E-WIN Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

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E-WIN Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

E-WIN’s representative who goes by Sally reached out to me in regard to doing a review on their Calling Series chair. She sent me this chair and we are grateful to her for making this review possible. In this review, I share my experience with this PC gaming chair over the course of two weeks. Should you answer the Call? Let’s find out.

All-in-all, this is a sturdy chair that doesn’t break the gaming chair mold in any way, shape, or form. The biggest innovation here is the assembly gloves that prevent your hands from getting all greasy from the hydraulic system. E-WIN sticks to what’s worked in the past and it does it pretty darn well. A big win for this chair is that it comes in at $250, about $50 less than what most chair manufacturers are offering their similar models for. E-WIN’s website shows that the regular price is $359. How often they drop it down to $249 or if it is just a marketing ploy is unknown to me. If you do decide to order from E-WIN, use the code HIGHGG for 15% off your purchase.

Zoom In: Specs

  • Materials: PU leather & foam
  • Frame: Metal w/ nylon base
  • Casters: 2 inch PU casters
  • Armrests: 2D height adjustable
  • Recline: 85° – 155° w/ 1 tilt lever & lock
  • Weight: 46 pounds (21kg)
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds (150kg)
  • Recommended Height: 5′ 3″ – 5′ 10″
  • Warranty: Each component is backed by a 1 or 2 year warranty


E-WIN Calling Series Gaming Chair Review 10
  • Backrest and Seat
  • Five Star Base
  • Wheels
  • Side Covers
  • Seat Tray Platform
  • Hydraulic System
  • Head and Lumbar Cushions
  • Assorted Hardware

E-WIN made assembly time easy. A large full color assembly manual with large pictures is a big part of that. It is clear, concise, and even includes 13 chair care tips. The user friendliness of their manual takes after the friendly UX of their site. It certainly isn’t a gorgeous Apple.com, but there is a charm in E-WIN’s theme of simplicity.

E-Win Calling Series Gaming Chair Review 1

But enough about the assembly. Let’s get to the chair itself.

What do you get for $250? You’re getting the staples of the archetypal gaming chair: PU leather, reclining functionality, lumbar and head cushions, and adjustable armrests. We’ve done a number of gaming chair reviews lately and I’d say this one falls in between the Clutch Gaming Chair and Respawn Gaming Chair in terms of quality and features. It is not quite as beefy as the Clutch Chair yet has a slight edge on the Respawn chair.

For example, the arm rests are height adjustable (2D) whereas with the Clutch and SecretLab chair you can adjust their width, angle, forward/backward, as well as the height (4D). Whether you need the full arm rest transformer package is debatable, but for those much wider or slighter individuals it may feel like they need to scrunch or sprawl respectively to get a comfortable arm position. This chair weighs in a 46 pounds, compared to the 55 pound Clutch and the 77 pound Titan chair. It isn’t flimsy by any means, but there’s just a bit less weight in the base, seat, and back components.

E-Win Calling Series Gaming Chair Review 7

It does exhibit the completed look of a more expensive chair. I think this is mainly thanks to the quality PU leather upholstery, they’ve done a good job with it and there aren’t any obvious flaws in it or the stitching. E-WIN states that their chair uses a 1.2mm thickness PU leather, while most of their competitors use a 0.8mm thick PVC material.

In contrast to the look and comfort of the chair, the details didn’t feel as premium.  The levers, arm rests, and tilt lock feel a little clunky when adjusted; side panels covering the hardware that glues the back to the seat are flimsy; the head pillow isn’t as plush and large enough to support the head. These minor flaws don’t ruin the chair, but they hold it back from reaching cream of the crop territory.

Win Some, Lose Some

As I mentioned, this chair is lighter than most other chairs I’ve reviewed. The nylon base is probably a big factor in that, compared to the aluminum and other metals manufacturers usually opt for. Weight doesn’t necessarily equate to quality but I think it is a decent indicator. At 46 pounds, the chair is still formidable. Furthermore, the Calling Series does have very clean lines. The head pillow and back pillow styling match the rest of the chair teaming up to create a uniform package.

E-Win Calling Series Gaming Chair Review 3

The chair’s foam padding is well executed and it offers plenty of support. I think they got the basics right with great padding and a decent lower back cushion. I wish the arm rests were padded and they are a bit too wide for me so my elbows are resting on the inside edges. The seat bucket itself is just the right size for me however (6 foot human 180 pounds) which is a good thing because the outside of the seat bucket on the left and right curve up dramatically, more than I’ve seen in any other chair.

I’m forced to knock the Calling Series considerably in this category due to the sub par neck pillow, 2D armrests, and general lack of adjustability. After checking out their site, I found the recommended height for this chair is for individuals up to 5′ 10″ so that could be why the head pillow doesn’t agree with me. The recline feature works like a charm however, and with a 85 to 155 degree range that’s more than enough to get some R&R in mid session.

E-Win Calling Series Gaming Chair Review 9

The E-WIN Calling Series Gaming Chair is another clone of the DX Racer gaming chair style. There’s nothing new here. That’s a good or bad thing based on your style preferences. The gray and black model I received keeps a low profile, but E-WIN also offers this chair in red, blue, and brown.

I’ll have to ask Sally if the $249 is indeed the regular price of the chair as stated currently on the ewinracing.com website. At $250, I think that’s a fair price. At $200, I think that’s a favorable price and at $300 I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Assembly - 9/10
  • Build Quality - 7/10
  • Comfort - 6/10
  • Ergonomics - 5/10
  • Appearance - 7/10
  • Value - 6/10


A cohesive gaming chair package that is pleasing to the eye but comes up short in a few areas. E-WIN colors inside the lines and doesn’t take any risks with their Calling Series.


  • Good price point
  • Quick ‘n easy assembly
  • Foam padding is soft & cushiony


  • Flimsy side panels
  • No real innovation
  • Disappointing head & lumbar pillows

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