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Halo Infinite Season 2: Battle Pass Explained + Rewards

After months of waiting, the newest season of Halo Infinite is finally here! With this new season, we now have two brand new maps, a returning classic game mode, as well as brand new mode. In addition to this, we also have the Season 2 Battle Pass with brand new cosmetics to unlock!

Season 2 is also called “Lone Wolves,” and it’s centered around rugged, individualistic Spartans known as Lone Wolves. The Battle Pass rewards reflect the stealthy and makeshift nature of these lone Spartans. In this article, we’ll be going over how the Battle Pass works, as well as the rewards available.

Without any more delays, let’s get right into it!

How Does the Battle Pass Work?

How Does the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Work?
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

A Battle Pass is essentially a collection of cosmetic items that you can unlock by earning experience points and completing challenges. These challenges range from getting a certain number of headshots to playing a certain number of the same mode, to just logging on for the day and playing at least one match.

How Many Levels Are There? How Much Does It Cost?

There are 100 levels in the battle pass to unlock, and you gain a few rewards every time you reach a new level. Do keep in mind that not all cosmetics can be unlocked just by playing the game. Some rewards are free, while others require you to purchase the premium Battle Pass with real money.

You can use your money to purchase credits. The premium Battle Pass this season costs 1000 credits, or $10 USD. You can earn back all 1000 of your credits as unlocks by completing the Battle Pass. This means you only need to spend a maximum of $10 — once you’ve completed the Season 2 Battle Pass, you’ll be able to purchase the next season’s Battle Pass free of charge!

Do Battle Passes Expire? What if I Never Completed Season 1?

Unlike most live-service first-person shooters, Halo Infinite’s Battle Passes never expire at the end of their respective season. If you still haven’t completed Season 1’s Battle Pass, no worries — you can still level it up this season.

You can only level up one Battle Pass at a time, however, and you can switch between the two Battle Passes whenever you’d like. Once you switch, all of your XP from there on out will automatically go to unlocking the rewards from your selected battle pass.

Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of how the Battle Pass works in Halo Infinite, let’s talk about what exactly you’re getting in this new set of cosmetic unlocks.

What Are The Cosmetic Unlocks?

As previously mentioned, there are 100 levels to the Battle Pass, each requiring you to earn a certain amount of XP to unlock. The pass features a huge amount of cosmetic unlocks, such as weapon skins, weapon charms, vehicle skins, armor pieces, kill effects, etc.

With the launch of Season 2, we saw the introduction of two brand new armor cores: EAGLESTRIKE and RAKSHASA. According to the official patch notes on Steam, RAKSHASA is described as having a “distinctive, rough, battlefield-manufactured look.” Likewise, the EAGLESTRIKE is molded after WWII-era armor and incorporates some Steampunk elements.

The RAKSHSA armor pieces are plentiful in this season’s Battle Pass. There are several chest and shoulder options available. Each one of them has a scrapped together and almost post-apocalyptic charm to them. The Level 100 reward is a pair of shoulder pads containing the skull of an Elite warrior that you can strap to your armor. It might be a war crime, but damn, does it look good!

My personal favorite cosmetic reward, however, is a brand new AI that you can unlock at Level 50. It’s a new AI named Iratus. The first of its kind, Iratus was created by the Banished faction. He embodies everything that we’ve come to know and love about the faction. He is loud, proud, and very aggressive! The perfect AI companion if you are looking for something a little less serious and a little more fun.

What Other Rewards Are There?

There are also some consumable rewards, such as challenge swaps that allow you to change one of your daily challenges to something different and potentially easier. You can also acquire XP boosts. Once you manually activate them, you’ll find it much easier to level up your battle pass and unlock rewards.

Is the Battle Pass Worth the Money?

Is it worth the money?
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for the million-dollar question: is the Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass worth your money? Well, it depends. Considering the fact that you can earn all of your credits back after completing it, I would recommend it if you are planning on playing lots of Halo this season. If you’re a new player just hopping onto Halo Infinite for the first time and everything in the game is new to you, then you should get it.

If you are a returning player from Season 1, however, I’d have to say no. This season was fairly disappointing in terms of how much new content we got. We only received two new maps, two new game modes (King of the Hill doesn’t count), and zero new weapons to speak of. Hell, the only weapon they even bothered to re-balance this season was the mangler! What gives?

Considering this lack of new content, I doubt that most returning players will find much enjoyment playing more-or-less the same maps and game modes we’ve had for months. Maybe as this season develops, 343 will surprise us with better limited-time events and some good mid-season content. But until that happens, I wouldn’t spend any of my money on the Battle Pass, if I were you.

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