Wireless | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 13 ounces | Price: 💰💰

Gaming sessions can run long. Because of that fact, we put the Razer Kaira Pro wireless gaming headset in the top spot of our ranking. Among other features, we called the Kaira Pro the best headset for Halo Infinite on the strength of the breathable memory foam ear cushions and soft padded headband. Both combine for top notch comfort and to help your head and ears stay cool while gaming. 

Comfort aside, the Kaira Pro also offers TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers, tuning the highs, mids, and lows separately. There’s also a HyperClear supercardioid mic, and EQ and Xbox pairing button. Don’t miss the EQ preset specifically for FPS games.

But don’t just take our word for it, Kaira Pro comes highly recommended from Halo players. Razer was selected by Microsoft as the official Halo peripheral manufacturer in 2021 — an important seal of approval. The sound they produce is well rounded with a good, clean stage, especially for a wireless option. This headset also pairs easily with Xbox. 

  • Sound great via Bluetooth
  • Decent sound stage, well-rounded sound
  • Can be used with mobile phones/mobile gaming consoles
  • Sub-par mobile mic
  • Battery life could be better
  • Pop heard when mute and unmute button pressed

2. ASTRO Gaming A50

ASTRO Gaming A50

The best headset for Halo Infinite runner-up

Manufacturer: Astro | Connection: Wireless | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 13oz | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Runner-up for best headset for Halo Infinite is the Astro Gaming A50. This wireless set has a long battery life, perfect for your next marathon gaming session. There’s also Astro Audio V2 tuning for an immersive sound experience. The highs are crisp, with strong mids and clear bass. Overall control capability, in fact, sets the A50 apart. 

To that point, we liked the Astro command center software, allowing for voice communication and even further customization. Compatible with PS5, PS4, PC, and Mac, the base station sold with this headset offers extra control and sound fine-tuning features. If the optional mod kit was included with purchase with headband and ear cushions, we may have ranked the A50 higher. 

Otherwise, music and game atmosphere both sound great through this headset, according to reports. They’re also very comfortable to wear, with very little fatigue experienced. It was a bit difficult to get these headphones set properly on the charging station. That’s a relatively small complaint, though.

  • Pricey, but worth it
  • Auto-mutes when set vertical
  • Comfortable and breathable ear cups
  • Headband padding just so-so
  • Preset sound profiles could be better
  • Bit difficult to place correctly on the charging station

3. Steelseries Arctis 9X

SteelSeries Arctis 9X

The best wireless headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Steelseries | Connection: Wireless | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 19oz | Price: 💰💰💰

Nothing compares to a wireless headset for comfort and ease of use while playing Halo Infinite. On that note, the Arctic 9X from Steelseries is the best wireless headset we reviewed. With Integrated Xbox wireless connectivity, there’s a Clearcast microphone with bidirectional design and Bluetooth capability. This allows you to listen to music or even take a phone call while gaming. 

Clearcast microphones are known for noise cancellation. Don’t miss the Windows sonic surround sound for an even more immersive experience. One user said they didn’t even know what a  shotgun in Halo sounded like before they used the Steelseries Arctis 9X. The wireless connection also worked flawlessly right out of the box. 

The volume controls are well laid out, with a good balance for chat, game audio, and phone. And the headphones are comfortable even while wearing glasses, one report said. Some dropped connection was reported with Xbox One, it should be noted. But overall, feedback says these headphones are reliable, comfortable, and well constructed. They’re also a good choice for dual-purposes.

  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Shotgun in Halo Infinite sounds realistic
  • Wireless connection worked right out of box
  • No battery life indicator
  • Charging port durability concerns
  • Some dropped connectivity reported

4. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The best budget headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: HyperX | Connection: Wired | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 10oz | Price: 💰

In the market for the best headset for Halo Infinite for not much money? We have you covered. The best budget headset for Halo Infinite we reviewed is the Cloud Stinger from HyperX. More than just an affordable price made these headphones worth it, though.

Available in a few nice color choices, these over-ear headphones have 90-degree rotating ear cups padded with HyperX signature memory foam. With broad connectivity across gaming platforms, these wired headphones have 50 mm directional drivers, and volume control is right on the headset. There are also adjustable steel sliders to fine-tune fit.

One consumer who used the Cloud Stingers to play Halo online called them easy to wear for prolonged periods. Conveniently, the mic shuts off automatically when tilted horizontally. Wear them, and the Halo soundtrack will sound better than ever before, according to one report. These even work well in party chat, making them a good choice to play Halo with friends. Noise cancellation could be better, though.

  • Good multipurpose choice
  • Best sound quality for the price
  • Volume adjustment knob on the earpiece
  • No Bluetooth support
  • Limited to 16-bit 48khz audio
  • Auto shutoff after 10 mins inactive

5. Microsoft Xbox Series X Wireless Headset

Microsoft Xbox Series X Wireless Headset -  - #5 Best Headsets for Halo Infinite

The best Xbox headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Microsoft | Connection: Wireless | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 16oz | Price: 💰💰

If Xbox is your Halo gaming platform of choice, the Microsoft Xbox Series X Wireless headset could be the best earphones for you, based on our research. This headset is Xbox wireless radio compatible, and further customization comes from the Xbox accessories app. With these headphones, you’ll enjoy Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X, all through wireless device pairing. 

And if Xbox is not the only platform you play, it’s notable that the series X is compatible with Windows 10/11 devices. There’s auto-mute and voice isolation. Meanwhile, volume is adjustable through easy rotation of the ear cups, another nice feature. 

While playing Halo Infinite these headlines will help you distinguish where trouble is coming including enemy footsteps and gunshots, according to one report. They’re comfortable in long gameplay sessions. Pick the Xbox Series X headset, for strong bass and clear mids and highs — a must-have for fans of Halo Infinite, based on feedback. 

  • Easy to use controls
  • Comfortable pleather earmuffs
  • Good passive noise cancellation
  • Short charging cable
  • Not for big heads/ears
  • Bass heavy default settings

6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The best PC headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Steelseries | Connection: Wired | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 15oz | Price: 💰💰💰

Tend to play Halo Infinite on a PC? We recommend the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. We liked the Arctis Pro for the accompanying software, in particular. Once used, the sound precision is “absolutely nuts,” according to one report. Otherwise, there’s a USB chat mix dial and X v2.0 surround sound capable of full, 360-degree immersion. The hi-res capable speakers offer a 10 to 40,000 hertz frequency range. 

The quality of the mic on these over-ear, wired headphones is also notable for wide-ranging frequency response and high sensitivity. During gameplay, use that aforementioned USB chat mix dial to keep audio and chat signals distinct, as it dampens one driver in favor of the other. 

Comfort is also a strong point with the Arctis Pro headphones, we found out. A band under the headband part of the headset is there to help distribute pressure. In short, this is a great sounding, well-built headset for PC users, feedback tells us.

  • Accurate directional sound
  • Crossfader knob a nice feature
  • Strong SteelSeries software included
  • Sound out of box just so-so
  • Take awhile to break in, fit tight at first
  • Proprietary connector between headset and base

7. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

The best earbuds for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Turtle Beach | Connection: Wired | Drivers: 10mm | Weight: 1oz | Price: 💰

Halo Infinite players in search of an earbud headset, look no further than our next pick, Turtle Beach Battle Buds. Fans of these earbuds comment on the great sound quality, adding they fit in the ear comfortably. They might not be the best choice for long gaming sessions, we found out, but for multipurpose applications such as gaming, work, and study sessions, they’re recommended.

No matter how you use them, these battle buds receive strong consumer feedback. The speakers are 10mm and there’s convenient, multifunction inline controls. What’s more, the low price can’t be beat. One player tried the Turtle Beach Battle Buds as a temporary stopgap before a planned upgrade to higher-end headphones. He found himself satisfied and stuck with Battle Buds.

These buds fit nicely in the ears, the volume is easy to control, and the mic can be muted. You’ll hear every footstep in the game, according to one report. Otherwise, these in-ear headphones are a great choice for quick gaming sessions, on-the-go gaming, or for dual-purpose applications. They’re also a good pick for gamers on the small side that don’t like the bulky feel of full-size headsets. 

  • Good detachable mic
  • Great treble and bass
  • Ear tips and stabilizers keep things comfortable
  • Not great for small ears
  • Questionable mic build quality
  • Long gaming session comfort gets mixed reviews

8. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

The best noise-cancelling headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Turtle Beach | Connection: Wired | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: N/A | Price: 💰💰💰

If strong noise cancellation while playing Halo Infinite is a priority for you, consider the next headset we reviewed, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2. Noise cancellation with these headphones is top-tier, based on feedback. You won’t hear a thing outside the game, according to one report. 

With ProSpecs comfort-driven design and Aerofit ear cushions, this headset is surround sound ready. Audio comes to you via 50mm over-ear Nanoclear speakers. And those who wear glasses should pay extra close attention — the ProSpecs glasses relief system reduces pressure on the ears and head over prolonged periods.

Otherwise, the Elite Pro 2 is compatible with a broad range of gaming platforms. The mic is also noise canceling. Pick the Elite Pro 2 headset and your games will simply sound better, feedback tells us. You’ll hear footsteps and gunshot more clearly and even the quality of the soundtrack will improve. They may fit a bit tight at first, but give them a chance — they’ll break in. 

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Top tier noise cancellation
  • Also good for TV and movies
  • Braided cord 
  • Build quality gets mixed reviews
  • Non user-friendly detachable mic, some say

9. Sennheiser HD 560 S

Sennheiser HD 560 S

The best open-back headset for Halo Infinite

Manufacturer: Sennheiser | Connection: Wired | Drivers: N/A | Weight: 10oz | Price: 💰💰💰

Open-back headset designs offer many advantages. Namely, air is allowed to move more freely through the earcups. This allows some sound to escape, which might disturb your roommate. But this also helps things sound more natural. Meanwhile, it won’t completely shut down sound from the outside world. Some find open-back headsets more comfortable. 

On that note, we recommend the Sennheiser HD 560 S as our pick for best open-back headset for Halo Infinite. There’s an ultra-light adjustable headband, and E.A.R. angled transducers, putting the drivers in the most natural position on your ear for the best possible sound quality. 

The HD 560 S offers great, balanced audio, based on feedback. There’s a near-perfect flat sound stage, and with the adjustable headband, the ear cups are comfortable. There’s also a good frequency range. The bass does get mixed reviews, though. In short, these are good neutral-sounding open-back earphones that won’t shut out the outside world and keep you comfortable while gaming — a great pick for dual-purposes like streaming movies. 

  • Great, well-balanced sound
  • Comfortable after hours of wear
  • Good choice for multipurpose use
  • No mic included
  • Bass response gets mixed reviews
  • For the price, should have a case or carry bag

Our Process

For this guide on the best headsets for Halo Infinite, our writers spent twelve hours researching the most popular headsets from twenty brands and manufacturers big and small. After comparing this data, we then read over 100 user reviews (both positive and negative) and narrowed our list down to the top nine best headsets for Halo Infinite on the market. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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