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All New Maps in Halo Infinite Season 2

After several months of waiting, we finally see the release of the newest season of Halo Infinite! Known as Season 2: Lone Wolves, this update gives us two brand new maps for us to play on. While many are disappointed that there are only two maps, a lot of us are happy just to have new content.

So how exactly do these maps play? What do they look like? What game modes do they support? Were they worth all the months of waiting? We’ll be going over all of that and more in our walkthrough covering all the new maps in Halo Infinite Season 2.

All-New Maps Explained

Let’s get right into this guide for the new maps released this season!

Catalyst — 4v4 Forerunner Structure

Catalyst - 4v4 Forerunner Structure
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

To start off our guide, let’s talk about the newest map for arenas mode (4v4). This is a medium-sized map that takes place inside the ruins of an overgrown Forerunner structure. It features several waterfalls cascading down through the main room, which add a lot to the atmosphere.

There’s a light bridge going right down the center, with an over shield available for those brave enough to rush in and grab it. There’s also a regular bridge going straight across the main room that allows you to access weapon pickups placed high in the air. You can access this bridge by taking one of the doors next to either team’s spawn point at the beginning of the match.

This is a great vantage point, as it lets you get a sniper rifle and pick off enemies from up high! If sniping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of spaces for close-quarters engagements. An Energy Sword spawns on this map, as well as a Needler, giving you more options for how you want to take down your opponents.

Aesthetically speaking, this map has got to be my favorite out of this season. The waterfalls are a great feature, and I’m a big sucker for forerunner structures of all kinds. I am a little disappointed we didn’t get a snowy map this season, but this one is good for now.

Breaker — 12v12 Banished Shipyard

Breaker - 12v12 Banished Shipyard
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next on our guide for all the new maps in Halo Infinite Season 2, we have Breaker. This is a larger map that supports Big Team Battle, as well as the new game mode Last Spartan Standing. It takes place inside of a Banished shipyard, where tons of scrap metal are being stored and torn apart to make new weapons and ships.

Gameplay-wise, it features lots of wide-open spaces and many places to set up camp and snipe. It’s a great map if you love long-range battles, but there’s enough cover that it can support close-quarters combat as well. There are a few warthogs on the map, which is always great to see.

One little detail I like is that there are hidden “vents” scattered around the map that you can walk into and fall down onto the level underneath you. Good for sneaking up on enemies or for escaping gunfights!

Visually, it looks much different from some of the maps that shipped with Season 1. It takes place in a desert-like environment, with the ruins of battle-torn ships scattered everywhere. It almost feels like a junkyard in space! I also really like the skybox on this one, as it really adds to the dusty atmosphere.

Were the New Maps in Halo Infinite Season 2 Worth the Wait?

Are the new maps in Halo infinite season 2 worth the wait?
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

After many long months of waiting for new content, 343 has finally released some additional maps for us to play on. Were these maps worth the wait? How do they compare to the maps already in the game?

Honestly, while these new maps are nice, they’re not game-changers by any means. Visually, they are a nice change of pace from all the forests and grasslands we’ve been playing in. They’re enjoyable enough, and I have no real complaints based on what I’ve played so far.

It’s not so much the maps themselves that are disappointing, but the lack of them. Two feels like such a small number, especially considering they don’t come with any new vehicles, weapons, or power-ups. If both of these new maps contained one of the previously mentioned features, then I’d say it was justified to ship Season 2 with only two maps, but it just isn’t.

Overall, the maps are a nice new addition, but you’ll get bored of them quickly if you’re a returning player. Hopefully, we’ll see some more interesting maps (or just more than two new ones) in Season 3.

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Happy gaming!


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