Best Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Best Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Based off the film franchise of the same name, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a new indie game by developers Gun Interactive. When playing as the Victims, you’re tasked with escaping the members of the Slaughter Family. As each Victim has their unique attributes, abilities, and perks, it’s natural to wonder which Victim is the best to play as in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

All Victims, Ranked Worst to Best

As Victims, the objective of the game is to stay quiet and hidden, find useful tools, open exists and escape from the Slaughter Family compound. 

While the killers can also cooperate together, teamwork is far more essential for the Victims. Each Victim wields their own advantages that builds off of their team members, and using these in tandem is the only way to reliably secure an escape. Of course, some are better at going it alone than others.

Sonny Williams

Sonny Williams
What Sonny lacks in toughness and stealth, he makes up for with his perception and situational awareness.

Of all the Victims, Sonny Williams is the most perceptive and situationally aware, which helps make up for his lack of toughness and stealth. His ability is Heightened Sense, which helps him to detect noises made by anyone nearby, allowing him to pinpoint their location and track their movements.

To help make up for his lower stealth stat, Sonny has two exclusive perks, Meter Reader and Spotter, which respectively help to highlight Family members when they operate a generator or when they are within close proximity to where you’re hiding.

  • Toughness: 15/50
  • Endurance: 35/50
  • Strength: 35/50
  • Proficiency: 25/50
  • Stealth: 15/50

Compared to the other Victims, Sonny has the lowest Toughness, which makes his higher strength less impressive because it means he can’t sustain as many hits while attempting to attack the family. Combined with having one of the lowest stealth levels — which isn’t quite made up for with his unique Perks — means Sonny ranks the lowest as all the Victims.

Connie Taylor

Connie Taylor
Stealthy and skilled, Connie can unlock doors in an instant.

Connie Taylor is considered to be crafty, intuitive and a natural tinkerer, which leads to her having a higher proficiency and stealth level. While she’s not the strongest of the group, her proficiency also comes into play with her unique Perk, Rescue Medic. This adds at least 50% more health to other players when healing them while simultaneously healing herself a random amount. 

Connie’s ability, Focused, also grants her the skillset to unlock a door almost instantly, which can be a huge time-saver. The downside to this ability though is the negative impact on stamina and family proximity. 

  • Toughness: 20/50
  • Endurance: 25/50
  • Strength: 15/50
  • Proficiency: 35/50
  • Stealth: 30/50

Although she has a powerful ability, it doesn’t always translate to being able to escape from the family. There are other Victims who have a more well-rounded build that can be more beneficial.  

Leland McKinney

Leland McKinney - Best Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The strongest of all the Victims, Leland isn’t going down without a fight.

Out of all the Victims, Leland is the strongest of the group, which comes in handy for players who want to engage with the family. His Perk, Life Saver, actively supports this style of gameplay, as it allows you to defend yourself or teammates by knocking down and stunning family members — except for Leatherface. 

Unfortunately though, strength doesn’t translate to toughness, which means that if Leland is too reckless around the Killers, there’s a better chance of him getting executed than some of his teammates.

He also has the lowest stealth ability out of the Victims, which will make it harder for him to sneak up on family members or to escape them once they’re on his trail. 

  • Toughness: 20/50
  • Endurance: 30/50
  • Strength: 40/50
  • Proficiency: 25/50
  • Stealth: 10/50

Leland doesn’t have any unique Perks, but he is guaranteed a certain set as he levels up, which can add a little more cushion to him.

Julie Crawford

Julie Crawford - Best Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
With a special ability that grants her immunity to all forms of tracking, Julie was made for escaping.

One of the greatest challenges that Victims face in the game is the special tracking abilities from the Cook and Johnny — who have a high likelihood of being chosen for a game due to their skillsets. Julie’s special ability Ultimate Escape, grants her immunity to these tracking abilities on top of reducing the stamina consumed from running.  

Outside of Julie’s ability, she is a decently well rounded character in terms of attributes, even though her strength makes her less effective in attacking family members. 

  • Toughness: 25/50
  • Endurance: 30/50
  • Strength: 15/50
  • Proficiency: 20/50
  • Stealth: 35/50

The perks available to Julie are also really useful, and can work in conjunction with her attributes and special ability to make her a challenging Victim to go up against in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Ana Flores

Ana Flores - Best Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Ana has the most reason out of all the Victims for beating and escaping the Slaughter Family, and it shows.

Ana Flores is the grieving family member of Maria Flores, whose disappearance sparked Ana and her friends to investigate the Slaughter Family’s home.

Driven and tenacious, Ana has the highest toughness rating of the Victims, which allows her to take more hits and fight the family off for longer. She is also the most well rounded of all the Victims, with all of her attributes starting at 20 or higher without additional perks. 

Her build also reflects the nature of her Ability, Pain is Nothing, which grants immunity to the effects of poison and significantly reduces damage taken from attacks and falls.

  • Toughness: 35/50
  • Endurance: 25/50
  • Strength: 30/50
  • Proficiency: 20/50
  • Stealth: 20/50

As a whole, Ana is a Victim who can take a beating, and similarly to Julie, is guaranteed a wide variety of advantageous perks. 

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