Streaming services like Twitch, YouTube Live, and similar products are taking the gaming world by storm. But in order to stand out on these platforms, you’ve got to have the right equipment. Naturally, the best webcam for streaming can make or break your production.

From better picture quality and light performance to features like auto-focus and image adjustment, a webcam built for streaming is essential. Are you ready to jump into the streaming game and show the world your talents? Let’s get started.

10 Best Webcams for Streaming

We’ve curated a top 10 list of the best webcams for streaming. Check out the summary and major features of each model below.

1. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

The Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam is uniquely designed to deliver professional quality streams for sites like Twitch and Youtube. Featuring HD video capturing, universal compatibility, background replacement and more, this is the best webcam for live streaming on the market.


  • Stream and record HD 1080p video with the proprietary glass lens and autofocus technology
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Chrome, Xbox One, and Android
  • Bonus features like background replacement, light correction, and more

2. Pro Stream 1080p HD Webcam

Perhaps the best streaming webcam for Twitch, you can expect clear HD quality video, built-in dual mics, and tons of bonus features. The Pro Stream HD Webcam is compatible with every major operating system and is a great choice for novices and pros alike.


  • HD quality video with dual mics and video enhancement features
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and more
  • Best webcam for streaming on Twitch PC

3. Razer Kiyo Webcam

As the best HD webcam for streaming, the Razer Kiyo is a bargain with high FPS, adjustable lighting, and powerful video enhancement features. This compact unit has been meticulously designed and tested by top streamers for quality productions at home or on the go.


  • Stream at high FPS HD video in 720 or 1080p
  • Adjustable ring light, autofocus features, and more add to a quality production
  • Compact design is plug-and-play for unrivaled convenience

4. Aukey FHD 1080P Webcam

Known for their powerful equipment at a great price, Aukey strikes again with the FHD 1080p Webcam. In fact, it’s the best budget webcam for streaming thanks to the powerful 2-megapixel camera, built-in stereo microphones, and high FPS stream capabilities. Plus, the plug-and-play design features a fast installation for flexible use.


  • HD video and excellent audio recording capabilities
  • Plug-and-play design with fast installation
  • Perfect for Twitch, Youtube, and video conferencing

5. Logitech C270 Widescreen Webcam

Coming in at the lowest price on our list, the Logitech C270 Widescreen is the best cheap webcam for streaming. Made by Logitech, you can expect exceptional quality with HD video recording, photo capturing, and a powerful built-in microphone. Plus, it’s easy to install and plays well with all modern Windows systems.


  • 720p video calls and HD recording with Logitech Fluid Crystal and built-in mic
  • Capture quality 3MP photos
  • Works great with Windows 7, 8, and 10

6. Growfast HD Webcam

Looking for a flexible webcam that can be used on various platforms? Look no further! The Growfast HD is the best multipurpose webcam with excellent image quality, dual stereo mics, and advanced video editing features. Plug and play and hop into the game.


  • Full HD 1536p web camera with 7 element glass lens
  • Built-in dual stereo mic for crystal clear audio
  • Advanced cinematic features like manual focus, video compression, and more

7. Dericam HD Live Stream Webcam

Cheap doesn’t have to mean subpar. In fact, the Dericam is the best cheap webcam for streaming and it doesn’t lack on performance. Offering 1080p live streaming capabilities, a built-in mic, and flexible plug-and-play installation, you can game with the pros no matter your budget.


  • 1080p high definition streaming capabilities with a CMOS sensor and glass lens
  • Crisp colors and 75 degree viewing angles deliver unrivalled flexibility
  • Compatible with every major OS and designed for easy installation

8. Jelly Comb 1080P Webcam

The Jelly Comb is the best inexpensive webcam for streaming. It features a 25FPS transmission rate to deliver exceptional 1080p HD video and a built-in mic for enhanced noise-isolating audio. Plug-and-play technology combines with universal compatibility and easy rotation for quality productions and stunning streams.


  • 1080p HD webcam with glass lens, CMOS sensor, and a stellar 25FPS transmission rate
  • Quality microphone is built in to save time and money
  • Universal compatibility works with every major platform

9. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Yes — another offering by Logitech. The Pro Stream may actually be the best Logitech webcam for streaming as it’s designed for gamers and professional videographers. Stream or record HD videos at 30FPS in stunning color and definition. The glass lens with autofocus tech delivers crystal clear pictures while an array of extra features deliver pro-grade streams.


  • Built-for-streaming webcam by Logitech delivers crisp 1080p HD streams
  • Comes with an HD glass lens, built-in mics, autofocus and light correction tech, and more
  • Features stellar consumer reviews, easy installation, and wide compatibility

10. Huddly GO Video Webcam

Are you looking for the absolute best webcam for streaming? You may have found it with the Huddly GO Video Webcam. By far the most expensive product on our list, this webcam is for pros and major enthusiasts only. Expect HD videos, a 150-degree widescreen lens. 180-degree rotation, and fantastic integration with apps like Youtube and Twitch.


  • HD video combines with the latest technology to deliver the best streams possible
  • Wide-angle lens provides excellent image quality and lossless HD panoramas
  • Supports all your favorite apps and is the best webcam for streaming professionals

Streaming Webcam Guide Part I: What is a Webcam for Streaming?

So what exactly is a webcam and how are they used for streaming? First, let’s define the main terms involved.

Webcam: A video camera that captures images via a computer or network

Streaming: Multimedia that is captured and presented to a viewer in real-time

A webcam is used by streamers to present video of themselves to viewers. In the gaming world, this video is usually accompanied by on-screen gameplay. This serves as entertainment and as a form of teaching, whereby the people watching the stream gain valuable insights and tips for enhancing their own gameplay performance.

Streaming Webcam Guide Part II: How Streaming Works

Streaming service like Twitch, Youtube Live, and similar products allow streamers to present themselves to viewers in real time. The service gains access to the streamer’s webcam and delivers it to viewers currently tuned in to the streamer’s channel.

How Streaming Works

Oftentimes, these videos are kept on the channel or uploaded to video hubs like Youtube or Vimeo for people to watch later. In that sense, it’s common to watch streams that have already occurred.

Regardless of how the video is viewed, presentation is a big factor in creating a quality stream. Since streamers present themselves for the world to see, there are numerous benefits to having a powerful webcam.

Streaming Webcam Guide Part III: Benefits of a Webcam for Streaming

If you want to present yourself in a good light, the best webcam for streaming is a must. From vivid picture quality to enhanced image adjustments, there are several reasons why investing in the right webcam is essential.

Best Camera for Twitch Streaming
  • Great Picture Quality. No matter which webcam for streaming you get, you can be sure that they’re optimized for fantastic picture quality. Not only that, but some of the top models on our list even feature 1080p resolution for high-definition video that will blow your viewers away.
  • Easy to Use. Webcam manufacturers know that your time is valuable, and the best webcams for streaming are designed with this in mind. Most of the models on our list feature clip-on assemblies and easy installations to help you start streaming immediately.
  • Capture Crisp Audio. While not every webcam for streaming includes a built-in mic, many of the models on our list do! This means you don’t have to spend more money on separate microphone (unless you want even more features), and you still get crystal clear audio quality.
  • Bonus Features. Not only can you capture quality videos for streaming, but you can expect a number of additional perks depending on the model you choose. Powerful software, image correction, background replacements and more are just a taste of what you can get from the right camera.
  • Easy on the Wallet. The best webcams for streaming start at under $50, making it easy to start streaming no matter your budget. Our top 10 list boasts quality webcams for everyone, so shop around to find the perfect option.

There are clearly many benefits to streaming with a webcam built for streaming. But with so many great choices out there, how do you find the perfect webcam for your situation?

Streaming Webcam Guide Part IV: Choosing the Best Webcam for Streaming

So which webcam should you choose?

Honestly, it depends on what your individual needs are. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself when picking the best webcam for your stream:

  • Is this a hobby or do you want to go pro?
  • What picture quality are you looking for?
  • Are there any additional features that look good?
  • Do you want one with a powerful built-in microphone?
  • How much do you have to spend?

The webcams on our list start at $20 and reach over $500. It may be best to start with a base model and see if you like to stream before moving ahead with a larger purchase.

However — if you like owning exceptional gear, consider a Logitech model or one with HD quality video for a great jumpstart in streaming. Each option on our list comes with an assortment of features and perks, and they’re all great for streamers.