Halo Infinite: All Equipment Ranked and How Best to Use Them

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Halo Infinite: All Equipment Ranked and How Best to Use Them

One of the best additions to come to the Halo sandbox was the introduction of Equipment in Halo 3. These gadgets were single-use items that could be used to do anything from healing you and your allies to creating an impenetrable shield of protection.

These were re-worked in Halo Reach as Armor Abilities, which functioned in a similar fashion but were re-usable and given to you at the start of a match. Now with the launch of Halo Infinite, 343 has taken the best aspects of both of these systems and implemented the Equipment system we have now.

Halo Infinite Equipment, Ranked Least to Most Useful

In this article, we’ll cover all the equipment in Halo Infinite and discuss which items are best for which situations. Without further delay, let’s begin!


Threat Sensor

Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 2/5 | Default Number of Uses: 2 | Maximum Number of Uses: 4 | Type: Equipment

First on our list of equipment in Halo Infinite is the Threat Sensor. This is a tactical tool that works similarly to the Pulse Blade from Titanfall. It’s a projectile that sticks to surfaces and scans the area for hostiles, highlighting them through walls. Players can fit up to four Threat Sensors at once, and there’s a five-second cooldown time after each use.

This item is really only useful in close-quarters combat. The range on it is very small, and you need to be precise in order to use it properly. Enemies can see when they’re in its range and can easily move out of the way to avoid being scanned.

If you happen to see one placed by an enemy, you can shoot the dart on the wall to destroy it instantly. Keep this in mind when you are using it yourself. I always try to fire it out of sight of an enemy, such as in a high space.

Given the fact that the range is very small, the Threat Sensor is in desperate need of a buff. Despite its occasional uses, you’re better off picking up something else instead.



Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 4/5 | Default Number of Uses: 3 | Maximum Number of Uses: 5 | Type: Equipment

Next up, we have the gravity-defying Repulsor! This is another versatile tool that can be used in many different ways to win fights or capture objectives. It can be used to send back EMP blasts from a Plasma Pistol, or to push grenades back where they came from! You can carry a total of five Repulsor blasts at once, and each comes with a four-second cooldown time.

If you happen to be in front of a vehicle, you can send it backward to stop yourself from becoming roadkill. While it can send enemy Spartans flying back, it doesn’t seem to throw them very far — this will hopefully be buffed in future updates.

Another neat trick you can pull off with the Repulsor is using it as a jet-pack. If you jump in the air and look toward the ground while activating the ability, you will fly upwards! This is great for traversing high walls or escaping enemy players.



Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 4/5 | Default Number of Uses: 3 | Maximum Number of Uses: 5 | Type: Equipment

Next up, we have a returning Armor Equipment from past entries — the Thruster! Originally a part of the core movement system in Halo 5: Guardians, the Thruster has come back as an optional item you can pick up on the field. It allows you to quickly dash in any horizontal direction. You can hold up to five of them at once, and it has a five-second cooldown.

Much like the Grappleshot, this is a good tool for getting around the map and getting out of danger. It is notably faster than sprinting, and it can help you get across larger gaps with little effort. I usually try to pick it up if I need to carry an objective, such as a flag or oddball, as it helps me avoid enemy fire.

If you find yourself surrounded by grenades or about to be crushed by a Gravity Hammer, you can quickly back away without any injuries. It’s also good for pushing enemies — if you have a melee weapon, you can dash towards an enemy for a quick and easy strike.

While the Thruster may not have as many uses as the Grappleshot, it is still an excellent tool with several different uses. It’s just a little less common to find.


Shroud Screen

Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 3/5 | Default Number of Uses: 2 | Maximum Number of Uses: 4 | Type: Equipment

The Shroud Screen is a brand-new piece of equipment that has never been seen before in ANY Halo game! Functioning as a sort of futuristic smoke grenade, the Shroud Screen will deploy a small bubble that will surround a patch of land and create a force field that players cannot see into or out of. This means that if an enemy deploys one on top of them and you are outside it, you can’t see where they are!

As previously mentioned, this basically functions as a smoke grenade. It is good for avoiding sniper fire and giving yourself a chance to escape if you are being shot at by enemies from a distance. You can also hide inside it with an energy sword and attack any unsuspecting enemies that dare to step inside the Shroud Screen!

Due to the fact that you can’t see out of it when you are standing inside, I’m hesitant to put this thing higher up on the list. You can’t really use it to attack enemies from a distance like you can with the Drop Wall. And I don’t think it’s as great on maps with vehicles as enemies can simply run a warthog through the screen, killing you quickly.


Drop Wall

Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 3/5 | Default Number of Uses: 2 | Maximum Number of Uses: 3 | Type: Equipment

First up, let’s take a look at the Drop Wall. This defensive ability is a sort of hybrid between the Bubble Shield and the Deployable Cover from Halo 3. Upon activation, it will rapidly deploy a shield that you can fire through from your side. The shield will block incoming projectiles, but will break after only a few hits, leaving you more exposed as time goes on. The Drop Wall has a five-second cooldown after each use, and you can hold a maximum of two at once.

This is a handy piece of equipment that has its uses in several different circumstances. You can use it to defend objectives or points of interest from the enemy team, for example. If you’re using a sniper rifle or precision weapon, you can drop one and start firing away without fear of being taken out immediately by someone with a similar gun. It also makes playing aggressively easier, as you can drop it from behind cover and walk out to open fire on the enemy.

I do feel that they should buff the amount of health it has, as it is very easily destroyed after a few hits. You can even take it out completely by shooting the little metal part on the bottom of the shield!



Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Strength Rating: 4/5 | Default Number of Uses: 1 | Type: Power Equipment

The last on our list is none other than the Overshield! Probably one of the more iconic Equipment items on this list, Overshields do one simple thing. When activated, your Spartan’s shields will charge up and you’ll gain double the amount of health! Much like Active Camo, you can only hold one at a time and there is no cooldown (although there’s no reason to use more than one at once).

This is one of those abilities that are just flat-out useful in all situations. Getting kills? Pushing objectives? Defending your objective? Everything goes. Unlike in past games, where it worked as a powerup (like the Active Camo), you can choose when to activate your Overshield. You’ll have to be strategic about when you use it, as it will slowly chip away over time.

Most of the time, I just activate it immediately upon picking it up. There are plenty of times when you can get ambushed by enemies. This is due to the fact the radar isn’t as powerful as in past games. It takes a few seconds for it to be applied, so it’s really just for the best if you use it right away.

I feel like the Overshield is very balanced in Halo Infinite. Its health bonus is good, but it’s not impossible to die using one. When carrying one around, you will leave behind a golden trail that can be seen by other players. This gives them a heads up for who to target first.



Image: 343 Industries via HGG

Strength Rating: 5/5 | Default Number of Uses: 3 | Maximum Number of Uses: 5 | Type: Equipment

Possibly the best new addition to the sandbox, the Grappleshot is a brand new piece of equipment never seen before in the Halo franchise. Upon activation, your Spartan will send out a grappling hook that can latch onto surfaces, vehicles, weapons, and even enemy Spartans! The Grappleshot has a cooldown of three seconds, and players can hold up to five of them at once.

This is a great tool for getting around the map fast. It can be used to escape a dangerous situation, or get up to a high vantage point away from enemy players. If you manage to get enough momentum going, you can even stay in the air for a period of time without having to touch the ground!

The Grappleshot makes hijacking vehicles a breeze. You can latch onto everything from enemy aircraft to tanks. It’s also helpful if you’re racing a teammate to get the driver’s seat on a Scorpian. Upon reaching any vehicle, your character will automatically hijack/enter it, so all you have to do is grapple.

If you happen to see a weapon you like, you can Grappleshot that as well. This will snatch the weapon and send it towards you, which will be automatically equipped by your Spartan! If you already have a weapon, such as the Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer, you can latch onto enemy Spartans, allowing you to quickly close the gap in encounters and get a quick melee kill.

Given how many uses it has, this Equipment item is borderline overpowered. That must be why it’s fairly rare compared to the other items on this list.


Active Camo

Image: 343 Industries via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Strength Rating: 5/5 | Default Number of Uses: 1 | Type: Power Equipment

Originally, Active Camo was not a piece of equipment, but a blue powerup you could collect on the map. This changed in Halo: Reach, where it became an Armor Ability. It now works as a piece of equipment in Halo Infinite, where you activate it at any time to give yourself near-perfect invisibility! You can only hold one at a time, and there is no given cooldown.

The Active Camo sees vast improvements in Halo Infinite compared to past games. You’re almost completely invisible to the naked eye. You can walk around using an Active Camo, and your blip on the radar won’t show up for enemy players. I’ve often found myself confused and wondering where a person went after they activate their Camo, only to get meleed right in the face!

If you use this ability offensively, be sure to get in a melee hit at least once when attacking someone. This is easy to do, as they won’t see you coming. It allows you to finish them off easily with a Sidekick pistol or other precision weapon.

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