How to Get the Barbarian Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

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How to Get the Barbarian Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Barbarian Armor set makes a triumphant return The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), and you’re definitely going to want to know how and where to get it.

Its power to increase the damage of your weapons makes it a highly valuable set. While this was already very useful in Breath of the Wild, it becomes even more so in the sequel due to its ramped up difficulty. Luckily, the two star Great Fairy upgrade set bonus returns, lowering the stamina cost of charged attacks when Link wears the full upgraded set.

While it’s possible to find treasure maps giving clues to the location of the Barbarian Armor, we’ve written this guide for those who just want to rock a sweet set of ferocious primal gear. Continue on to find out how to get the Barbarian Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

Barbarian Armor Locations in TotK

There are 3 pieces to the Barbarian Armor set. We provide coordinates for the entrance to each piece.

Barbarian Armor (Chest Piece)

  • Entrance Coordinates: (0498, 0655)

The Barbarian Armor chest piece is located in Crenel Hills Cave in Central Hyrule. It’s not too hard to find, lying northeast of Lookout Landing. Likewise, the large amount of Luminous Stones around the cave help it stand out.

When you reach the Crenel Hills, look for the cave opening. Before venturing inside, be aware there is a Stone Talus within. You can ignore it if you’re quick, but players with lower level gear may want to take caution.

Crenel Hills Cave entrance.
Entrance to the cave. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Progress down the path until you reach the opening (pictured below), where the Talus will spawn. You can either fight him or just ignore him, but either way you’ll want to continue through these next steps.

Walk around the left side of the cave until you see an opening higher up. Climb through this opening and simply follow the path.

Higher up opening. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

At the tunnel’s end, you’ll find this small hut with a chest inside. Open the chest and you’ll find the Barbarian Chest Armor inside. Congratulations! This piece will provide you with +3 Defense and +1 Attack, making you a bit more resistant and boosting the damage of your weapons just a tad.

Hut and chest containing the Barbarian Armor chest piece in TotK
Small hut containing the Barbarian Armor. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Barbarian Helm

  • Entrance Coordinates: (1776, -1049)

The Barbarian Helmet is located in Robred Dropoff Cave, southeast of Kakariko Village. Because of the small puzzle involved, attaining this piece can be a little confusing at first. Don’t worry though, the mechanics of the cave are actually pretty simple. The cave itself is also easy to find, as a number of unique stone statues guard its entrance.

Enter the cave and you’ll see a stone slab with some writing. Read it.

On the slab, you’ll find the somewhat cryptic words, “Treasure sleeps beyond the path shown by the stone statues.” This is actually a clue as to how the cave works. Basically, you need to pay attention to where the statues are facing and follow the paths they’re pointing at.

Your hint to the cave.
Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Continuing into the cave, you’ll meet your first set of statues. They’re pointing to the right, so you need to take the path on your right.

First set of statues – go right. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Follow that path some more and drop down at this point.

Drop down. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

You’ll find yourself in a room with a group of statues standing in a circle. The trick here is that all of them are facing the middle of the circle, except for three of them. Look in the direction where the differing three are pointing.

You’ll notice that the path is covered by large rocks. Either use a hammer weapon or (like we did) attach some handy bomb flowers to your arrows.

Once the rocks have been cleared away, you can continue down the path.

This path will lead you to a room full of a Boss Bokoblin and a squad of smaller Bokos. You can ignore them, but if you have the gear for it, we recommend clearing them away just for the sake of convenience.

Kill with impunity. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Regardless of how you deal with the enemies here, the room can at first be a bit confusing. At the far end is a closed gate with two sets of statues facing each other. However, these two are a clue as to the next step in the process and have nothing to do with this room’s solution.

Disregard the statues and gate for now. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Eagle-eyed players will notice that there’s actually a group of breakable rocks in the middle of the room. Do as you did before and break those rocks to reveal a chamber below.

Next, after dropping down into the chamber, you’ll see the entrance to another tunnel ahead. Follow the winding tunnel.

After reaching the end, you’ll be in a room with three sets of statues.

Three sets of statues.
Three sets of statues. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

The key to progressing here is to stand in front of the set of three and use your Ascend ability.

Chest containing the Barbarian Helm in TotK
Ascend at the right spot and claim your Barbarian Helm. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Upon reaching the top, you’ll see a small hut with a chest in it. Inside that chest, you’ll find the Barbarian Helm. This piece will give you +3 Defense and +1 Attack, just like the Chest Armor and Leg Wraps.

Barbarian Leg Wraps

  • Entrance Coordinates: (3791, -2105)
  • Bring a source of fire for this part.

The Barbarian Leg Wraps are found in Walnot Mountain Cave, just outside Hateno Village. Although the path to the chest for this piece is pretty straightforward, the act itself can be challenging. Enemies in this cave can be a real test for new players, however they can ran past if you know where to go.

Look for this cave entrance and walk inside, following the path until you get to a large opening with a few enemies inside.

Entrance to the Walnot Mountain Cave in TotK
Cave Entrance. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Taking the upper level of the opening, run past all the ceiling-clinging Horriblins until you reach the Ice Like-Like.

Try your best to avoid his ice attacks and notice a small opening behind him. Run past the Like-Like and paraglide down into this opening. Try to land on the spot where a small hut lies.

Chest containing the Barbarian Leg Wraps in TotK.
Paraglide to the hut. | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Inside the hut, you’ll find a block of ice encasing the chest containing the Barbarian Leg Wraps. Melt it and claim your reward!

Barbarian Armor Stats & Upgrades in TotK

Link wearing the full Barbarian Armor set in TotK.
Let out a barbaric Yawp! | Image: Nintendo via HGG / Noelle Roberts

Congratulations, you’ve obtained the complete Barbarian Armor set in TotK and now have access to one of the game’s most useful armor sets. Upgrading this set to its fullest potential requires a lot of Lynel hunting, but that should be just a tad easier now that you have this ferocious get up.

  • Each piece provides an Attack Up.
  • Wearing the full upgraded set reduces the stamina cost of charged attacks.
RankDefense ValueUpgrade Materials
1-star53x Mighty Thistle
10x Rupees
2-star85x Razorshroom
2x Lynel Saber Horn
2x Lynel Mace Horn
50x Rupees
3-star123x Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
3x Blue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
3x Razorclaw Crab
200x Rupees
4-star203x White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
3x White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
3x Bladed Rhino Beetle
500x Rupees

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We hope you found our guide on how to get the Barbarian Armor set in ToTK useful! This intimidating outfit is sure to help you vanquish your foes as you journey through Hyrule. Or at least, it’ll most definitely serve as a great-looking suit for Link (he’ll appreciate the undeniable style).

Have a question about our guide? Have any extra thoughts? Want to show off your coolest Barbarian Armor screenshots? Feel free to leave a comment below or share this article on social media to let us know. Likewise, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more Tears of the Kingdom guides and gaming content.

Happy gaming!


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