Halo Infinite: How to Play Firefight Mode

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Halo Infinite: How to Play Firefight Mode

The newest season of Halo Infinite is finally here, and fan reception for it has been nothing but positive. 343 said that we’d be getting heaps of new content for this season, including the addition of the long-awaited Firefight mode. But Season 5 is here, and there is seemingly no way to play Firefight in Halo Infinite.

That’s because it won’t be officially added as a playlist until later in the season. However, with the addition of Forge AI, we can play a quasi-Firefight mode while waiting for it to officially arrive. So for now, we’ll be going over how to set up your custom Firefight game in Halo Infinite.

How to Join a Firefight Game

As mentioned above, Firefight mode won’t be added to the game officially until later in Season 5. For now, the only way to play it is by playing custom-made modes/maps that use Forge and the newly added campaign AIs to re-create Firefight mode.

Luckily, you won’t need to create your own map and custom game mode. There are plenty of players in the community that have already done that for you.

Join a custom game - Halo Infinite How to Play Firefight
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The fastest and easiest way to play one of these Firefight maps that were made with Forge is to go to the “Community” tab on the main menu and then select “Customs Browser.” From the Customs Browser, you can join matches being hosted by other players. Just look through the menu to find one that has Firefight labeled in the title and join it.

This should place you into a custom match of Firefight mode with other players. The game modes that you’ll find can vary greatly. It might be classic Firefight mode, or it might be a PvPvE Firefight mode, where the players are divided into two teams and have to fight each other as well as enemy AI.

How to Host Your Own Firefight Game

While the previously mentioned method is the quickest way to play Firefight in Halo Infinite for now, a lot of the matches can vary in quality. Maybe you won’t like the map the host picked, or you would prefer a different game mode.

Luckily for you, you can very easily host your own customized game of Firefight mode.

To do this, go to the “Play” tab located at the top of the main menu and then select “Custom Game” from the menu. Now select “Create Match,” which will take you to this screen below:

Host your own custom game - Halo Infinite How to Play Firefight
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

After you select that, you’ll need to tweak the settings to your liking and select the right map and game mode. I recommend you change the privacy settings to “Invite Only” if you want to play by yourself.

Now choose a map. Select “Map” from the menu and then select “Popular.” Here, you can see some of the most popular Forge-made maps. Go to the search bar to the right and search “Firefight,” and several Firefight maps should pop up.

Find one you like, then read the description. It’s important that you do so, as each map requires the correct corresponding game mode in order to be played properly. You can find the name of the game mode in the description.

Choose the map you want, then go back to the menu you selected “Map” from. Now choose “Mode Editor,” then “Popular.” Search for the game mode in the map’s description. Once you select the right mode, just hit “Play” to launch the game!


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