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5 Best Racing Simulator Cockpits + Top 5 Racing Games

Start your engines! It’s time for an updated roundup of the best racing simulator cockpits. If you’re a fan of racing games, a simulation cockpit is a must-have accessory. It’s like being on the racetrack without leaving the comfort of your home. Seriously – the latest models are packed with features like genuine leather racing seats, adjustable frames, and display mounts ready for 1080P and VR alike.

This article takes you through the top 5 best racing simulator cockpits around. Not only that, we’ll also show you 5 of the hottest racing titles ready to play today on PC or console. Want a taste of the real racing experience? Buckle up and let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Racing Simulator Cockpits

First, let’s check out the 5 best racing sim cockpits currently available.

1. Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Cockpit

Open Wheel Cockpit

Our pick for best racing simulator setup

The Openwheeler GEN2 Cockpit is the perfect foundation for your racing setup. Hop in the driver’s seat to experience a thoughtful layout ready for all your racing peripherals. All you’ve got to do is attach your gear and take to the track. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, simply fold the cockpit up and store it away ‘til next time.

Oh, and did we mention that this highly rated rig can double as one of the best flight simulator cockpits? It’s a smoking hot deal that leaves the competition in the dust.


  • Includes: Frame, seat, and universal hardware mounts
  • Construction: Metal folding frame w/ cushioned driver seat
  • Features: Made in the USA from premium components

2. Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit

Next Level Cockpit

Our pick for best universal racing simulator cockpit

Ready to take things to the next level? The F-GT Simulator Cockpit is just the ticket! This unit is loaded with features like a powder coated steel frame for unrivalled stability and an ergonomic seat complete with lumbar support. It’s also loaded with all the necessary hardware mounts and high-end finishes for hobbyist and professional use alike. Simply hop in and roll out.


  • Includes: Frame, seat, and universal hardware mounts
  • Construction: Powder coated steel frame w/ cushioned seat & lumbar support
  • Features: Adjustable design built for hobbyists and pros

3. GTR Simulator Cockpit w/ Genuine Racing Seat

GTR Cockpit

Our pick for best genuine racing simulator cockpit

If you’re big into immersive displays and genuine finishes that deliver the real deal experience, look no further than the GTR Racing Cockpit. This bad boy features a spacious design built with durable steel and diamond plate finishes. Slip into the leather racing seat and launch your favorite simulation games for wide-angled viewing and pure driving bliss.


  • Includes: Frame, seat, and universal hardware mounts
  • Construction: Powder coated steel frame w/ synthetic leather racing seat
  • Features: Spacious design w/ rugged looks; holds up to 3 displays

4. Playseat Challenge Racing Game Chair

Playseat Cockpit

Our pick for best collapsible racing simulator cockpit

The Playseat Challenge Chair is a collapsible racing cockpit that boasts steel construction and premium Alcantara Suede seating for top-notch ergonomics. Moreover, it’s compatible with a range of racing wheels for all your favorite platforms, from PC to PS4 to Nintendo Switch! Simply attach your peripherals and enter the circuit. This unit is perfect for beginners and seasoned gamers alike, and the simple installation process makes launching into your favorite games a breeze.


  • Includes: Frame, seat, and universal hardware mounts
  • Construction: Powder coated steel collapsible frame w/ Alcantara Suede seat
  • Features: Simple installation process & space-saving design

5. VEVOR G920 Simulator Cockpit

Vevor Cockpit

Our pick for best racing simulator cockpit design

Pure carbon steel. Synthetic PVC fibers. Premium foam seating. That’s what you’ll find in this year’s model of the VEVOR G920 Simulator Cockpit. Your job? Just attach your wheel, gears, and up to 3 monitors, then start your engines. Next, take her for a test drive and you’re sure to enjoy the reclining seat, adjustable frame, and spacious interior. This simulation gaming cockpit provides unbelievable immersion and comfort that you’ll have to experience to believe.


  • Includes: Frame, seat, and universal hardware mounts
  • Construction: Carbon steel frame w/ durable PVC & foam seat
  • Features: Adjustable design that accommodates up to 450 lbs

What is a Racing Simulator Cockpit?

A complete racing simulator cockpit is a custom environment that replicates the inside of a race car. Finished setups typically consist of a high-quality executive seat, a display, a gaming wheel, pedals, and racing controls like gears and shifters. These setups are usually assembled piece by piece, allowing users to craft their own unique builds.

About Cockpits

Naturally, a foundation is needed to tie the whole cockpit together. And that’s where our top 5 best racing simulator cockpits come into play. These act as the base of your build. As such, they typically consist of the racing seat and metal enclosure, along with all the necessary mounts for your peripherals. Once fully assembled, racing simulator cockpits offer an immersive driving experience that pairs perfectly with your favorite racing games.

Benefits of Racing Simulator Cockpits

Many experienced simmers would argue the only way to fully experience the thrill of your racing games is by investing in a complete set-up. Let’s look at the major benefits of gaming with a racing simulator cockpit:

  • Solid foundation. The best racing simulator cockpits boast durable metal designs with sturdy frames and premium seating options.
  • Universal compatibility. Most racing cockpits feature universal mounts that work with popular accessories for both PC and console gaming.
  • Bonus features. Whether you enjoy spacious designs or triple displays, each racing simulator cockpit features its own awesome set of specs.
  • Total immersion. Play in HD, 4K, or inside your favorite VR headset! No matter which route you take, you’re sure to enjoy the real feel of a race car cruising down the track.

Choosing the Best Racing Simulator Cockpits

What goes into choosing the best racing simulator cockpit? You’ll need to consider the following:

  • Compatibility
  • Construction
  • Bonus features
  • Price

The best racing simulator cockpits are the foundation of your entire setup. As such, you’ll need to pick one that’s compatible with your desired racing wheel and accessories. Fortunately, most of the top options feature universal mounts that work alongside accessories for both PC and console gaming.

In terms of construction, a sturdy metal frame with premium seating is a necessity. You’ll also want to look for bonus features such as feedback mechanism mounts and cockpits with stylish designs. While higher-end chairs may cost a little extra, it can be worth extending your budget to enjoy the best racing simulator games in spectacular detail.

Top 5 Best Racing Simulator Games

Now that you’re settled in the driver’s seat, let’s take a look at the best racing simulator games for PC and console.

1. F1 2019

F1 2019

Our pick for one of the best racing simulator games

Get into gear with the latest addition to the F1 racing franchise. That’s right– it’s time to head back to the World Championships Tour with a new line of all-star vehicles and maps. Customize your car, pick your favorite map, then cruise along the track as you compete against other players from around the world. With near-perfect ratings from critics and consumers alike, you can expect next-level racing on PC and all your favorite consoles.

2. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

Our pick for one of the best racing simulators on console

Assetto Corsa was first released in 2014, yet it maintains an active playerbase of racing enthusiasts. This is all thanks to the game’s dynamic maps and immersive mechanics that offer a genuine racing experience. Take to the track and compete on circuits from around the world in your favorite racing vehicles. You’ll need to be at the top of your game as you pit it out against ruthless AI opponents or, for an even bigger challenge, other players from across the globe.

3. Dirt Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally

Our pick for one of the best off road racing simulators

Dirt Rally 2.0 takes after its predecessor to offer a realistic physics-based racing experience unlike any other. The premise? Hop into your favorite offroader and take to the all-terrain track in a high-stakes race against the competition. You’ll need a firm grip on the wheel as you cruise along a selection of iconic maps from the world’s most popular rally circuits. One mistake and it’s all over.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Choose from over 50 awesome rally vehicles and give it your best shot.

4. Forza Horizon 4

Forza 4

Our pick for one of the best racing simulator games on PC

The Forza franchise is known for its huge selection of cars, stunning maps, and cutting-edge mechanics. Well, this latest iteration takes everything you know and love from past hits and transforms it into the best title yet. Race around the giant open world map as you explore the United Kingdom in all its glory. Choose from over 450 cars, then knock out the competition to unlock new items, vehicles, and in-game perks. Horizon 4 is an action-packed racing sim that’s sure to impress.

5. Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2

Our pick for one of the best VR racing simulators

If you enjoy racing simulators with breathtaking 12K graphics, VR support, and real-time atmospheric ambience, Project Cars 2 is the sim for you. This breathtaking motorsports racing game features masterclass mechanics, including a campaign mode with career progression and dynamic weather conditions for a new playthrough every time. Best of all? Competitive eSports players will love the sanctioned online tournaments where top drivers compete for the championship cup.

What are Racing Simulator Games?

You want to drive really fast, but don’t want to face the risks of speeding tickets, vehicle damage, and possible life flight costs? So get the next best thing: a racing game that simulates the experience without the unfriendly consequences.  Racing simulator games are a type of video game that replicates real-life vehicle racing. To that end, the best racing sims feature 3D graphics with dynamic weather systems, true-to-life maps, authentic race car brands, tactile feedback options, and more. When combined with the best racing simulator cockpits, these games provide an immersive experience with the same adrenaline rush you’d find on the track itself.

Racing Sim Games

General Thoughts Racing Simulator Games

We’ve penned some general thoughts on the best racing simulator games to offer a comprehensive look at the genre.

1. Racing games are great for hobbyists and pros alike.

Even the pros hop into the best racing simulator cockpits to learn more about the sport and prepare for their time on the actual track.

2. You get to drive genuine race cars.

Many of the most popular racing games feature genuine car brands and locations from around the world for a true-to-life experience.

3. Compete with players from across the globe.

All the top racing simulators offer multiplayer functionality, allowing gamers to test their skills against the best players from every continent.

4. VR racing, anyone?

Games like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 offer VR support for unrivaled depth. Combine that with a racing cockpit and tactile feedback, and it feels just like the real thing.

5. And the top studio is…

Codemasters develops many of the top racing simulation games, including all the titles in the popular F1, Dirt, and Grid franchises.


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